PMNT – Com Supremo Com Tudo debut cassette LP on Lo-fi or Die Records/Jigokuki, Brazilian Harsh Noise & Stridor Supremacy:


The Carnival is over!

Brazil’s doyen of maiming Stridor, PMNT – who are very credibly contending for the harshest noise I have ever encountered, expounds his 2018 concept album Com Supremo Com Tudo on maverick pariah imprint Jigokuki/Lo-fi or Die Records.

Com Supremo Com Tudo
Law Enforcement/Chemical Weapons

More structured, elaborate & complex here, like some kind of exhibit installation exclamation, fractured, shell-shocked, unstable soundscapes riven with disorganized & disjointed assaults & uneven extremities – pouring harshness, exploding with abrasives & rippling with corrosives. singed, shorn, scorched, wrecked, twisted, disintegrated, destroyed & torn to tatters. Harsh ambience, rapid & violent seizures of Glitch & chaotic digital spasm belabor, residues of IDM extremities, severe feedback lacerations, concussive distortion & intense pneumatic contusion to the senses whilst being dragged at speed through riot debris, doused in pressurized Industrial tailings & Dark Ambient chemical wash.

Community Policing

Smashed into the burning hulk are various samples from the countries catastrophic & profoundly controversial corporate conspiracy – Operação Lava Jato – that saw a consortium of right-wing plotters assisted by external multi-nationals & conservative-think-tank accomplices – artificially install the nightmare nadir of the Bolsonaro cataclysm. Hardcore corruption. Hardcore corruption. Hardcore corruption.

Poor Performance Ratio

The miasma of Milton Friedman & Henry Kissinger continues to conduce real time, present day catastrophe on behalf of extrajudicial free-market fundamentalism & private sector financial terrorism that has yet to be neutralized.

Fraying Social Fabric

During this meltdown, shit-storm, nakba – a blade-strider from the harsh noise elite decided to sonicly document & respond to the outstretched disaster unfurling about his midst. The result is Com Supremo Com Tudo, the debut cassette LP from the exhilarating Stridor enforcer PMNT, a one-man retaliation comet against this grotesque political coup & the super corruption that propelled it to power. As well as being a dose of devastating & adroit, elaborative harsh noise, Com Supremo Com Tudo consummates the rare, dangerous & delicious orbit where journalism, activism & art collide & converge, at terminal velocity.


Economic Growth

The album is released on the scoundrel Lo-fi or Die Records, on a green shell with customized ink stamps or an alternative bronze stencil, audio on superior RTM thread, yellow case, full colour four panel sleeve, full-colour & double-sided fold-out pamphlet with design by Non-Negotiable -Notoriety. £15 each, hand-numbered to 193 copies, 9 tracks disbursed over almost 50 minutes of scald.

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