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pleasure in the pain of others – Priti Patel


Here are a few reactive quotes – including ones from serving Conservative MPs – on the miasma of Nazi Patel’s new Nationality and Borders bill and the despicable and surreal Immigration and Economic Development Partnership initiative with Rwanda:

“Inhumane” “unworkable” “illegal”, “Ineffective and costly”, “systematic cruelty”, “unworkable and unethical”, “extortionate”, “extremely expensive as well as illegal and discriminatory”, “total disregard for the welfare of very vulnerable people”, “appalling”, “knowingly and willingly subjecting refugees to horrific suffering”, “ungodly”, “sinful”, “Inhumane unworkable and a waste of money”, “completely extraordinary”, “impracticable, immoral and incredibly expensive”, “the costs are eye-watering [overall costs have deliberately not been released by the government]”, “awful, shocking decision”, “extremely costly” “cruel (and illegal)”, “inhumane”.

Tot that up.

Inhumane – Unworkable – Illegal – Extortionate

There’s more/worse, but the steady stream & overall clarity from across the spectrum is: illegal/criminal/unlawful – cruel, sick, wrong, evil, malicious, inhumane – unnecessary, unworkable, farcical, pointless, absurdist – extortionate, exorbitant, wasteful, enormously expensive.

Unpopular, unwanted, unmerited, gratuitous, controversial, deranged, nonsensical, counterproductive, exacerbating, aggravating, dangerous, ignoble, shameful, ignominious, dishonourable, degenerative.

Not just “the nasty party” but “the nazi party”.

This is totally out of control.

From any lucid platform one wants to take, even ones at stark odds with my own, & leaving all moral implications & judgements aside, it makes no sense and has no rational traction.

it is more akin to some kind of massive nihilist cynic sociopath sadist suicide ritual.

Not just the nasty party but the nazi party. This is totally out of control.

Nazi Patel has repeatedly vowed to reduce or stop “illegal immigration” into Britain. She has also repeatedly failed to do so. & dismally! there are now record numbers arriving/illegal crossings under her aegis.

people smugglers signing a human trafficking quota

So could such an obscene, grossly excessive & preposterous measure (the Rwanda & NB bill) be a “show piece” con-job to feign her “commitment” in the face of total, abject & consistent failure?

Lets not forget her “tough on crime” police raid images, smeared all over the tabloid press, as serious crime has ballooned to record figures in almost every single category under the Conservatives after a withering succession of austerity cuts from her party despite all the warnings. The police themselves have not been spared the savage cuts from their Conservative detractors, which is one reason why the Police Federation of England & Whales have passed an “overwhelming” vote of no confidence in the Home Secretary, which she has continued to operate under since last July.

you are arresting the wrong one. Nazi Patel´s PR barrel scrape. The Police Federation of England and Whales have passed a vote of no confidence in the criminal Home Secretary

Nazi Patel knows a lot about making overly-excessive gestures or actions to try & prove something or compensate for personal insecurity or failure. It is deeply, deeply part of her psychology, pathology, psychosis, mental imbalance, badly damaged psyche, personal impairment & character…… a defining feature.

Nazi Patel also knows a lot about Rwanda. her family had emigrated to the countries northern neighbour, Uganda, from Gujarat, India. Her father then emigrated from Uganda to the UK where Patel was born. So emigration for economic opportunity is very familiar to her family history & experience.

any one wanting to understand more about Nazi Patel´s horrificly disfigured psyche & role should study Bayume Mohammed Husen

This did not stop Patel quickly passing more stringent restrictions on immigration to the UK when she bizarrely became Home Secretary under Johnson (she was in disgrace after her immensely ignominious public resignation under Theresa May for lying to the Prime Minister, misleading Parliament, conspiring with a foreign power, treason, corruption of office, espionage, selling state secrets, breach of trust, bribery, perverting the course of justice, giving false testimonies, undermining state security etc). It was made clear that Patel’s father would not have been granted settlement rights in the UK under the new requirements that Patel introduced. she negated the rights/conditions that her own family used to emigrate into this country.

Back to the Nationality and Borders bill and the Conservative governments new Rwandan concentration camp & agreed people trafficking corridor.

What is going on here?

Why pursue, so strenuously, such an unpopular & hyper-extreme albatross?

