Sloppy Steve’s Economic Internationalism; fraud, farce, treason, closet homosexuality, China, Miles Kwok, Guo Wengui, Li Cindy Yang, Wendy Deng, Mina Chang, Yujing Zhang, George Nader, Sheldon Adelson, Józef Szájer, Brian Kolfage, Roger Stone:

Steve Bannon with Chinese billionaire-businessman-backer Miles Kwok, on yet another mega yacht.

the proof is in the profligacy.

Sloppy Steve may well be bracing for slop out….this rectal bacterium has had it coming for a long time, but recent events encapsulate the 360-degree fraud these mega-swindlers employ – on their own supporters. in October this year, Bannon was “arrested on a luxury yacht for allegedly skimming donations from a fundraiser campaign for a border wall between the US and Mexico.” “Via a nonprofit organization he controlled, Bannon received over $1m [£7760,000] from the We Build the Wall online campaign and used some of that to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars of his personal expenses,”

another guilded penthouse … check the arm grip – & the triple cheek kiss “guns up” ….

so a cardinal benchmark of the Trump campaign, the “build the wall” promise that apparently captivated so many Americans, has been exploited to fleece/steal from those very voters & direct donors for Steve’s personal extravagances. criminally & covertly ripping-off his supporters & voter base on the very issue they elected him for. politics pays, as does fraud & deception. you may also notice, that despite the centralism & fervor over the wall, no such wall has been built by the bullshitters a full four years later despite all campaign assurances. i know the drill – blame somebody else. hey! hows about we blame the Chinese? speaking of the Chinese – the “luxury mega-yacht” that Bannon was arrested on whilst sunbathing, off the coast of Connecticut, was owned by the disgraced, dodgy Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui. yes, that is right, salt of the earth, blue-collar, rust belt Republican & Mr anti-China was arrested luxuriating on a super yacht with his friend & private donor, the Chinese billionaire businessman on charges of criminally embezzling funds from his American voter base.

boy! did we rip those MAGA saps! losers! Steve Bannon & Brian Kolfage defraud their donors for millions of dollars.

hold that one in a second, fully absorb it in its totality, because that is one of the best examples of the filth, fraud, farce & fallacy of the Trump swamp/sewage/creep state missell, dupe, corruption, mega malfeasance – who’s criminal conning is tricking, imperiling & exploiting so many Americans. your enemy is my donor, your funds are for my private piss-up, your vote is my paycheck. although far’ far from unique, Bannon’s disgraceful example is one of the most demonstrative of the acute maggot-riddled-rot of the Trump Disintegration.

Bannon was released on bail on a $5m bond, augmented by $1.75m in cash or property. a telling bail condition nodding towards his reveling in wealth & also presumably his Jeffery Epstein style “flight risk” (& yes, the two men were connected, with Bannon visiting Epstein as late as 2018) was “no use of private plains or private yachts or boats“. Mr rust belt.

see you in court – you fat, scruffed-scrotal fraudster fuck.

Three others along with Bannon have been indicted over the We Build the Wall theft. they are co-accused of defrauding donors, faking invoices & establishing sham “vendor” agreements & shell companies & siphoning-off millions between them. one accomplice, Brian Kolfage, used the stolen funds for “home renovations, payments toward a boat, a luxury SUV, a golf cart, jewelry, cosmetic surgery, personal tax payments and credit card debt“. while the others splurged on “travel, hotels, consumer goods, and personal credit card debts.” non of this is even slightly surprising. Trump is a beacon to all con artists, swindlers, fraudsters, kleptocrats & “dirty tricksters”. but some idiots need to learn the hard way.

another penthouse – another perjury – another profit – another perp.

Bannon’s bullshit was always a clear ruse. keen to champion the “American worker” against an “elite” – he was a private school educated (Catholic school), Harvard graduate who had been an investment banker for the notorious Goldman Sachs, then become a “media executive” in – of all places – Hollywood, the ultimate pinnacle of the “liberal elite”, where he produced no fewer than 18 films over many years. he then secured backing from the billionaire “elite” Mercer family & then went on to advise & aid the goblin of tawdry affluence & notorious “stiffer” of workers, Donald Trump, the proverbial spoilt rich boy & serial rapist with added trash. under Trump’s reign of rot, whilst Bannon was still integrated in official capacity, Trump drove through a humongous tax cut for the rich & corporate America. the proof is in the plutocracy.

another dirty deal dangled.

so a privately educated, Harvard graduate, Wall Street investment banker, media mogul & Hollywood apparatchik with expensive tastes that swans around with billionaire elites who presides over massive tax cuts reductions for the rich is “man of the people”? where have i heard this one before? i am just amazed that anyone actually buys this shit for one microsecond.

staggering physical intimacy….what is going on between these two men?

