Spaff Out Loud! – Boris Johnson, Kier Starmer, Jimmy Savile, Julian Assange, Richard Kerr, Tommy Robinson, Rupert Murdoch, Evgeny Lebedev, Peter Joconelli, Alex Renton, Michael Gove, Jon Wedger:

a spaffocracy

Boris! Savile! Starmer!

I hate the lot.

listen to what the guy is saying (the heckler)! it is not at all unreasonable

Funny that! The pot calls the kettle black! Like a life-long alcoholic – who can barely stand-up from the six bottles of liquor they have been quaffing since morning – screaming incandescent at the man having a quiet sherry in the corner.

This is the state of our politics.

Kier Starmer is a “Red Tory”

The Conservative party really, really does not have a good reputation when it comes to allegations of historical paedophilia & classic establishment cover-ups on behalf of well organized & powerful paedophiles. In fact, I think it is more than safe to say that they possess a distinct & unrivalled infamy in this country in regards to this horrendous subject.

But let us deal with Boris Johnson’s record specifically.

Regarding serious, organized & “historical” child sexual assault & abuse in this country, Johnson made possibly the worst ever public statement on the matter, dismissing public investigations into large scale abuse as “malarkey” & a waste of public money & police time in an inflammatory interview on LBC Radio in March 2019. Shockingly! Unforgivably. He described such efforts as “money spaffed up the wall”. Yep! Decades of abuse, much of it perpetrated, ignored, covered-up, – & great troves of critical evidence relating to such offending – unexplainably “lost” by his party (under Leon Brittan, the Conservative Home Secretary for Margaret Thatcher’s government from 1983-1985, who is also accused of serious sexual abuse against children) was money “spaffed up the wall” as he so eloquently identified it. “Spaff” is toilet slang for “spunk” or ejaculate, so he picked his expression well considering the topic was historical child sexual assault. The “historic” investigations that Johnson regards as money & resources “spaffed” did of course actually include Jimmy Savile (it was the revelations of Savile’s abuse that precipitated the public inquiry), who also just happened to be a life-long Conservative, & a close friend of Margaret Thatcher.

who´s spaffing now? unforgivable

Oh dear.

But it gets even worse.

Understandably, his atrocious & outrageous remarks provoked utter disgust & condemnation from a broad consensus of voices (it did not however stop the public voting this shit into government, which tells you something about the countries collective psyche). Some of the most shrill came from victims groups, still battling to clinch some degree of retrospective justice through the flawed & compromised independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA), initiated after the Jimmy Savile uproar by then Home Secretary Theresa May, after massive public pressure.

Jimmy Savile – a Conservative & child rapist – with Peter Joconelli – a Conservative mayor & child rapist

Despite the offense caused to genuine victims of child sexual assault, Apparently Johnson saw no reason to apologise.

An ally of Johnson said he had no intention of apologising or clarifying his remarks about child abuse cases. The MP was making the point that spending tens of millions on historic cases where an alleged perpetrator was dead should not be the priority when the cash could be used on front line policing and tackling knife crime.

Johnson was eventually forced to make an apology regarding his repellent & unforgivable remarks.he had to apologise to the author & activist Alex Renton, who had attended the same notorious prep school as Johnson, Ashdown House, where Renton had been sexually abused as a pupil by a teacher. Renton wrote one of the most extraordinary books of the decade on sexual abuse in elite schools in Britain & the psychology & culture of its attendees, the exceptional Stiff Upper Lip – secrets, crimes, and the schooling of the ruling class which I urge every British citizen to read for its truly profound exposé on the minds/psychosis of the “fooling asses” & their unique sociopathy.

Alex Renton with Jon Snow outside Ashdown House

But there is a further confirmation of contempt & utter insouciance for the victims of sexual abuse from the supremely odious Johnson. Jon Wedger, an ex-police officer, whistleblower & justice campaigner for sexual abuse victims, had been staging a fortnightly vigil outside Parliament with abuse victims whilst Johnson was Foreign Secretary. On one such occasion, Wedger saw Johnson leaving parliament. He stopped Johnson, introduced himself & explained the campaigns objectives, directly imploring Johnson to endorse his efforts.

Johnson point-blank refused & walked off.