What is the ulterior incentive here?

the ring master

Why on earth waste spectacular quantities of money (during a “cost of living crisis” & recession), & political energy to inflict extremely damaging & enduring defacement on the countries credibility & reputation? When it is even certainly destined to fail to be enacted?

It has been widely predicted that it will actually enhance the smuggling gangs, not just the “legitimate” government people trafficking process that she proposes (the Nationality and Borders bill & offshore Rwandan detection centres), but the “illegitimate” “common criminal” versions also. It will of course also be absolutely horrific for the refugees themselves.

Exceedingly expensive, extremely damaging, pointless, excruciatingly reprehensible. Complete folly.

A humanitarian disaster, excessive cruelty, death, torture, cruel inhumane & degrading treatment. An atrocity & a crime against humanity.

So why?

cult of catastrophe

What on earth could possibly compel a government to undertake such a nonsensical, absurd & psychotic endeavour? What bizarre, malicious, perverse, twisted & errant manner of sheer sociopathy could envisage & justify this super maleficence? It is not popular (in fact deeply unpopular). It is not in demand. It is perversely counter to the countries core “values”, interests, reputation, in both domestic & international law & regarding its humanitarian obligations, especially as a “first world country”.

It is, unequivocally, exceptionally self-harmful, as well as utterly, utterly horrendous for refugees & global political standards/the rule of law/human rights law.

is this just more of the same repulsive Tory corruption? the Tory party has become a bonanza of criminality, duplicity, corruption & cruelty, although this particular effort expands its sickness to a stratosphere beyond.

This one is a major escalation.

dedicated degenerates

Why? What is going on?

Lets get real.


1: the cash-in. “exorbitantly expensive”. Some one will be raking in that cash. so Profiteering. Plunder. “privatisation”. The figure of “£2million per detainee” per year has been estimated. Income. So a private contractors can now provide these “services” & be paid by the government. £2million per year per head, coining profit from desperate human beings fleeing wars or disasters we have inflicted, financed or induced (Murdoch).

As Patel recently, quite literally wrote in the Times about the UK-Rwanda human trafficking endeavour, it would: “provide human capital opportunities”.


something to aspire to – “human capital opportunities”

The “live stock” will need to be transported (people trafficking), detained & maintained.

Private enterprise will be able to profit from every stage, SERCO & G4S style.

Contracts can be secured “without being put out to legal tender” as was the criminal frenzy & culture with the Conservatives Covid banditry/plunder/extreme cronyism/corruption/bribery “VIP fast lane” & private communications that raged under Johnson’s mega corruptocracy (Patel also indulged in this mass larceny & looting)

Remember, crisis, disaster, atrocity is just an opportunity for them, to make cash & expand exploitation.

They welcome, encourage & rejoice in crisis, suffering, death, misery, emergency, instability, conflict & atrocity.

Charles Koch of Koch Industries & the Cato Institute – flourishing in the crisis of others & degrading all. Nazi Patel rigorously executes his agenda.

It is their bread and butter – their champagne & Russian caviar.

Why should “illegal” people smugglers get all the profits?

The government wants in.

They want to be the biggest people smugglers of them all, so they have come up with the Borders and Nationality bill replacement to absorb this profitable market & exclude the opposing gangs from the lion’s share.

The government wants & is trying to become the prime people smugglers & biggest human trafficker of them all.

Growth and jobs.

Competing criminal gangs.

Expanding entrepreneurs.

Robert & Rebekah Mercer -funding fallout

It is also just another expansion of the “US style” “industrial prison complex” phenomenon (the Tories are already aggressively emulating the US’s “failed model” in the UK prison system) that has become a staple in the US disgraceland (watch documentaries The House I Live In & 13th to name a few). This evil, obscene inhumanity shows capitalism/corporatism at its most malefic & predatory, where a country actually profits from the incarceration of its own people, & therefore develops an entire industry, thriving lobby, & accepted enterprise/commodity that encourages mass incarceration.

The People Trafficking bill being proposed by Nazi Patel will be greatly exciting to these large corporate monsters who will be vigorously competing for contracts via “irregular” channels should this evil be allowed (they have probably already secured the rights via a bung at the backdoor).

The Conservative’s otherworldly obsession with privatisation & “outsourcing” public services or state responsibilities to third-party market-mercenaries that bung them bribes – sorry! , donations – is at record rampage.

