Labour, the Anti-Semitism Crisis & the Destroying of an MP (Lee Garratt):

When the Marxist philosopher, Antonio Gramsci, said “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear”, he could of been describing the situation we are facing today. Socialists and anti-imperialists therefore have an obligation to find common cause help the new to be born and reverse the morbid symptoms we are already witnessing., like the rise of the far right.

The racist is a swashbuckler – & the anti-racist is a racist.
In this case, the veteran anti-racist & seasoned justice campaigner – Jeremy Corbyn – became the racist – whilst his serial liar, turbo-gobshite, charlatan Bullingdon scammer adversary Boris Johnson (with a long record of racist remarks & writings) became “man of the people”.
Up is down, black is white … should Rupert Murdoch say so.

I have never witnessed such distortion by dark arts in my life, & the entire McCarthyesque fraud desperately requires a far-reaching & trenchant public inquiry or truth commission to lay the obscenity out before this spectacularly betrayed, deceived & duped country once & for all.

Chris Williams

Anyway, as a subset to this historic absurdity, we also have a large body count of “culled” Labour MPs who were expelled under the far-fetched & grandiloquent pretext of “antisemitism” (that is before Sir Keir Stammer – the “Red Tory” – entryst commenced his secondary purge of party members that is still stripping any decency from the husk).

One such MP was Chris Williams.
To get an idea of his character, here are some Chris quotes:

If people want to go off and stand as independents or centrist around some Tony Blair party, let them go and see how far they get. I don’t think it would hurt the Labour Party. If they are neoliberals, they shouldn’t be with us.”

Politicians that had “foisted neoliberal brutality on this country” had contributed “directly to Grenfell Tower and the people have blood on their hands that have pushed this approach.

It’s important we do find out how and why and how it started but there are deeper questions that relate to the political culture that allowed it happen. It’s a culture that has afflicted but Labour and Conservative governments, starting with Margaret thatcher. The whole culture is built on deregulation, privatisation and cuts.

As the author remarks – “socialism in other words”.
This kind of candidate has the pluto-establishment shitting their silver …

Jonathan Freedland – the fucker has so much to answer for

One of the most egregious & brain-scrambling deformities of the conjectured siege was the efforts of the left wing or “neutral” press. The Guardian newspaper played a distinctly, indelible & irreversible vanguard in the extreme conspiratorial skew.
I would read in horror & utter disbelief as the rag would wheel out attack piece, after attack piece, after attack piece, perpetrating some of the most dishonest & deceptive journalism I had ever, ever seen in the paper or a paper, period.
almost the only opposing or indeed accurate view came from the letters section, with many pro-Corby Jewish groups – who strangely were never ever given a platform to express their disapproval of the synthetic frenzy & their support for Corbyn in any of the main columns – contributing their dismay & disbelief at the ongoing crucifixion.

The truth is that for the vast bulk of Jeremy’s term, Owen Jones performed like a fifth columnist.” – Chris Williamson
I fully concur.

Corbyn, he did not present only a threat to Israel and Israel’s supporters, he posed a threat to the whole British elite. Across the board, from the Guardian to the Daily Mail, they all joined in the new anti-Semitism campaign. Now that’s unprecedented – the entire British elite, during this whole completely contrived, fabricated, absurd and obscene assault on this alleged Labour anti-Semitism, of which there is exactly zero evidence, zero.” -Norman Finkelstein

It should be acknowledged that, in modern Britain, anti-Semitism is a criminal offence. One can, and should, report it to the police. Consequently, one would expect that any ‘anti-Semitic crisis’ in the Labour Party – at the level and over the timescale that has been alleged – would of resulted in a significant number of criminal convictions.

Jeremy Corbyn

At this point in time then, one may ask, how many Labour MPs have been found guilty of committing an anti-Semitic crime? The answer is zero. For all the frothing at the mouth regarding Ken Livingstone, Chris Williamson and Jeremy Corbyn, this bus come as a surprise.

If I have to suspend thousands and thousands of members, we will do that.” – Angela Rayner

Keir Starmer says he supports Zionism “without qualification.

so the racist plutocrat fabulist fraudster ineptophile, Moscow’s man & Rupert’s rent boy, got in! The country is more fucked, more unstable, more impoverished, more ruined, more isolated, more vulnerable, more rundown & decrepit, less safe, less secure, less prosperous, more divided than ever & losing footing by the day.
The “chaos” of a Corbyn government never got it’s spurs out & has been centupled to oblivion by the Brex-Cancervative-Bullingdon-KGB Zionist-Wahhabi-Pluto-Nazi clusterfuck …. Rendering us well & truly “The Plague Isle”. & here comes the Sunak-Truss death blow to drive your children’s bones into the scorched earth even lower.

Retrospective justice, exposure, a specialist task force investigation, & the total & utter obliteration of the orchestrators is pretty much the only way to salvage this raped wreck.

Lee Garratt, 2021, Thinkwell Books, 205 pages