Cheese & Wine – Sleaze & Crime part 1: Bring Your Own Stooge – & blame the Chinese! – Gardening of the Arteries – Garden Parties, Cheese & Wine – Sleaze & Crime, Priti Patel/Lady Haw-Haw, Ongoing National Insecurity, dozing M15 dolts, Stuart Polak, Christine Lee:

A sleaze & crime party by the Sleaze & Crime party. anyone that ever expected anything else from them is an imbecile.

absurd political theatre and distraction. A formal & publicly issued “political interference warning” from the somnambulant M15 on Chinese lawyer Christine Lee – yet nothing similar on the most compromised Home Secretary in the countries history – or the Lebedev/Murdoch/Johnson/Arcuri dog kennel.A smokescreen/distraction for Patel´s supra-soiled history/reputation … M15 are playing the same MET police minders role to cheese & wine parties for Patel´s uniquely criminal covert Israeli recruitment inauguration …. “Bring your own stooge”.

low hanging fruit. A scripted overreaction against a soft-target to bluff the impression of security vigilance, blown totally out-of-proportion by a staged bout of threadbare news-cycle overplay.

David Cameron & Christine Lee back in the “Golden Era”

The current government, deeply, deeply, deeply contested by corrupt binds to Russia, Saudi Arabia, The Gulf autocracies, Israel, the USA & a rabble of kleptocrats & fugitive-oligarchs from ex-USSR satellites & beyond, is in need of a mask to disguise & distract from their growing cesspool of foreign capture & outrageous national security fiascos.

Theresa May with Christine Lee. May awarded Lee the Points of Light award whilst Prime Minister for “promoting engagement, understanding, and cooperation between the Chinese and British communities in the UK

M15 remain perplexingly pathetic with regards to national security threats & foreign subordination.

They have been publicly rebuked for being “asleep at the wheel”.

MI5 appear to not be just asleep – but asleep in the enemies bed … in Kremlin-issued pyjamas & swaddled in Saudi-silks.

This really isn´t funny.

Seriously now – I am trying to think of a Western country that is more compromised/beholden/surreptitiously subservient to foreign forces & entities (& hostile ones at that).

George Osborne in China back in the “Golden Era”. The Bullingdon Chancellor was perhaps the most enthusiastic, entrepreneurial & unscrupulous for increased UK/Chinese cooperation & business, which brought his party controversy

There is a hugely concerning set of examples to climb on the rapidly expanding heap, but I will save this for the second part of this article, as there is just so much to list & analyse.

the proof is in the poncing.

Why would such an “unprecedented” alert, intended only for MPs & peers be made public & fed to the pliant press? Who “leaked” it? Ian Duncan Smith.

don´t forget your lines.

driven by the whims of Washington (& even more so; corporate America), who firmly grip the UK´s strings under a quisling Conservative government, China is now out of favour & in the stocks. The sickening Xi Jinping autarchy, horrendous abuse & persecution of assorted ethnic minorities along with the grotesque oppression, meddling & gagging of Hong Kong don´t help either.

David Cameron & Xi Jinping in 2012. The English pub – The Plough – was sold within the year to “The Chinese”

But China has become the perfect devil & scapegoat for besmirched & badly decaying UK politicians to loudly condemn whilst wallowing in the spoils of equally egregious actors with whom they are firmly in cahoots.

Unlike the US, Israel, Russia & Saudi Arabia, when was the last time you heard of the Chinese carrying out overseas assassinations or fatal public poisonings in Europe using radioactive materials? Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai kidnapped his own daughter from a street in Cambridge – & nothing has been done.

The global press are all to happy to throw themselves onto the pile-up.

In the west, when it comes to China, it is considered totally acceptable to stick the boot in, on short notice, & with little provocation or accuracy.

George Osborne in China again

I can´t exactly say I mourn this tacit “cultural” habit, given the monster that China currently is – but it is intensely hypocritical & immensely unfair that they receive this “special” disadvantage & handicap amon the equally awful ship-of-ghouls. It is essentially acceptable for the global/majority press to criticise, expose – & perhaps most importantly for effective media pressure – to focus or prolong coverage – on gross violations & abuses committed by China (which they definitely, definitely do perpetrate). But only the right ones (you may of noticed that there is a huge void in consistency against China´s gigantic, highly lucrative & destructive black-market criminal smuggling & consumption of endangered species – even post COVID, which is most odd is it not?).

& the same treatment is absolutely withdrawn/spared for others.