Johnson has absolutely no interest, concern, or commitment to anything to do with protection, prevention or justice regarding child sexual abuse, retrospective, current or future. If anything, like so many Tories, he serves the other side of the coin, & the policies of his regressive, plutocratic & austerity-obsessed party drives ever greater numbers of British minors into conditions where they are far, far more likely to be sexually abused or exploited.

His remarks & actions assure this detestable state of affairs is starkly secure & no defence can defuse this incorrigible conviction. The proof is in the decade-plus of savage, barbaric, sadistic & perverse cuts that continue their inexorable devastation & degeneration of British society.

execrable & excrescent – Eton´s own egesta

His remarks on Kier Starmer -a “Red Tory”, & a man I absolutely abhor – are incredible, yet predictable of the abyss politics that currently hold sway.

An idiotic & amnesiac public, coupled with a pathetic press, will allow this absurdity to endure whilst Johnson continues his spaffocracy in all its quaking improbability & screaming obscenity.

Johnson’s [“spaffed up a wall”] remarks came hours after Cardinal George Pell was sentenced in Australia to six years in prison after being convicted of sexually abusing two 13-year-old choirboys in 1996. He is the most senior member of the Catholic clergy to be convicted of child abuse offences. Pell’s appeal is to be heard in June.

the man that came to George Pell’s defence, & who’s behind the scenes power-brokering would eventually result in the unanimously convicted Pell’s release from prison on his third appeal, was the repulsive Rupert Murdoch. Jimmy Savile would write week long feature articles in Murdoch’s newspapers back in the day, & the Murdoch press never printed anything negative on Savile whilst he was alive, & raping, giving Savile a special kind of protection & security.

pulling the strings – Murdoch

Murdoch was also very close to Margaret Thatcher who relied on his positive news coverage more than many recognise.

Johnson is also very affable with the Murdoch press.

He is on even better terms with another staunch Murdoch “business associate” – Evgeny & Alexander Lebedev, the Russian billionaire socialite, media tycoon & (ex)spy.

Another Murdoch asset is the Conservative MP Michael Gove.

Gove had conducted a sycophantic interview with Donald Trump in the early stages of his administration for Murdoch’s the Times.

Apparently Murdoch was present, in the room, during the interview. But Gove would not even have the decency to confirm this & refused to clarify Murdoch’s direct presence with the following garbled retching – “The best thing to say I think, in fairness is, um, in securing the interview, I think the fact that it was the Times newspaper and the fact that we had the – what’s the word … I think it’s probably better for me not to go into how the interview arose or how it came about but I think it’s entirely fair for people to make a set of conclusions or assumptions about that,


as with Murdoch’s political intervention on behalf of a convicted paedophile priest, Gove mimicked the same disgusting chicanery for yet another paedophile priest by attempting to intervene/gain information into a public investigation (IICSA).

Michael Gove is facing fresh questions about his alleged intervention in a sexual abuse investigation at a Catholic school after further evidence emerged that appears to link him to the inquiry.

The independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA) has already written to Gove asking whether he tried, during his time as the education secretary, to find out about an investigation into a priest suspected of abuse at Downside Abbey boarding school in Somerset.

Gove denied the allegations, but ….

It has now emerged that a second witness testified to the inquiry that Gove took an interest in the Downside investigation.”

oh dear!

Michael Gove – priests, gay parties & cocaine.

But typically, in this countries advanced decomposition, Gove was unexplainably let off the hook despite it all, as was Savile, as was Cyril Smith …

A public inquiry has refused to publish evidence that could shed light on an allegation that Michael Gove intervened in a child sexual abuse investigation”.

More underhanded Murdoch power moves from the darkroom.

In an interview with Christian Today website in 2017, Gove said whilst discussing his “Christian faith”: “I am a sinner and I know it profoundly.

does any of this concern Boris Johnson?

Does it fuck.

in 2019 Gove “admitted” to taking the class-a drug cocaine. “I took drugs on several occasions at social events”.

the streets full of stabbed teenagers caught in the Conservatives “County Lines” drug-running nightmare are providing the coke for Gove & his “VIP” mates.

Gove shared a Mayfair flat for years with two openly-homosexual men, Ivan Massow & Nick Boles, where they held parties that have been described as “louche”.

It really, really isn’t looking good is it?

& yet it goes on. This is the state of awareness & responsibility in this sewage tank of a country.

