Stiff Upper Lip-secrets, crimes and the schooling of a ruling class (Alex Renton):

No other culture sends its young boys and girls away to school to prepare them for a role in the ruling class. – beating, bullying, fagging, cold baths, vile food and paedophile teachers are just some of the features of this elite education, and, while some children loved boarding school, others now admit to suffering life-altering psychological damage. – stiff upper lip exposes the hypocrisy, cronyism and conspiracy that are key to understanding the scandals over abuse and neglect in institutions all over the world.“

Last year, W&N published one of the most important books of the decade (quite probably even longer) by investigative journalist Alex Renton. Britain’s public schools remain institutions & incubators of out-and-out extremism, producing some of the most warped beings on earth. You can safety attribute the majority of large-scale crisis, catastrophes and crimes suffered over the last century to the marred-minds that emerge from the sewage out-let of these uniquely iniquitous epicenters of abuse, deliberate-degeneration & inhumanity. Renton, an award-winning investigative journalist who attended three of these schools, has consulted hundreds of former pupils & a smaller number of teachers, & penned an exceptionally written & researched study into the secretive & ‘in-house’ machinations, history & toll of this perverse antediluvian oddity. It is profoundly disturbing & deeply shocking, but as the author notes, – it reveals exactly what kind of ravaged, subhuman reprobates are running, or more aptly – ruining, the country.

“flogged until they bled freely”

The next was the problem of just how rife the problems of violence, sexual assault and neglect were in the schools, right up to the twenty-first century. Linked to that was the fact that teachers accused of criminal acts almost always got away with it; until recently, the normal sanction was a discreet sacking, often with a reference allowing the offender to continue their careers. Abusers went from school to school, in both the private and state sectors: this was an industry with a culture of employing paedophile and sadists. But the most important realization for me was the extent of the abuse that was not criminal.

A lot of kids board early, cast into the cults cauldron as young as four. It’s very clearly a focal strategy/utility in the dehumanizing process that causes massive damage & disrepair. The accounts are brutal as well as bizarre. This callous cauterization of the child’s natural development is probably viewed as an essential derailment, extreme shock-treatment, forcing them into an aberrant, super exposed state, ready for drastic rewiring. They will obviously be exceedingly vulnerable to abuse, but it seems, as the book repeatedly details, this is the objective & even ‘culture’ of these institutions & their own version of ‘education’. It is absolutely, completely & unforgivably obscene.

“life-altering psychological damage”

The problem is all the harder when trying to research a class that is schooled in self-protection and secrecy, that prides itself on not saying what it thinks, and, like any ruling elite, always has a variety of views on the same issue, some for outsiders and some for insiders, for the elect and for the masses.”

Paedophilia is never far from the subject (as are the repulsively-absurd psycho-sexual details of relentless floggings & canings), as it’s such an inextricable practice of the public school. But incredible excavations into empire, privilege branding, resistance & the kind of extremely confused or oxymornic survival mechanisms that are developed to cope with such abrasive abnormality. There is some tremendously interesting material, especially on the kind of anti-authoritarian intellectual creatives that sometimes managed to emerge with their humanity intact (Orwell, Fry, Monbiot, the Pythons etc). Like some kind of Japanese POW camp, the disobedience, which could never really be openly expressed, led to a plethora of amazing battles & oppositional thinking. As one ex-pupil summarizes –

The public school was the nursery of British philistinism. Use of the mind, intellectual curiosity, mental originality, interest in ‘work’, enjoyment of books or anything connected with the arts, all such things, if detected, were violently condemned and persecuted. The intellectual was, as he still is today, disliked and despised.”

‘Play up! play up! and play the game!’

The Conservative party, a party with the deepest & most enduring link to the public school, is constantly sited & barely off the books pages. Absolutely no surprises there, two of a kind, pestle & mortar. Todays Cancervative party is shared with the newer Business School labotomites (Rudd, Morgan, Hunt etc). They are less about empire & class & more about market & humanless professionalism & ‘efficiency”. Gutted, sterilized, business-fixated robots that believe everything is answerable to markets, finance & economic growth. They share the neutron-bomb with the old public school degenerates, who are not simply ruthless & unfeeling, but sick & gratified by the suffering of others. These two spittoons of vulgarity are the perpetrators for the current austerity-defined demolition job on the entire country. Theresa Mays disgraced child sexual abuse enquiry, along with all the intentional child-poverty, vicious & indefensible cuts to child & youth related services (including changing the ‘definition’ of child poverty, liquidating the governments ‘child poverty unit, exterminating Kids Company & disposing of the child poverty elimination target set by the previous government) whilst dramatically lowering living standards & encouraging inflation through malfeasance & shambolic Brexit incertitude, have culminated in a “child mental health crisis” & record levels of youth violence. These, absolutely wilful, fully preventable/reversible if they were to actually give one grain-of-a-shit ‘catastrophic’ & ‘unprecedented’ policies/effects are simply a form of collective-child-abuse. Reading Alex Renton’s insane, & desperately vital book, it’s even more clear where these vile, foul & intolerable freaks of nature & their putrid doctrine have arisen. Depravity. The threat & damage wrought by the Tories on “their own” country makes ‘traditional terrorism’ look, quite literally, infinitesimal. All the public schools must be abolished & outlawed! For the sake of the fodder that is flung in there & the sake of the rest of the word that has to suffer the cataclysms of the deranged, impaired & repulsive pricks that slop out it’s haunches. Death to all Tories & death to the public & prep school.

“Thus equipped, he goes out into the world, and bears a man’s part in subduing the earth, ruling its wild folk, and building up the empire”

“- Such men were usually at the cluster schools, ones where violence, sexual, physical and emotional, was so common that – you had to imagine – run-of-the-mill non-violent paedophilia simply did not get noticed.”

Author – Alex Renton

Publisher – Weidenfeld and Nicolson