Protected criminal characteristics & the war of omission/investigative capture.

Christine Lee outside a Tory No.10

Hong Kong´s seismic pro-democracy protests of 2019 & 2020 were provided with non-stop, extensive coverage across all media. & rightfully so! – the extraordinary bravery & brilliance of the Hong Kong community against an authoritarian, belligerent, unjust, meddling mainland aggressor rescinding on it´s political assurances was a spectacular & just cause (Hong Kong´s Umbrella Protests of 2014 also were bestowed very generous & consistent coverage by the global media, again, rightfully so).

But such sustained & concentric coverage has not been extended elsewhere in similar circumstances, for reasons that can only be considered “political bias”.

the incredible courage, ingenuity & unity of Hong Konger´s pro-democracy protests

Take Greece´s huge anti-austerity battles, Romania´s sweeping 2017-2018 protests, South Korea´s momentous 2016-2017 Candlelight Revolution that resulted in the impeachment & jailing of corrupt Conservative president Park-Geun-hye & others, Sudan´s recent revolutions & counter-revolutions & their Saudi involvement, Narendra Modi´s ongoing terrorism & menacing in Kashmir, & of course – France´s dramatic, nation-wide Gilets Juanes protests of 2018-2020 – which all conveniently vanished from the papers despite their scale & scope (we still have not received adequate investigation & coverage into the USA´s 2020 “crackdown” by what appeared to be para-military/diverted security personnel using completely illegal/summary tactics in response to protests in Portland & other municipalities under the Trump Administration´s Chad Wolf).

France´s immense Gilets Juanes protests was not given anywhere near the consistent media coverage, & has all but disappeared from the mainstream press

Again, China´s delictions & transgressions are fair game, the full-volley, cross-media coverage, consistent reportage, the full-brunt.

It is a good example of how others should be treated for their own criminality, despotism, injustice & wrongdoing when such thresholds are clearly crossed.

This selective inequality is what I call the “Chinese Achilles” … a kind of unfair, stigmatized disadvantage, cultivated for political reasons & operating a special kind of bias. Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti & other countries that do not meet the international favouritism/acceptance/inclusion (however that is established & determined?) suffer similar artificial affliction & grossly unfair media terms &/or misrepresentation.

still to this day, many Europeans are unaware of the scale of protest/battles & the strength of the “austerity packages” that were forced onto Greece by Europe. naturally, it was not afforded the same concentration as China/Hong Kong by the media.

This is in no way a defense of China, the CCP, or Xi Jinping – who remain a looming horror of corruption, organized/politicized crime, dystopic authoritarianism & brutal misrule.

But the extreme double-standards & bellowing sanctimony must be decried & deconstructed.

But on the subject of British national security, & the threat to domestic British interests & sovereignty from the Chinese state – & those that would like to exaggerate it for their own political purposes – the Chinese Achilles is of great importance.

Basically, China is at an immense disadvantage for exercising foreign intervention/espionage activity into the UK.

endorsed by Eton

The accepted & active standards of accusation, hostility, restriction, exclusion & prejudice against China are humongous. these conditions make it very, very hard for Chinese agents/entities to exert any significant influence, & any “operations” or attempts are extremely vulnerable to peremptory backlash & massive reputational mauling.

Publicly in the UK, China has a kind of non-emergency persona-non-grata status, especially when anything political or security related is even hinted at.

It has a kind of classic go-to villain condition.

come on in Xi Jinping! – David Cameron has warmed the seat for you

What´s more, should anything be detected or exposed, they will be piranha´d with the most swift & sweeping ruthlessness by a combined press, cross-party consensus & all ilk of the security apparatus & even business community.

Certain, shall we just say – “prejudices”, are also very easily revived & exploited, without any moral repercussions, politically, or from society at large.

Their is no penalty or condemnation for “bashing China”, whether accurate or excessive, beside the thinnest & smallest of voices that will be totally drowned-out &/or dismissed as “sinophiles” & investors in China with some personal interest to defend from loss.

China, or indeed “Chinese” lobbying groups outside of direct business groups (so independent of politics), to my knowledge, remain minute & hyper marginal (I managed to discover one, Chinese Friends of Labour, whilst researching this article).

Austerity at home & Gold abroad! – George Osborne in China again with Li Keqiang, the Executive Vice-Premier of China (2010)

There is no Atlantic Bridge, Conservative Friends of Israel, Conservative Friends of Russia for China. The power, influence & access have not been established (much to China´s chagrin no doubt).