Rupert Murdoch is opening a new media outlet here.

the power of plague

Jimmy Savile got away with it. His pal Peter Joconelli, the notorious Ice-cream King, & Conservative Mayor of Scarborough got away with abusing perhaps hundreds of children. The vile Harvey Proctor, yet another Conservative MP, with a raft of extremely serious accusations & sexual convictions, is still getting away with it.

Johnson is unperturbed & inactive on any of it, unless disparaging the efforts of investigators into pursuing justice.

So its not just “fuck business!” but “fuck child sexual abuse survivors” as well.

Theresa May initiated the IICSA under gigantic scandal, but very disturbingly excluded the notorious & significant Kincora Boy’s Home in the investigations remit.

the prolific sexual offender, Louis “Dickie” Mountbatten was allegedly a frequent abuser of boys from Kincora, who were also apparently trafficked to the UK from the same institution.

Recently, the investigative journalist & author of The Mountbattens, Andrew Lownie,

has had requests for access to records on Mountbatten kept by the Cabinet Office refused. It seems intent to keep Mountbattenberg’s secrets under wraps, at the tax payers expense, in what has been called a “grotesque abuse” of public funds.

Don’t expect Johnson to criticize the £600,000 + of public money “spaffed up the wall” by the Cabinet Office to keep Mountbatten’s secrets secured from the public domain.

“man of the people”.

Richard Kerr, a survivor of sexual assault who was abused & trafficked as a minor at Kincora Boy’s Home, has a different perspective –

unfinished business – Richard Kerr

& so the same sick charade slogs-on, carefully managed by the Murdoch/Lebedev shadow-hand.

The subhuman-shit-ball Johnson’s derisible “Savile” jibes at the “controlled opposition” & establishment patsy Kier Starmer are galaxies beyond hypocrisy. But this hyper-inversion, & “projectionism” has become the prevailing & predictable formula, where tin-men scream tin at their detractors without wincing or undergoing immediate disqualification.

life-long Conservative Jimmy Savile with Margaret Thatcher

It is reminiscent perhaps of Benjamin Netanyahu attacking his political opponent Ehud Barrack for his “business ties” with Jeffery Epstein. Netanyahu was not wrong in this accusation, but the sanctimony was simply off the scales, as Netanyahu has had such a close & enduring relationship with the thrice-convicted homosexual child-rapist George Nader, without any concern whatsoever.

With even greater mutation & irony, Johnson’s original jibe at Starmer was “a former director of public prosecutions, who spent more time prosecuting journalists and failing to prosecute Jimmy Savile”. One of the main hecklers of Starmer in the video of the incident I have seen was repeatedly shouting about Julian Assange. It is of course the Tory government that is so controversially, actively allowing for Assange to be extradited to the US for prosecution. It is doing the same for Mike Lynch, the CEO of Autonomy, in circumstances that look extremely suspicious & like the targeted neutralization of a business competitor in big tech (facilitated by Lady Ha-Haw Patel, but of course).

Lynch is being extradited under “fraud” charges. The billions of pounds of public money criminally embezzled by the Tories vulture cronies in their epic Corona fraud heist bonanza, complete with “VIP fast track” cash for access, & the routine violations of bidding & tender laws for public contracts, stands for nothing, with not a single conviction so far.

it was of course the Conservatives (Theresa May specifically) that attempted to introduce a “draconian” new law that would of seen journalists & whistle-blowers jailed for up to fourteen years for reporting on criminal wrongdoing in British institutions or government. You can expect the same from Lady Haw-Haw shortly, although OSA stuff is very, very perilous for her, as she has so criminally & utterly violated Official Secret laws with her treasonous & surreptitious Israel induction trips (which resulted in her resignation before Boris Johnson’s shock reappointment of the disgraced criminal to Home Secretary). One again, the press & the public has conveniently forgotten these major & indelible criminal acts.

Theresa May – journalists & whistle-blowers jailed for up to fourteen years

Julian Assange is still in Belmarsh prison. Who else was in Belmarsh at the time? Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson. Yaxley was mysteriously released early into his sentence (after serving just 9-weeks of a 9-month sentence for contempt of court), without explanation? This was just after he had endorsed who? – but of course, Boris Johnson, who was on the campaign trail at the time in the most unfair election this country has ever experienced.

unregistered foreign agents

Are the British public not getting tired of the same rancid chalice of pus?

Is everyone’s memory so curdled that they forget the mornings statements against the afternoons?

“The Plague Isle”.

with thanks to the B.U.N.T.