Public funds are to be diverted/misdirected to private profits (see Patel’s previous 13 treasonous, covert Israeli conspiracy appointments where she debated funnelling UK foreign aid to the IDF).

Nazi Patel with her minder Stuart Polak (made a Lord by David Cameron)

Not politics but plunder. or indeed – “the politics of plunder”.

Here are just a few recent snaps of the raging flood, because misery is money

Other perks in human misery & desperation are sex tourism. Just a few days ago, a report surfaced of the widespread use of impoverished prostitutes in third world countries by Home Office contractors whilst carrying out deportations.

Third-World sex tourism whilst deporting refugees – more “human capital opportunities”

There is also a secondary or subsidiary swag/ravin/market for the budding bandits – the growing market of border fascism, surveillance & security services. Drones, robots, data analytics & surveillance infrastructure, smart fencing, facial recognition programmes, barriers, walls, security personnel, patrols, transportation, private intelligence gathering & centralisation services, spyware, detention centres, confinement merchandise, technological defence & crowd control, tasers, arms trade & military provender.

As Brendan O’Connor writes in Blood Red Lines-How Nativism Fuels the Right:

The militarisation of of global capitalism,” which simultaneously allows the capitalist class to create new opportunities for capitalist accumulation around the world through wars and other violent incursions whilst also developing new means and methods of social control.

Israel has been leading “innovation” in this “border fascism” bracket for decades, & has the perfect test subject “underclass” populace – the Palestinians – to experiment & perfect its commercial oppression on.

Remember, we are all the Palestinians tomorrow.

Another keen advocate & funder of border fascism is the psychotic Silicon Valley big-tech billionaire venture capitalist & political corruptor Peter Thiel. Controversial, transgressive, hardcore libertarian, devotedly pro-Trump, homosexual, megalomanic, highly-secretive, nihilistic, tech-fascistic, authoritarian, with a recurrent fetish for illegality & law flouting. He also has demonstrated an unmatched disregard for peoples privacy, personal details & data, “scraping” everything on everybody through his private company Palintir & then selling on the results to intelligence, law enforcement (ha!) & military & security agencies – without our consent (how is that possible/legal?).

Peter Thiel of Palantir

To put it very, very mildly, Peter is very sick, & is one of the greatest threats & active security risks to us all in the world today.

Unsurprisingly, Peter Thiel has found both commercial & political favour in today’s Conservative party (he also helped them remain elected as he was a key collaborator with the disgraced Cambridge Analytica election rigging entity). Boris Johnson’s government awarded Palantir lucrative data processing contracts during the Covid pandemic profiteering (Thiel can also scrape all the patient data from British citizens to then sell on & exploit in secrecy).

Faculty is working at the heart of the government’s response to the pandemic. It has been processing large volumes of confidential UK patient information in an “unprecedented” data-mining operation alongside Palantir, a US firm founded by the libertarian billionaire Peter Thiel.”

the Data Rapist – “border flow tool”

Naturally, the looting doesn’t stop there.

Palintir has been awarded the “oversight” contract to the UK’s post-Brexit border and customs data processing, or “border flow tool”.

Cash opportunities in Brexit. In insecurity. In crisis. in genocide. in people trafficking. in climate breakdown. In human misery. in war. In contamination.

This is how they work.

They love it.

Transnational crime gangs.

Vote Conservative.

“Take back control”?

relinquish control

& to demonstrate our sovereignty, we hand the “Brexit” border & customs contract to a foreign corporation (of extremely dubious/controversial standards) to be paid by the British tax payer. The company will also be scraping all our sensitive data on everybody coming in & out of the country, & selling them on to whomever … in secret.

Because Brexit means Brexit.

Run it down.

Flog it off.

Peter Thiel donated heavily to the Trump campaign & “advised” on political policies. so much so that he was called “The Shadow President”

Dominic Cummings, the PM’s personal advisor & strategist before their acrimonious split, was probably a Peter Thiel plant.

He advocates the exact same tech-fascism, sterile machine-solutions to human problems & unhealthy weirdness of gimps like Peter Thiel, Alex Karp (Palantir’s co-founder) & the deplorable Bill Gates.

Cumming’s also has connections via Vote Leave & Faculty.