I am unaware of any Chinese (or East Asian) members of the House of Lords?

David Cameron initiated Stuart Polak – known as “Europe´s most powerful Israeli lobbyist” – as a Life Peer.

Boris Johnson inducted the Russian billionaire socialite media-mogul, the son of an (ex)KGB agent, Evgeny Lebedev into the Lords as a Life Peer in 2020.

politically speaking, China is not at all as represented, influential or ensconced as many other overseas actors are.

They just don´t have the power or placement.

So it is “funny” to have this sudden security alert & ersatz emergency screamed from the groggy M15 sleeping policemen.

Overdone & under-secured.

A Golden Gravy-Train…greed is god, & George is go!

It is absolutely accurate that David Cameron & George Osborne exercised an incredibly generous & accommodating environment, collusion & “charm offensive” with China during their “golden era” of courting & cooperation. This controversial prcedent needs a separate article/attention, but for sure, those days are now long since gone, marked specifically by the US ordered Huawei Telecom proscription & espionage-scare (like you can trust the Americans not to spy on you) that lap-dog UK obediently followed.

Unlike the Saudi´s, Russians, Israel & the United States (Lebedev, Murdoch,MBS/Saudi Marketing & Research Group & other proxies etc, & of course – the infamous Robert Maxwell historically), who all own outright or in-part major British newspapers & media-channels (which does tell you the severity of sell-off & compromise this pathetic & unguarded-country affords it´s national security & sovereignty, particularly under the Tories), China does not have the political/media infrastructure to defend, conceal, prevent or ameliorate such peril & frenzy.

a long way from Tatton

They simply have not been able to cultivate the traction & the means (China Global Television Network lost its broadcasting license for the UK in 2021 & was never an effective media outlet).

& a good thing too! Once again, the Chinese Achilles should be a set-standard for any universal wrongdoer (which China certainly is), & a United Arab Emirates, Israeli, US, Russian, Indian & Saudi Arabian version should be delivering the same handicap, instead of the blind-eye, under-the-table double-standard.

the spoils of whore

But the Conservative party is as corrupt as they come & is utterly entrapped & beholden to foreign detractors & dictators in a historically treasonous bind.

Years of this contamination & infiltration, along with the UK being the money laundering capital of the world, have rendered a legal & civil culture that is the ultimate soft-touch to foreign incursion, black-cash, capture & control.

barley believable – Boris Johnson & his billionaire Russian pressman & socialite retainer – Evgeny Lebedev. this country is f*#(d.

I think you will struggle to find anywhere in the West (yep! Even Cyprus!) that is as readily pliant, ajar, accessible, lenient & solicitous towards the foreign offender as the United Kingdom, in all it´s “Golden Passport” & “cash for access” infamy … with Brexit & its aftermath being one of the most critical climaxes of this uniquely pitiful state of affairs.

An open door policy where money matters most.

“Conservative Friends of Russia” – where was M15?

In recent years, one particular politician took this dangerous, dire & dilapidated dishonour to it´s ultimate & unimaginable extreme …. pushing the malpractice to a truly stratospheric zenith that I don´t think has been rivalled in the United Kingdom´s entire political history.

That would be the intensely odious & knuckle-draggingly maladroit & malign Home Secretary, Priti Patel.

The unsurpassed Patel, who I think qualifies decisively for the worst ever politician in this countries history, already has whole garbage-mountains of criminal, corruption & security-related offenses racked-up, riding-shotgun to; inordinate breaches, violations, desecrations & contradictions of ethical, moral, professional, humanitarian, civil standards & even “our way of life”.

Priti Patel aka Lady Haw-Haw. seriously now … the worst ever politician in this countries history.

In an epoch of unmatched atrocity in British politics, she has managed to somehow distinguish her wrongness, criminality, treachery & wickedness among the worst the country has to offer.

Her willingness – indeed, fervour – to desecrate, defile & destroy duties, practice, & fundamental principles, in legal, ethical, moral & literal terms, is without precedent.

Baron Stuart Polak – “Europe´s most powerful Israeli lobbyist”

But without wading into her ark of obscenity & inhumanity (her felon sheet is enormous), & remaining with the topic of focus – national security & “political interference activities” – Patel is peerless in her betrayal & treachery towards the United Kingdom, even against convicted historical traitors such as John Vassall (the Conservative civil servant who was convicted on espionage charges of spying for the Soviets in 1962 & jailed for eighteen-years).