Bannon’s keen taste for the opulent & expensive presumably picked up from his banker days, is well documented. when not luxuriating on foreign billionaires mega-yachts, or in the company of other super-wealthy, he is staying in five-star hotels & eating in high end & expensive restaurants. billionaires, banks, mega-yachts, private jets, luxury accommodation, luxury dining, gigantic tax cuts for the rich, real estate moguls, a traveling entourage of gay man-servants to regale the Red Bulls & rim-jobs …does this sound like the “man of the American worker” to you?

Bannon´s Boys ….. flapping & fluttering – fruity Andy Surabian & Raheem “The Rimmer” Kassam floss the bo$$ in the Whore Room.

who is the Chinese billionaire? that will be Miles Kwok, also known as Guo Wengui of Guo Media. Guo fled China in 2015 for the US & is accused of bribery, money laundering & fraud – thus making him the perfect associate for both Bannon & Trump (he is still sought by the Chinese authorities but there is no extradition charter between the two countries & the US continues to “shelter” him despite an outstanding extradition request). he is a member of Trump’s “exclusive” Mar-e-Lago club, naturally.

foreign donations.

there is an excellent documentary on Bannon called “The Brink” from 2019 by Alison Klayman. it is worth watching. a particularly revealing passage (at about 49 minutes into the documentary) features Bannon visiting Guo at one of his US penthouses. it is extraordinary. the bizarre, triple cheek kiss, shared between Bannon & Guo on greeting precedes a scene with Guo talking animatedly about how he can foment regime change in China via “revolution”…. & that’s with the cameras on.

Trump himself also has heavy criminal involvement & scandal with the Chinese, despite all the current external hostility towards China. the sordid scandal with suspected Chinese spy, sex trafficker, brothel owner, Republican donor & avid Trump supporter & associate – Cindy Li Yang – was one very dirty example (the subsequent FBI investigation into Yang for espionage & human trafficking seems to have been stifled by Trump). Yang was also accused of running an organization aimed at wealthy Chinese businessmen that was “selling access” to the Trump family. Yang’s company offered it’s Chinese “clients” – “the opportunity to interact with the President, the [American] Minister of Commerce and other political figures”. raw, open, uncut corruption & corruption of office – & specifically to the Chinese, the supposed “opponent” in this stupid circus-charade.

total corruption of office.
excellent assembly & analysis from TYT on this filthy & sordid affair.
before the scum soured….but still Trump pays massively more tax in China to the Chinese government than he does in the US…. quite the “patriot”.

clearly, Trump was more than willing. at least one conviction resulted from the FBI’s raids on Yang’s spas & massage parlors which had “gained a reputation for offering sexual services” along with the bust over Chinese espionage & sexual blackmail operations. the “fall girl” was Yujing Zheng, who had gained access to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago”. incredibly, they let her in without doing any of the due diligence. wave a few wads at Trump – & you can shit wherever you like.

Iwanka Trump & Wendy Deng – super close. Rupert Murdoch supposedly divorced her because she is known as a Chinese spy … i guess some people aren´t bothered.
“selling access” – espionage – sex trafficking – sexual blackmail – illegal campaign donations – prostitution … Trump´s turbo corruption is a national security threat.

Trump, Ivanka & Jared Kushner have all had intimate & extremely suspicious dealings with China. Trump initially had an excellent rapport with Xi Jin Ping, wining & dining him at – where-else, Mar-a-Lago, & praising him on a visit to China. it is only later that the relations soured over the trade war that Trump initiated, by which time enough dirty deals, corrupt networks & clandestine operations would have been secured.

via the back door – more Chinese nationals buying access to the most corrupt president in American history.
just fucking unbelievable!