& like Peter Thiel, Cummings core policies after all the wonk-wank, are basically just extreme libertarianism & total free-market fundamentalism – as is Koch (Peter Thiel has written for the Cato Institute), Murdoch (on the board of Cato since 97), the Mercers, Steve Bannon etc.

Cummings also spent those three years in Russia “I worked in Russia 1994-7 on various projects.”.

You never hear anything about Dom’s Russian years & “various projects” do you? Which is more than telling in itself, & shows that colluding powers keep that hidden & obscured.

He was probably recruited or compromised there, if not even prior.

visibly ill – Comrade Cummings

So that is one motivation. Just money. Profit. Criminal proceeds.

The objective has already been described as illegal/unlawful, & therefore criminal – & “unworkable” & against international & domestic law. Against the law. Illegal. criminal.

So the government is willingly, knowingly, fervently & even “arrogantly” pursuing criminal “people trafficking” activity & enterprise, right in your face, & emulating “failed”, extremely controversial & extremely unpopular “Australian style” offshore detention centres that have been proved to be an utter disaster for all concerned.

Openly abdicating on their core duties as a civilisation, developed country, democracy & “law abiding nation”.

crime state.

Gangster state.

something to smile about? Nazi Patel´s disgraceful resignation in 2017 for treason. why was she not prosecuted? A-grade corruption.

Let us not forget that the effort is being lead by a confirmed arch criminal – Nazi Patel – who has already been caught (& let off by the Conservatives) for historic treason, corruption of office & national security related high-crimes concerning her criminal conspiracy with the state of Israel & the Israeli agent Stuart Polak – & that Patel is in the pocket of another transnational mega criminal & border fascist – Rupert Murdoch.

Patel with Polak again

2: Another motive & objective of this madness is demoralisation, desensitization, deregulation & social & legal degeneration.

The current – or demonised primer-group – is asylum seekers (it will only expand outwards later to other demographics as it always does) & traveller/gypsy communities (perhaps also the homeless, an ever growing demographic under the scourge of the Conservatives).

An application, status & system is being introduced here.

“They came for the Jews first.”

A way of targeting, removing, controlling, & of course monetizing “undesirables” is now being implemented.

Nazi Patel’s mind-bendingly extremist, fascist, & hardcore totalitarian Police, Crime and Sentencing bill, a dictators decree that will literally criminalise peaceful protest (even preparation for peaceful protest) & the governments intentions to weaken the Supreme Court & “dismiss” judicial rulings or findings that it “does not agree with” will maximise the extremism & allow for the extension of the infamous“hostile environment” to the British public at large on a wash-out of new “extraordinary powers” (check Clause 9Notice of decision to deprive a person of citizenship”).

This is, by matter of fact, authoritarian rule

This is, by fact fascism..

This is, by fact, total impunity.

a low-life ineptopath with severe personality disorder & a chronic self-hate dysphoria complex is appointed to one of the countries highest politcial positions??? somebodies yanking the strings hard for this pathetic, vile little reprobate. shame on this country.

Anyone wanting to sample the clarion of extremism/despotism in Nazi Patel’s Nationality and Borders bill should check “Clause 9” of the proposition – “Notice of Decision to deprive a person of citizenship” – of the bill, which was updated earlier this month, exempts the government from having to give notice if it is not “reasonably practicable” to do so, or in interests of national security, diplomatic relations or otherwise in the public interest.

The public interest would be determined, in secret, by Nazi Patel, or her superiors – Rupert Murdoch (USA) & Stuart Polak (Israel), who firmly hold her reigns.

we found this one hanging around the mens toilets, and propositioned him for a job in government on the spot!

Add to that Fraud Frost’s “bonfire of legislation”, or “cull” of human rights, health & safety laws & legal protections afforded under the European Union, that they excitedly prepare to be destroyed, removed or refashioned in the exploiters favour, under the fantastically opaque & infinitely manipulable Brexit shroud, where blame can always be attributed to something or somebody else, no matter how implausible, if they can even be bothered to pretend at that stage.

Lord of Bonfires – David Frost – made a Lord by Boris Johnson …. utter corruption

This morass, abyss, wasteland, hell-scape, nightmare-world is exactly what they are gunning for.

Extended rogue state. Semi-lawless (no tax or laws for the rich – plenty for the poor), feudal, openly plutocratic & utterly dystopic.