She is one of the countries great historical traitors.

the full-frontal! – Marc Regev, Lady Haw-Haw, Stuart Polak

The specific arch-transgression in question is peerless in both it´s strength & indelibility.

This was Priti Patel´s incorrigible betrayal of 2017, whilst holding the position of International Development Secretary.

Patel was “caught out” lying to her own prime minister about a barrage of successive, secret, off-the-record meetings (fourteen in all) – inside Israel – with senior Israeli political, military, intelligence & business contacts, including the then Israeli Prime Minister – Benjamin Netanyahu (described by Patel as her “friend”).

Priti Patel in London with Gilad Erdan

Even worse, she was accompanied on the trip – & in most of the clandestine exchanges (thirteen of them) – by non-other than Baron Polak, aka Europe´s most powerful Zionist & Israeli lobbyist.

Patel had intentionally concealed her deeply surreptitious trip as a “family holiday”.

High Treason

Still undetected by her own Government on her return to the UK, Patel went on to secretly liaise further with Israeli lobbyist/intelligence/political agents inside Britain, until she was rumbled & ignominiously recalled/summoned back to London by then Prime Minister Theresa May whilst on an “official” overseas trip to Africa.

Lady Haw-Haw´s ignominious 2017 resignation for high treason, corruption of office, perverting the course of justice, false and misleading statements/deception/lying to the PM (Theresa May), conspiracy, espionage, selling secretes/violations of the official secrets act, aiding & abbetting a foreign state in “political interference activities” & inevitably other security related offenses. WHY WAS SHE NOT CHARGED? WHY IS SHE NOT IN JAIL? WHERE WAS M15/MI6?

Patel then went on to lie to her own Prime Minister about her premeditated, covert meetings with the top echelons of a hostile foreign state on a deceptively camouflaged “holiday”.

Part of her defense was that “Boris Johnson knew” (Johnson was Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs during the time). so Johnson is a co-conspiracist in this high treason.

Polak, Regev, Haw-Haw, Eric Pickles at a Conservative Friends of Israel gathering

So she lied directly to her own prime minister, about her string of secret meetings with the prime minister of another hostile state, whilst in the company of Europe´s most powerful Zionist lobbyist, on/in Israeli territory (which included visiting military installations in the “occupied” Golan heights), without any British aides present.

Lady Haw-Haw, once again in the company of Lord Polak

I struggle to think of a more consummate scenario/example of covert foreign recruitment, espionage induction/inauguration, allegiance pledging, abject betrayal & out-and-out treason & corruption. John Vassal was “compromised” in Moscow when he was covertly photographed engaging in homosexual acts – & then blackmailed into working for the Kremlin as a spy.

convicted of treason & espionage – Conservative civil servant John Vassall.

Patel´s willingness & eagerness to actively betray her country for the advantage of a notoriously corrupting foreign power – on her own volition – demonstrates the psychology of this classic traitor, spy & criminal.

& yet again, the traitor with Baron Stuart Polak

Lady Haw-Haw.

A double sting.

In one of the most astonishing events-to-pass in the countries modern history, Patel was allowed to resign in disgrace without any sentence, trial or even investigation.

The Conservative Party & Theresa May let that pass, for reasons that must be established, & that can only be assumed to be of the highest possible corruption.

Thersa May at another Conservative Friends of Israel “political interfernce activity” event. corruption.

The most blatant, the most stunning, the most brazen, the most holistic, the most indefensible act(s) of prime, full-bodied treason, supra-corruption, crimes against the nation, disgrace of office, aiding & abetting foreign infiltration/intervention, selling &/or disclosing official secrets to a foreign state, espionage, clandestine recruitment to a foreign country, resulted in nothing more than a resignation & public “fulsome” apology with Patel stating that her unprecedented treason “fell below the standards of transparency and openness”.

committed to the corruption … where is M15?

a total criminal betrayal, in the abject, on behalf of a foreign nation, washed down with direct mendacity & deception to the serving head of state (Theresa May).

She was just allowed to walk away…& bide her time.

Netanyahu was not summoned. Nor were any Israeli diplomats summoned or investigated.

Stuart Polak, was not summoned or investigated or expelled or jailed.

He barely made the press.

He went right back to the House of Lords, & is still there, in full swing.

As if nothing ever happened.

“political interference activities”.

The media let it go.

Where was M15 & M16?