but perhaps the loudest declaration came last December from disclosures of Trump’s tax records. “Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, the year he won the election. In 2017, he paid only $750 again. He paid no federal income tax at all in 10 of the previous 15 years.” quite the billionaire. but get this – Trump paid $188,561, in taxes, in China! yes, that’s, in China – between 2013 & 2015, where he has an account (previously unreported) under Trump International Hotels Management. so literally, fucking literally, Trump is paying more to the Chinese government (& massively so) than to the American treasury!!! LITERALLY! & all while publicly attacking & demonizing China with such exigency. treason! treason! treason! he is the ultimate corrupt conman. “Trump is not a successful business person, at all. Instead, he is an arch manipulator of borrowed funds, using them to give the appearance of a successful business career when he is, in fact, simply accumulating debt that he might well be unable to pay.”

yet another Trump swamp minion “Mina Chang was made assistant administrator for Asia at the USA agency for International Development, overseeing a billion-dollar budget, despite having minimal experience, claiming to have served on a UN panel that did not exist, and faking a Time magazine cover about her accomplishments. Chang resigned but denied the claims.”
the happy couple.

what part of “economic nationalism” do you not understand Steve? The reality he practices is international economics or economics from foreign nationals? oligarch internationalism?…. or even plutocratic globalism. fuck Steve Bannon until the end of time! & the idiots that supported him ended up unwittingly paying for his rent boys, 5-star hotels in Mayfair & caviar buckets whilst he lines your kids up for another Middle East death fest for his Zionist fuck-buddies.

Steve Bannon & the ghoulish Sheldon Adelson, Trump´s foremost financial donor .. Nazi Zion is go.

so whilst defrauding Americans for millions of dollars & offering paid access & political favors to wealthy Chinese spies, fraudsters, elites & networks of foreign criminals, the populist patriot nationalist garbage volcano continues to vilify the Chinese.

the Nazi at the ZOA. telling.
many members of the Jewish community came out to voice their horror, outrage & disgust at Bannon being included in the ZOA´s shit shower.

Trump’s number one donor also prioritizes foreign interests. Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire gambling tycoon & openly hard-line Zionist fanatic who blatantly prioritizes Israel’s interests over that of the US. wonderful. “America first” right? considering Trump was birthed from the buttocks of the heinous Roy Cohn, it is not surprising in the slightest. Trump has been more pro-Israel than any other US president, taking it to absolute & utter extremes. what does America get in return? sorry, that was “what does Trump get in return”?

well, well, well … the repulsive Alan Dershowitz made an appearance – flown in on the Lolita Express perhaps?
“create conflict” – divide & rule – looting the fallen all the way.

speaking of Zionism. despite his association & notoriety as a thinly-veiled crypto-nazi & “alt-right” protagonist, Bannon has publicly stated that he is a ” proud Christian Zionist”. the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) invited Bannon to talk at its annual gala, deeming him relevant, aligned & appropriate for the summit. the Zionists host the Nazi. remember that.

universal humanity.

and finally, Steve Bannon’s closet homosexuality. it was already looking pretty dicey for Slopping Steve, a Catholic boys school & a four-year stint in the Navy. Steve also seems to deploy a rigorous regime of making himself as unattractive & unsuitable to the opposite sex as humanly possible. then there are his gay aides. Bannon is constantly surrounded by younger male assistants, many of them conspicuously camp. one such is the extremely camp Andy Surabian & the constantly hovering & ever deferential Raheem Kassam, who travels around with Banon, always on hand. Milo Yiannopolous was another favorite, whom Bannon appointed for Breitbart media despite his flamboyant turbo-homosexuality.

who the f is this guy???

but among further indicators, the most offensive is that of George Nader. recently convicted for trying to traffick an underage boy to the US to sexually abuse, Nader had no less than two previous investigations & one conviction (in 1985, 1991 & 2003) relating to the sexual abuse of male minors & possession of child pornography “transporting sexually explicit materials in foreign commerce”. that included a stint in a Czech jail for ten counts of sexual abuse of a male minor (political wrangling obviously secured such an absurdly lenient sentence). the man is a committed serial abuser of pre-pubescent children going back to the 80s. an immensely shady Washington lobbyist of Lebanese American origin, influence pedlar & power broker, who networked & specialized in the Middle East (including very close & enduring ties to Israel, & specifically Benjamin Netanyahu), he was once a political aide to the deeply detestable Dick Cheney along with the insane John Yoo.

