Outfoxed-Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism (documentary):

Wow! & wow again! It’s 2004, a year after the disastrous, consummately criminal illegal invasion of Iraq, that would go on to give the world IEDs, ISIS, thousands of dead, maimed & severely traumatised US & “coalition of the willing” troops, & obliterate an incredible country with an Iraqi death-toll of over a million civilians, millions maimed, & millions of refugees & displaced victims by this obscene warcrime.

The Devil

Rupert Murdoch’s media miasma was the greatest, shrillest, most insistent & relentless cheerleader for the criminal invasion. his diabolic Weekly Standard, a lesser known-about, uber-extreme, ultra-warmonger specialist publication that was sent to targeted policy makers in power, urging invasion & attack under the gigantic lie & arrant falsity of non-existent “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. His cronies in the death industry have profited fantastically from the genocidal carnage & still smouldering catastrophic fallout & instability, with the now dead Donald Rumsfeld & dear associate Dick Cheney being notable beneficiaries of Rupert’s global terrorism & destabilisation.

lunacy, fear and maggot-shit
war, famine, death, genocide, lies, garbage, corruption, pollution

So step back in time, & watch this magnificent documentary – packed with whole fleets of ex-Fox personnel – calling out & disclosing the kind of black-ops propaganda garbage gyre & hyper-disinformation retardation skew-spewing bile-bias that has festered under Rupert’s pall of plague. Not to mention the “culture of fear” that Turdcoch & his rapist tyrant “republican kingmaker” Roger Ailes enforced through their citadel of shit & pus that is here likened to a “Stalinist system” where “edicts” are imposed daily to maintain the “fair and balanced” deception. Fair and balanced proved as elusive as Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction in Rupert’s empire of excrement.

former Fox News anchor Jon Du Pre dishes the dog-shit on Murdoch’s lie factory … one of the many.

This is before Roger Ailes was exposed to be the serial sexual assaulter, harasser & abuser that used the Fox News network to sexually exploit, coerce, abuse, bribe, blackmail, proposition & sexually assault so many female employees, punishing those who refused by permanently damaging their careers by placing them on “no hire lists” that resonated with staggering severity through multiple industries.
The fucking grotesque Bill O’Reilly, a key Fox anchor, would also go on to be revealed as a sexual abuser within Fox.
Both were – eventually – fired by Turd, once it became clear the law suits & backlash threatened his abomination, with Turd shelling out ginormous settlements to multiple victims to keep the ship sailing.
He dismissed it all as “nonsense” & continued with his televised mass infection regressionism.

guess who also contributes – Bernie Sanders.

There is certainly a lot of noncing going on around Rupert, from the disgraced paedophile priest George Pell, to Roy Cohn to Jimmy Savile.
I expect nothing less from such a sick, sick, sick man.

Somehow, by some daemonic feat of dark magic & witches bane, Murdoch & his iniquitous poisoned media kiss-of-death are allowed to go on mass contaminating the entire world & degenerating the species due to his long running channeling of the dark arts, blackmail, rogue intelligence organisation & malicious shadow state skullduggery of the worst imaginable standard.

A hex on the world.

the notorious Bill O’Reilly Jeremy Glick episode is covered extensively.

Again & again & again, Outfoxed demonstrates with hard-clarity & poignance, from those that worked within it, just how depraved, duplicitous, absurd, toxic, destructive & false this poisonous & dangerous trash actually is.

So much of the modern malady & the intense plight that currently befalls our chances of survival can be attributed to this terrible virulence & the small, super extremist interests that it serves.
The man must die! & everything he ever created with him.

The Black Death

Is Outfoxed relevant? Perhaps more than ever.
There was a stupendous global failure – to stop this dreadful, psychopathic, sick, evil, noxious fucking man & his cursed armada of retarding & corrupting menace that has burned like a plague.
It needs to be done right now …. with overwhelming force, severity & certitude.

Brave New Films, Robert Greenwald, 2004

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