This is Britain.

calling the shots & commanding the shits – Stuart Polak

This epic crime against the country was just forgotten.

Not long after, once Boris Johnson had squirmed into Downing Street in what must be the most unfair election in Britain´s history to date, the brain was bent to even more impossible contortions when Boris inexplicably chose to appoint the disgraced mega-traitor Priti Patel as Home Secretary (the second most powerful political position in the country).

Based on her treachery & subservience to powers outside the country we must conclude.

Because crime pays.

Lady Haw-Haw of the Zion Office

Implausibly, beyond belief, the British public seem to accept this obscenity?

Really? REALLY???

& it would seem, perhaps even more perversely, that M15/M16 do also???

which leads to even bigger questions about the state of “national security” in this country.

Christine Lee – an “unprecedented security warning” made against somebody that “falls beneath the threshold of criminality“??? pathetic. desperate, & beneath contempt. a circus of shit.

So coming back to the latest charade about MI5´s “unprecedented security warning” of China “seeking to improperly influence parliamentarians on behalf of China´s ruling Communist Party”.

This is pure political theatre…. cheap, pathetic, two-bit dross conjectured by/on behalf of criminal patsy Patel. It is desperate drivel, which makes me think that it is more a Patel stunt passed over to some corrupt M15 lackeys than an M15 effort itself, which would have been much more convincing & credible.

Perhaps they refused to aid the traitors spin?

Recall that last year, the Police Federation passed a scathing public No Confidence Vote on the Home Secretary. Yep! The actual police in this country collectively & publicly have expressed their staunch & combined disapproval & mistrust of the treasonous Home Secretary.

that´s how serious this is.

That is the extent of this.

Rank-and-file police officers have overwhelmingly supported a vote of no confidence in the home secretary, Priti Patel, the first such move in more than a decade.

In a scathing announcement, the Police federation of England and Wales (PFEW), which represents 130,000 officers, said Patel and the government “could not be trusted”.

The PFEW’s national chair, John Apter, said: “As the organisation that represents more than 130,000 police officers, I can say quite categorically: we have no confidence in the current home secretary.”

The woman is a historic criminal & a super traitor.

The dud “Chinese scare” M15 security circular comes now as a distraction & as cover for Patel.

Patel persists, or should we say survives, primarily because of Boris Johnson & his current position as PM, & to a greater degree Rupert Murdoch, Stuart Polak & Israel, who want to retain their shill.

The Conservative Party is utterly in the pocket of both.

Patel´s other major scandals, which are profuse & extreme, should easily of resulted in her elimination (particularly the Philip Rutnam/Sir Alex Allan scandal & damning subsequent inquiry). Boris Johnson, a man who competes with Patel for the most foreign-compromised of MPs in the UK (Lord Lebedev for Russia & Jennifer Arcuri for the US), has gone to extraordinary lengths to preserve this unpopular, constantly fumbling & haphazard extremist after each of her major cock-ups.

“Patel and the government “cannot be trusted or taken at face value in the way we would expect”. – National Police Federation

Again, this is the exceptional immunity rendered by the likes of Murdoch & Polak to maintain their stooge-in-sitting.

Patel may be vulnerable to ousting, demotion, or prosecution should Boris the circus leader be forced out over the latest “bring your own booze” disaster on his fatberg of crimes, corruption & filth.

But she remains Murdoch´s loyal sycophant & “bag-lady” – executing his ultra extremist agenda with glee & relish, as well as being a totally-enthralled & eager asset of the State of Israel under the watchful aegis of Stuart Polak & co.

These are powerful backers/directors.

Lady Haw-Haw & her husband at Rupert Murdoch´s wedding in 2017

Patel´s links to the heinous Rupert Murdoch are also confirmed, & she benefits from his absolute protection.

Rupert Murdoch is an American citizen with Australian origins.

Murdoch associates with other billionaire ideological aggressors such as the notorious Charles Koch, Henry Kissinger & Jared Kushner. He is also intimately ensconced in the extremist think tanks of the Hudson Institute & the Cato Institute, the latter of which he has been an integral member & on the board of directors since 1997.

Murdoch is an extreme libertarian & aggressive interventionist, as well as a regular warmonger.

total & utter corruption. Lady Haw-Haw at Murdoch´s wedding.

He is also a self-proclaimed Zionist, with a long & consistent history of investment, collaboration, support & favouritism with “The Jewish State” which included a close relationship with the infamous butcher Ariel Sharon, & the malign, corrupt attorney & mafia-lawyer Roy Cohn, who was also Murdoch´s personal fixer, advisor & attorney.