The illegal offshoring of citizens etc will be used to target & stifle resisters, all whilst turning a profit, & act as a “deterrent” against those that would in any way challenge the feudal despot’s police-state plundering & kleptocracy.

Disaster capitalism.

Authoritarian plutocracy & oligarchic feudalism.

This is about the weakening & removal of the law in general (for the selected group/super rich, more laws for us & none for them). The total extermination of protections. It is about absolute impunity. Property rights & individual rights, rights for the rich, “the land owning class”, rights for the offender, & everybody else is in the waves.

his dreams are being recognized … “a jail break”

It is the Koch Industries/Cato Institute endgame, the Peter Thiel, Roy Cohn & Rupert Murdoch dream.

As Thiel concluded in his keynote preach at the 2022 Bitcoin conference in Miami – “We have to just go out of this conference and take over the world.

This is the same man that infamously wrote in 2009: “ I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible”.

He now sorts your medical & movement data – thanks to the Conservative government, that happily sold you off without asking.

Normalising extremity. Normalising crime. Normalising corruption. Normalising excessive cruelty & torture & also absurd/grotesque/immoral/depraved abuse, plus major aberrations & wrenching contortions in legality & western conduct, civilisation, state responsibility, international law & fundamental human rights & freedoms.

Peter Thiel of Palantir is raping your data – “I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible” vote Conservative

It is an abrasive, degenerative, desensitization – a kind of public trauma & intentional scarring, a desecration & violation or even mutilation of ideals/rights/protections & consecrated & core tenets of civilisation & humanity.

Yes, the West has an exceedingly dubious relationship with these projected ideals, but without digressing into that important subject, the aspirations & “general acceptance” & gravitation of these ideals & standards still holds huge importance & directs many people towards the better sides of human behaviour.

So this historically shocking & truly unprecedented act of moral & legal vandalism operates more like a brutal public rape. A shocking, flagrant triumph for criminal depravity, & the violent flaying & humiliation of the standard & moral threshold. A kind of burning of the temple … & in this case the temple is being burnt by the supposed temple guardians, the government, so the psychological effect is far, far more destructive & corrupting.

& that is the idea.

Peter Thiel leaves Trump Tower with the “Rape Rights”

I am not trying to be alarmist, nor exaggerate, but this is some of the darkest, most dangerous, & most damaging events/corruptions/disintegrations/lowering to happen in Britain, in the West & in the world.

We are very, very literally tipping into a new dark age. Seriously.

when a “first world” country like the UK attempts something this obscene, it goes out like a signal to every tyrant, every rapist, misfeasor, murderer, swindler, reprobate & “wrongdoer” the world over.

It is a “regress call”.

The vultures are watching.

This is also the idea. The intention. The objective.

Mass demoralisation.

profound defilement using such unthinkable behaviour/actions/signalling & depravity.

a new dark age

It is, very much like an act of terrorism.

& because if they can actually attempt, suggest, plan this, what’s next? Where else is there left to go? What is the next level? What’s above this?

A “concentration camp” in an piss-poor, despotic country run by a murderous dictator that has a history of ethnic genocide & a record for assassinating & kidnapping opposition members? All completely against international law? Enacted by a certifiably treasonous, deeply criminal quisling Home Secretary operating under a no confidence vote by the lands combined police forces who is demonstrably enthralled to foreign negative interventionists & International criminals (Rupert Murdoch – Stuart Polak)?

human excrement opportunities

Who answers to a vassal prime minister & compulsive liar who is indubitably compromised by the Kremlin (Evgeny & Alexander Lebedev)?

human capital opportunities”?

Is this shit for fucking real??????????????

A brutalisation. Traumatisation. Dehumanisation. The shredding of standards, norms, civil precepts, protected fundamentals, universal human tenets & common decency. A vicious, psychotic, sadistic gang rape. An annihilation & humiliation & supreme statement of corruption, perversion & destructive intentions. inhuman. sick. insane.

They are trying to warp & brutalise the populace, to shift the thresholds or to tear them off or rip them apart. To cripple & to impair. To mar, tarnish maim & lower.

and under the idiot – we will deliver the extremities

It is definitely a form of terrorism. “social terrorism”. A form of “shock & awe”.

We’ve been here before in the bleakest moments of history.