Trump with serial sexual abuser of pre-pubescent boys (now jailed for such offenses) George Nader – Make America Great Again.
unravelling the George Nader affair

Nader also worked for psycho, evangelical posh-boy Erik Prince, the head of notorious private mercenary firm Blackwater whilst it was deployed in the occupation of Iraq. Erik Prince is deep in this as well, a super close Bannon confidant, & was of course an ‘unofficial’ Trump advisor. Nader maintained a furtive fraternity & association with Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner & Erik Prince, but mostly, Steve Bannon, even getting Steve a $100,000 speaking gig at a lauded Washington think tank (the Hudson Institute) after Bannon had left the White House. there is no way, what-so-ever, that Bannon was not aware of Nader’s “proclivity” for pre-pubescent European boys & his long & multiple history of convictions & investigations from US law enforcement regarding child pornography & god knows what else (the official account of the material they caught Nader in possession of during his last bust in 2019 included not just child porn but also images of bestiality). you can imagine these guys hanging out together, in “the war room” with Raheem Kassam, Milo Yiannopolous, Andy Surabian, Erik Prince, Miles Kwok/Guo Wengui, Charlie Kushner/John Hess, Roger “Power and Access” Stone & god knows who, or indeed what else, getting rowdy beneath a giant portrait of Roy Cohn all “making America great again“. drain the swamp? that sounds like a sexual act these fucking dredgers get up to together.

Trump with his guru Roy Cohn.

Bannon’s self-professed Zionism does not get in the way of his Catholicism. the Catholic church is the worlds largest homosexual paedophile establishment, with a history, reputation, recidivism & ongoing reality of mass child sexual assualt, on a global scale, with special laws, status & exemptions to facilitate this enduring sickness. naturally, Bannon is right at home. it was Bannon that urged Trump to disaterously endorse Roy Moore, the infamous teen-minor-molesting Republican sennator, not that Trump needed much persuasion as he is very much that way inclined already.

a constant presence – Bannon & Kwok.

earlier this month, another perfect example of the “family values” hard-line rightist populist gobshite got caught out for the faggot he actually is. Józef Szájer of Victor Orban’s dog-shit party in Hungary was caught fleeing naked from a “gay orgy” in Belgium. yep! the “traditional values” man from Hungary’s Fidesz, a shining light of Bannon’s much-frotted populist/alt-right/nationalist/christian morals garbage, had been in an all-male bugger binge, & was also caught with drugs (he claimed they were “planted” on him). he has resigned, returning perhaps to his wife & family a-la Charlie Kushner? to quote a line from Frédéric Martel’s extraordinary In the Closet of the Vatican-Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy – “the Church has become sociologically homosexual [the Vatican]; and by imposing a continence that is against nature, and a secretive culture, it is partly responsible for the tens of thousands of instances of sexual abuse that are undermining it from within.”

Józef Szájer an “open secret” amongst Fidesz politicians.
external allegiances.

is any of this surprising? of course not. it was apparent from the outset, from the first act, from the entry credits. how the fuck can people be so stupid? so indefensibly gullible & desperate? so dumb & rip-roaringly idiotic? soooooooo dumb? the sirens were screaming, the winds were howling, the stench of immorality & soiled scruples overwhelming. just like Roy Cohn’s lavender scares. i can’t believe people actually fall for this shit – but that is where Rupert Murdoch comes in, amongst other daemonic distortionists.

fools gold. “I believe it unprecedented in any US Administration for so many of the closest circle of persons around the president to have been shown to be conmen, grifters and base criminals.” – Patrick Cotter (former federal prosecutor who convicted major mafiosi John Gotti)

Steve Banon actually had the fucking gall to sputter on his War Room podcast in November – “second term kicks off with firing Wray, firing Fauci … no I actually would go a step farther but the president is a kind-hearted man and a good man. I’d actually like to go back to the old times of Tudor England. I’d put their heads on spikes right, I’d put them at the two corners of the Whitehouse as a warning to federal bureaucrats, you either get with the programme or you’re gone.”

Bannon was accused of defrauding people who gave tens of millions of dollars to a private fund which existed, he claimed, to finance the construction of the wall at the Mexican border.”

i think Bannon should go & face the millions of Americans he has defrauded, & ask to be treated like “the old times in Tudor England“, & for his chummy fraternizing & personal profit with George Nader who has been raping European boys for decades. or to quote Roger Stone on his gleefully quipped Roy Cohn sample – on the racist state murder of Julius & Ethell Rosenberg by electric chair, that he induced with false evidence as a young adult during the Red Scare McCarthy trials – “Roy said he would of pulled the lever himself” – strap Sloppy in.

national security disaster