Murdoch´s interference, control & corruption of UK politics is unprecedented.

As with his puppet-protégé Patel, Rupert Murdoch has an absolute morass of crimes, corruption trials & confirmed law-breaking, out of court settlements/pay-offs, major scandals, colossal controversy & almost endless criminal allegations enshrouding his entire career & life.

Crime Lord

It is, to the world´s great, great detriment & danger, an amazement that the man is still somehow allowed to operate at all & manages to evade the maximum-security prison appointment that he has earned so ineffably.

But without breaching the library of crimes connected to this legendary perpetrator, there is one that has special significance to Patel & the nature of their corrupt bond.

It is the awful case of the 1987 murdered private investigator Daniel Morgan, one of the worst crimes/injustices in the countries history, & linked directly to Rupert Murdoch, or at the very least his media empire.

Patel refusing to confirm her communications with Murdoch to MPs about the suppression of the murder Inquiry

Without delving to deep into the appalling & unparalleled details of this monstrous criminal scandal & cover-up, which has resulted in five inquests & one public inquiry (35 years later, there is still no conviction, & Murdoch is still in action & out of jail), an 8-year investigation that was wrung-out of Theresa May was stalled, with extraordinary attempts by to redact, suppress, derail & even conceal or cancel its findings from the public. These iniquitous & supremely sordid sabotage attempts were earnestly machinated by the distinctly corrupt MET Police Chief Cressida Dick. An official inquiry found that Dick obstructed the inquiry into police corruption (perverting the course of justice & abuse of office). Additional obstruction came from, who else? But of course! – Priti Patel.

In a nadir of low-end cynicism & falsity, Patel cited “national security” & “human rights” concerns in justifying her illegal intervention into the publication of the report.

A public outcry, serious legal implications for the unlawful meddling, & an unprecedented refusal by the reports investigators to hand the documents over to Patel´s department for fear of their repression or destruction eventually lead to their full publication (it was an extraordinarily damning assessment, particularly of the MET who were described as “institutionally corrupt”).

faking hard with cheap stunts –“But after the government’s pay announcement on Wednesday, the Police Federation convened an extraordinary meeting of its national council, comprising the chair and secretary of each of the 43 force branches, where a vote of no confidence in Patel was carried.”

But there was an even more revealing disclosure in the incident that denoted the strength of the Patel/Murdoch clinch.

Under fire for her utterly preposterous lies of “national security” & “human rights” concerns for the full release of the report, one of the professional accusers asked for Patel to publicly reveal all correspondence she was having with Rupert Murdoch & his media outlets during her attempts to stifle the investigations publication.

Patel and her department (Home Office) refused to respond/comment to those requests and have never confirmed what communications she was having with Murdoch &/or the Murdoch media during her attempts to sabotage the investigations results.

Atkins declined to address requests from Bryant and other MPs to list any meetings or other communications between Patel and Murdoch’s newspaper grouping, now known as News UK.”

“- people with very close friends in News International might want to delay or even prevent this publication”. – Chris Byrant

Now! From here, I think the entire shit-show takes on an even more profoundly dark meaning.

fully faking it – “They continue to be politicised (the Police) and this pay announcement is the final straw.” – John Apter, national chair of the National Police Federation

That information (a list of any meetings or other communications between Patel and Murdoch’s newspaper publications), for the sake of the very countries security & in the interest of all UK citizens, absolutely needs to be legally coerced, thoroughly investigated & released to the public in full (I don´t know about you, but my “trust” & “confidence” in this countries legal, political, security & intelligence institutions is just done after this), & acted upon with maximum consequences & expedition.

The secrecy of this blatant & profoundly corrupt & dangerous relationship between two apex criminal abusers, for undeclared motives, is clear, present & active.

It is right there.

Where are M15?

Where is the law?

Is Rupert Murdoch & News Corp more powerful than M15?

Is M15 in the pocket & on the payroll of Rupert Murdoch & Lord Polak?

Remember, Rupert Murdoch is not a British National, he is an American citizen of Australian origin.

This is insane.

Leveson 3.
this hilarious piss-take short-video on James Bond/British Intelligence was recently put out by Xinhua. the Christine Lee incedent followed a week or so later. was there any connection? M16 responded with a somewhat pathetic “thanks for the free press”.

