Rupert’s Adventures in China – How Rupert Murdoch lost a fortune and found a wife (Bruce Dover):

It’s a rare and extraordinary honour for any Western business leader to be afforded a private dinner inside the Beijing leadership compound – even more so that the Murdoch family should be present.

After all, isn’t the Chinese Communist Party really just the largest Chamber of Commerce? – Rupert Murdoch

So firstly the good news … the turd gets trounced! Murdoch is totally outdone by the Chinese, & has years-and-years of strenuous efforts, staggering financial investment & colossal expectations & business interests expelled, extinguished & stifled.
Furthermore, Drupert, like an utter idiot, is suckered into betrothing a Chinese spy for a wife (missing all the signals & red flags) – Wendi Deng – who presumably “sucks his secrets”, spies on his business proceedings & shadow empire & heavily manipulates him in various transactions over the years before the pin finally drops with the leprous loser (too late Rupert) & he files for divorce.

– and Wendi wound the wastrel

As excrescent as Wendi is, props to her for rinsing the rube … having to engage in sexual relations with Drupert must be the worst case assignment required of a Chinese agent in the countries entire history of espionage. A unique sacrifice ….. JESUS!

Anyhow, Drupert was desperate…. damn desperate! – to expand his necromancy into China. As Dover’s book uncovers explicitly, he had absolutely no qualms – whatsoever – about whitewashing the regime, redacting on its behalf to western audiences or prospective investors or playing the shameless apologist & heinously unscrupulous business accomplice in the global arena for CCP interests.

It’s not like we expect anything less than sewage & sarin from Murdoch & his deeply nefarious media miasma, but the levels of double standards, head-splitting hypocrisy & immoral dealings are particularly sickeningly & despicable in the case at hand.

the sheer toxicity of the Murdoch mephitic

Murdoch shows that he is happy to censor on the CCP’s request, inveigling himself by culling programs from his network that were critical of previous atrocities associated with Mao or the party, or otherwise uncomfortable.
He is a sick, sick, sick bastard only concerned with his own bottom line, expansion & dirty power.
His direct collusion with the CCP goes further than many would expect.
Hey! Its all just business right?

Yet Murdoch continued to agitate for an open skies regime that would allow him unfettered access to the living rooms of China. For Murdoch, it was a start. He’d helped turn the Chinese television industry on its head and set it on a path to modernisation. But it was still not enough – it was never enough.

Drupert Turdcoch and Special Agent Wendi Deng – EXTRACT & EXPLOIT!

Market access. The slavering ghoul pushing to spew his filth into the skulls of millions of Chinese, the same pummelling retardation, intellectual decomposition & extreme reductionist corrosion inflamed by commercial oblivion & enhanced disinformation. Misinformed, manipulated, mangled. Zombification & the cultivation of a consumer class, ripe for the raping.

Our strategy needs to be one of convincing them that it would be far better to have Rupert Murdoch inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.

Corruption, blackmail & bribery aside, this book also offers a rich repository of revelations & insight on Turdcoch’s business malpractice. His rapacious, arrogant, rapey, incessant & indecent “relentless pushing” business techniques, bullying & battering ram strategy suggest an extremely unpleasant man with an odious psychological imbalance & authoritarian fetish …. sclerotic, obstinate, bigoted, sociopathic, repellent, disease baring.

“ ‘I think it may be a little premature to take up your suggestion for applying for Chinese citizenship to further my business interests in China – well, at least for the time being!’ Murdoch, even tongue-in-cheek, was keeping his options open.

the jokes at your expense Drupert you shrivelled schmuck!

One did’t need to be instructed about what to do, one simply knew what was in one’s long-term interests.” – a minion on working under Turdcoch.

But the real objection to the publication of the Patten memoirs was rooted in Murdoch’s absolute pragmatism, which puts money before any moral ideology.” – “Kill the fuckin’ book!”

Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican treasurer, twice convicted child sexual abuser & Rupert’s mate. George Pell was eventually acquitted of the numerous previous child sexual abuse convictions in a rigged appeal concocted by Rupert’s back-door diplomacy.

George Pell
retained by Rupert – Vatican child rapist George Pell

The Propaganda Chief in turn praised Murdoch for his efforts in ‘cooperating with the Chinese media and helping present China objectively to the outside world’. ”

James [Murdoch] also announced Star’s new slogan would be ‘Target anyone, anywhere’. And by ‘anywhere’ he was pretty much just focussing on two markets – China and India.

James Murdoch & Narendra Modi – New Delhi on March 26, 2015.

Eventually, Murdoch overplays his plague, & the Chinese, whit their comfortably embedded spy – agent Deng – decide to eject the turd tyrant from The Kingdom once & for all in an extremely costly & disrespectful manner after his years of carefully crafted machinations & constructive corruption. It is a rare moment of glee in the shadow-history of this awful, awful, awful human being (if we can honestly even call him that?).
Unfortunately, agent Deng’s extractions & the “business model” that was siphoned from Rupert’s toxic dump whilst she was working operations on him under the guise of marriage probably went ended up on the desk of Xi Jinping. Xi & Murdoch have the same kind of shit-Sasquatch, low-level stubbornness & lard-lurch in their monstrous inflictions on us all & their deviant obsession with dirty power at any cost & the infinite bloating of corruption.

Fox and the Big Lie – part 2 ….. fuck Rupert Murdoch.

This book & the information within are currently a vulnerability for Murdoch also, as he so closely colluded with, assisted & ran a fully-functioning business partnership with a regime that he now decries as some kind of civilisational opponent.
But as the book so clearly divulges – all from the pen of a ex-senior employee of the Murdoch menace – Murdoch willingly played the shit-sucker & fully, knowingly & actively solicited, abetted, aided, shielded & supplied the CCP in exchange for market access & business opportunities.

The man is a fuckin’ devil.

All the way ….
we love a good massacre before Bovril!

Bruce Dover, 2008, Mainstream Publishing, 299 pages.