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Jacques Coursil – Black Suite 12” LP

Jacques Coursil-black suite

A bit of a mood-piece this one. For me personally, under the right conditions/during particular modes of mind, it’s a real blinder (though I rarely spin this record, it’s a specialist job). Let’s get to the leader here, Jacques Coursil, clearly one fine trumpet player, having previously worked with/amongst the Sun Ra Arkhestra & others in the US before immigrating to France where I believe he has stayed right up until this day. This 1969 recording session commenced the day after the truly epic Burton Greene-Aquariana LP, that has almost exactly the same line-up. This album loses the secondary bassist  & stray flautist from the Aquariana action & drops Anthony Braxton into the foray on contrabass clarinet along with Beb Guerin on bass/cello, Arthur Jones on alto sax & a very reserved & clement Burton Greene on piano (& I suspect some other bells & percussion) & drummer/percussionist Claude Delcloo (also massively contained & minimal on this effort). Continue reading Jacques Coursil – Black Suite 12” LP