& so, we must consider all this shocking & exceedingly disturbing corruption when we are greeted with M15´s “fears of Chinese espionage & influence peddling” that are now doing the sewage circuit.

What an absolute farce.

Patel has even stated publicly that the lone lawyer “suggested” to be responsible, possibly, of such “political interference activities” – Christine Lee – is “unlikely to face charges” as her activities “fall below the criminal threshold”.

so it is just pure garbage gyre.

& it seems that M15 are happy to play along with this ridiculous exaggeration?

beyond parody – Boris Johnson & Sergey Nalobin at a Conservative Friends of Russia after party – “bring your own stooge”.

Tokenism. Shit-show. Bread & circus. Political favours from national security institutions. Illusion. Disinformation. Falsification. Headline-flabbing.

National security? Not a chance it seems.

Is this where its at?

Is this what the country is reduced to?

M15 – the scurrying-shills of corrupt foreign interests & treasonous vassal politicians serving their overseas overlords biddings?

Take Back Control”?

Comparing the cack that is being spun around Christine Lee against Priti Patel´s 2017 Israel trip, the Intelligence & Security Committees findings from the “Russia Report” & the Conservative´s barely credible links, donations, galas, associations, with Russian oligarchs with substantial Kremlin links, Liam Fox & Liz Truss´s American Legislative Exchange Council membership/advocacy of an “oven ready” US Trade deals, the decadent & debauched Lord Lebedev parties, the unbroken Murdoch servility, the Saudi Arabia & UAE group embrace (Johnson recently being “warned” by MBS by text to “correct” the takeover of Newcastle United by The Kingdom), the Golden Visa scandal & the u-turn on a u-turn to end the scheme that allows corrupt foreign kleptocrats to enter the country via “investments” of stolen funds in the British market ….

a joke

it is just a farce.

A complete farce.

Certainly this proves that M15 are either useless, or colluding with the ransackers.

Playing stupid ridiculous political games at the request of a fundamentally corrupt government department (Home Office), run by the countries greatest traitor & reprobate (Haw-Haw Patel), at the behest of foreign criminals so they can cover up & advance their transnational crime operations.

Boris Johnson & Jennifer Arcuri

A complete farce.

We are living through epic criminality, extremity & treason.

A spectacular hijacking.

Memory becomes especially important.

The criminals are in power – & they exercise that power primarily to evade justice as well as expand their plunder & plutocracy.

Boris Johnson & another Russian oligarch & Tory donor – Alexander Temerko

Recall that it was one low-level journalist for the Miami Herald, Julie K Brown, that precipitated the resurgence of the Epstein trial that led to his arrest & the subsequent Ghislaine Maxwell prosecution.

& that conveniently brings us back to Israel.

Ghislaine Maxwell has just been convicted of a raft of crimes pertaining to the well organised sexual abuse/trafficking of minors in conjunction with the serial paedophile & “financier” Jeffery Epstein.

Israeli agents – in action…. Jeffery Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell & the Mossad.

The “socialite” procured, pimped, trained, trafficked & even herself participated in the sexual abuse of the many underage victims that fell into her clutches & control.

Left out of the media scrum & mainstream narrative is probably the most crucial, & obvious, deduction from this revolting saga …. both Epstein & Ghislaine were Mossad agents/assets.

As obvious as it is, especially for anybody that cares to do any even precursory research into the matter, this is almost never mentioned or even alluded to in the torrent of mainstream coverage.

The question is not even extended – despite it obviously being one of the most salient & essential, considering that an elite, international sexual blackmail/espionage/paedophile ring targetting the highest level politicians, dignitaries, heads of industry & business the world over (but especially in America, the world´s largest superpower) has indisputably been uncovered after decades in effective operation.

Stuart Polak – a verified, active & ongoing security threat to this country

Have you heard of any investigation, “demand for answers, public inquiry or summoning of diplomats from Israel, the Mossad or other Israeli intelligence agencies & operatives over this groundbreaking case?

There is indisputable & ample evidence of an intensely sophisticated & veteran international sexual blackmail operation here, operating at the highest level with massive, as of yet unconfirmed financial resources & funding.

Ari Ben-Menashe, the ex-Mossad agent turned whistle-blower has confirmed Epstein´s Mossad lineage. Ben-Menase, a former senior executive for Israel’s Directorate of Military Intelligence has revealed a great deal on of this topic, including on Ghislaine´s father Robert Maxwell, also an agent of the Mossad (he pioneered successful Promis malware penetration into the USA & beyond). But what is so stark, is the veritable proof that the disclosure of the Epstein/Maxwell/Dershowitz/Wexner networks & the intense testimony that the victims of their abuse now provide.

