Starsha Lee – live at Flaxonptootch:

the enclosed space made the livid licentious lashing an even bigger stiletto in tha spuds!!!

Sometimes, a brisk jog results in a cross-bow bolt in the testicles! Last Thursday had them streaking like lightening quarrels with casualties a plenty. At the Flaxonptootch, a very fine venue with more personality & unorthodox cred than ya’ average, London based four-piece goon gang Starsha Lee disembogued a schema of Grunge, Rock, Punk & Metal melange bound together with a decent smattering of distortion clog. The icing on the road-kill is really the vocalist & front-woman – a tornado of chattering, utterly exasperated, rapid high-pitched shriek that are both hilarious & perturbing. Barely clothed, like some kind of asylum escapee or nubile version of the disturbed bag-lady, she was a mess of overwrought shrieking & extremely well crafted & rehearsed jerky as fuck, erratics. she “squawks” at a very high & constricted pitch, uber confrontational, partially cute, disconcerting, hysterical & very funny. Her movements & bodily kinetics are also awesome as she skitters about with extreme energy, somewhere between injured, handicapped, inebriated, hyper-caffeinated & covered in small biting insects. Loads of crazy gestures, manic inguinal lunging & nervous tick, involuntary obsessive compulsive aspergus-aesthetics that have been perfected to a major feat of physical finesse. The floor gets special attention with crawling, writhing & multiple decubitus ladled thick. Combined with the band (guitar, bass & drums), it’s a thoroughly protuberant performance of projectile paroxysm. a fine group, that will be even better if they adhere more to their noisier, face-clawing persona/elements.


Some strands of Starsha Lee’s energy jounced my memories of 100% Beef Cock (what happened to those two?), a dual-girl group who used to blat out louche distortion-dunked Groove-Punk-Noise-Rock with some of the most delectable bass discordance ever to slide over yer’ buds. Here’s an old vid for the fuck of it –