Kero – Firewire Funk 12″ LP

for fucks sakes Detroit! what is it about Detroit? It must be something in the water? I am not referencing that unspeakable mass poisoning shit from Flint – … somewhat a national treasure, with one of the best IDM ground-swells on Earth, Detroit boasts considerable appendage, & at the crux of that is beyond lip-smack LowRes records – glazing the receptors in the sapidest of sapid since the late 90’s. This early release from 2002 was my first stand-off with Kero, aka – Sohal Azad – a veteran (certainly now if not then) of the Detroit IDM amulet (fucker may have evacuated to Canada as of late but whatever). Tha kiddd is fizzing awesomeness, just the juiciest 8-bit Atari-computerized Game Boy digitized instrumental-Hip-Hop beat-driven Commodore 64 inspired Glitched-out congerie getting objured by prismatic synths & more confused than these poor kids they are telling it’s not a phase but a condition (lop n’ load). listen, do yourself a fucking formidable favor – get this LP, delve into the Detroit dance deformity, gorge on the Low Res orchard & petition for the death penalty for all officials that poisoned the people in Flint.

Rekd: 2002

Label: Low Res Records

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