The scale, depth & success of these operations also confirm the intentions & the degree of the conspiracy in practice.

What does Stuart Polak have to say about all this?

Almost like a declaration of war, or a “Pearl Harbour” moment, how is the west to now consider Israel as a “threat”, a hostile foreign state, a security menace & a state seeking to “improperly influence parliamentarians” & orchestrate “political interference activities”?

Stuart Polak, Gilad Erdan & Conservative MP Eric Pickles. corruption.

What is M15´s policy on Israel?

What is M15´s policy on Zionism?

What is the “status” of Israel pertaining security?

More than ever these declarations need to be publicly confirmed.

Murdoch & Israel have long been on exceptionally close terms.

In a way, you can consider them one of the same.

It would be good to know of M15´s policy & indeed “relationship” with the Murdoch empire.

The Murdoch operation is essentially a rogue intelligence organization.

It is imperative to now understand if it exceeds the power of M15 in Britain.

Sir Jimmy Savile also had good relations with Murdoch & the Murdoch press.

Savile would even write columns for Murdoch´s publications (some of them very, very dodgy, boasting of ordering violence against individuals, gangsterism & sexual activities).

writing for the Sun – Jimmy Savile, who benefited from Murdoch´s protection

Murdoch repaid Sir Jimmy by never reporting on his decades of rape, child abuse, sexual assaults, procuring activities, necrophilia & incest (& frankly god knows what else) whilst he was alive.

Jimmy Savile was also remarkably close to Israel.

His bizarre, high-profile, ten-day trip to Israel in 1975, which saw him attend the Knesset & meet the then president, Ephraim Katzir, bares significant resemblance to Priti Patels visit, but Jimmy exercised the “decency” to be open about his ten-day tour.

As the extraordinary biography on Savile, In Plain Site-the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile, by Dan Davies describes – Savile was made a Special Friend of Israel, was a frequently vocal “philosemite” & a committed Zionist with a series of awards from Jewish leaders & organizations.

Savile´s massive sexual depravity & serial offending was also not done alone.

He was a procurer as well as a user, ala Epstein.

He had close links to the royal family, both Andrew & Charles.

Charles had to submit defensive evidence to the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse explaining his tight relationship with the disgraced paedophile bishop Peter Ball

Charles with Peter Ball

Epstein, & particularly Ghislaine, were also close with Prince Andrew.

These are worrying patterns & facts.

Also to consider is the spy/traitor Jonathon Pollard.

A US citizen who was working as a Navy analyst, Pollard was arrested by the FBI & sentenced to life in prison in 1987 on espionage & treason-related charges for secretly-passing thousands of sensitive US documents to Israel in return for money.

The Trump administration recently let the traitor go free.

Benjamin Netanyahu greets convicted traitor & spy Jonathon Pollard on his arrival to Israel. Pollard was serving a life sentence in the US for espionage charges, but the Trump administration release him & allowed him to emigrate to Israel where he was welcomed as a hero.

He returned to Israel as a hero, being greeted on the tarmac after touch-down by Priti Patel´s “friend” Benjamin Netanyahu.

We are ecstatic to be home at last after 35 years,” said Pollard, who was born in the US but was granted Israeli citizenship during his imprisonment. “No one could be prouder of this country or this leader than we are.

Israel is a consistently hostile state.

it´s interests & objectives have absolutely nothing to do with British security, sovereignty, advancement, legality, principles or general welfare whatsoever.

It cares nothing for the British citizenry nor its sovereignty or laws.

These cases demonstrate this graphically & undisputedly.

the ultimate security breach – & a shill for the state of Israel.

So again, when you see the total tosh about M15/Priti Patel´s “unprecedented security warning” – you know it is nothing more than piss, puff & pap.

There are even more examples, both recent & older, of the Conservatives corrupt & treasonous solicitation for foreign agents & states, & further shocking transgressions of foreign collusion & extreme national security breaches.

We will save that for the concluding part, as you need storage to deal with the amount of treachery & sewage swilling out of the Tories fundamentally-recreant pigsty politics.

This country is in a really, really, really, really, really bad place.

a day after publishing this article, what should land in the news? “MI5 decided synagogue hostage-taker ´not a threat´ in 2020. pathetic.