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emergency action.

Orwellian doublespeak. ditch the double, as it is no longer durable – in today’s shit drenched bottomless crater of utmost dishonesty, the double has centupled, & still -somehow – manages to tumefy outwards & pull ever more brain-bending contortions of logic that are into the realms of surrealism.

not so long ago, you could not even rely on the most fantastic, improbable & far-fetched dystopian-satire to rival the implausible, fathomless turbo-trash puked out of the UK governments disease-riddled bowels in the latest episode of bad-taste gone mad, imbued chiefly by the malignant bacterial lunacy spurting from across the Atlantic.

what on earth have these bastards conjured from their cauldron of bleakest rot, rape & ruin now?

it comes from one of the most odious & vociferous offenders in the Cancervative criminal pantheon, the grotesque, the excrescent, the unpardonable – Shiti Rectal. already cluttered with cack, corruption & colossal criminal colostomy of the most copious quantities, Shiti has worked yet more miraculous malignancy & mega-assholism to stretch beyond limitations of human wrongdoing & super hypocrisy.

selling secrets, selling access, collusion with a foreign state, abuse of office, multiple & repeated contraventions of the ministerial code & official secrets act, treason, espionage, diversion of UK state funds to a foreign power, conspiracy, perjury/lying to the UK government, & corruption of the highest standard – Priti Patel.

Extinction Rebellion, one of the most lucid, conscientious, compassionate, transparent, & explicitly non-violent environmental civilian movements, that are trying with great diligence, care, restraint & consideration, to redress the unfurling climate catastrophe & ecological emergency that threatens all of us, have been branded by Rectal as “criminals”, an “emerging threat” & a “criminal threat to national life” using “guerrilla tactics”. last weekend, at government gatherings, the idea was bandied of classifying Extinction Rebellion as an “organized crime group“.

the rapist is the victim & the victim is the rapist.

you would think that Shiti is staring in a mirror, describing herself, or talking about her own group/criminal syndicate – the Tory party – by far the gravest, greatest & most prolific criminal entity in the entire country without precedence or peer.

where do i even start? how about this, on the very same day that Shiti’s garbage gusher was issued – “We are breaking the law with Brexit bill, minister admits” (the front page of the Guardian). the governments plans to “overide” the Brexit withdrawal aggrement “violates international law” & also “breaches the ministerial code”. even worse, they are fully aware of it & have been seeking “independent legal advise” from an unamed “leading barrister” who advised them against such a divarication as it would be illegal.

Shiti Rectal following her “resignation” – she should of been jailed on a litany of high crimes against the country for her exceptional treason & betrayal. beyond belief, she was later reinstated into Johnsons´s criminal cabinet. extraordinary.

criminal government. literally & exactly – in legal definitions & in action & intentions (conspiracy).

this predilection to override, ignore, violate & prorogue, whilst festering in straight-up, raw, uncut, out-and-out illegality, unlawfulness, & bonafide criminality & corruption, is the personification of a failing (or indeed failed) state, decomposing in plain sight & rapidly degenerating.

Rectal has already distinguished herself as a committed criminal & serious serial offender perpetrating major high-crimes. she has also clearly & irreversibly marked herself out as a devoted traitor to the United Kingdom by her appalling surreptitious subterfuge with the foreign state of Israel, all at Britain’s expense. Patel had traveled to Israel in 2017 whilst heading the Department for International Development (DFID) under the ruse of a “family holiday” & secretly met with Israeli politicians, businessmen, lobbyists, the head of state (Benjamin Netanyahu) & god knows who else in over fourteen, unauthorized, clandestine meetings. she was unaccompanied by aids, but was accompanied by the Conservative Life Peer and committed zionist lobbyist Lord Polak. when queried about her treason by Theresa May, Patel lied, was caught out & subsequently resigned. she was not out long & was reinstated as Home Secretary under Boris Johnson.

fourteen covert, unauthorized, unaccompanied surreptitious meetings with a notorious foreign power, all on foreign soil, then lying about it to her own government – Priti Patel.

Shiti’s incineration of ethics, fetishization of inhumanity & tremendous personal corruption are crystal clear. the fact that she still holds a position in the Tory party itself after her “resignation” for high treason, espionage, trading secrets & assorted corruption with a foreign state also demonstrates decisively that the party itself promotes, accommodates, rewards & extols major corruption & criminal wrongdoing of the highest order.


the party is protecting the perps.

previously, in March, Rectal publicly gave her support to a far-right group Turning Point UK. yes, that’s right, she endorsed, encouraged, squelched & squealed that “A new generation standing up for political & economic freedoms & Conservative values & beliefs. Fantastic!”


just a few days ago, groups of Cancervative manufactured far-right & racist protesters converged on Dover. they included members from Britain First, For Britain, the Pie and Mash Squad, “former Combat 18 & English Defence League supporters” & a motley of neo-Nazis, football hooligans & general shit-scrunchers, some who could be seen “waving Qanon flags“. one migrant who arrived from France in a dinghy last month was physically attacked as soon as he arrived. extracted conversations as reported in The Observer included – “We did it. We shut down Dover. No more illegal immigrants! now we need to do what Trump says – help your own first, then others.” & also “There is a problem with the black community. the fact is all knife crime is carried out by them. We need a real debate on the black community.”


none of these gangs have been labeled as “organized crime groups” or a “criminal threat to national life” or accused of using “guerilla tactics” by Shiti. despite their obvious, overt & ubiquitous violence & prejudice, the murders & physical attacks – including the murder of MP Jo Cox – & rampant racism. funny that. Shiti Rectal is too busy lauding these groups openly & frigging herself wounded over reports of desperate immigrants trying to escape wars that “her country” initiated being beaten on arrival by nurtured-Nazis. we bomb you over here then beat you on arrival …. welcome to Prate Shitain.

so the criminal is not a criminal. the violent are not violent. & the peaceful, non-violent, concerned protesters at XR – working for the benefit of the entire species where the government itself should be protecting people are a “criminal organization”.

you couldn’t be more twisted. more ridiculous. more backwards. more ludicrous. more unhinged. more patently erroneous. more Orwellian. I mean, even by their own diabolical record of sloshing sewage & rotten garbage – this is just the most stupendous, stratospheric, herculean pig-shit of galactic proportions folding into its own flab.

Terrorists? “organized crime”? give me a fucking break you brain-damaged nonsensical maniacs.

it is also very’ very’ very desperate. fevered even. deliroius, emerging from a deeply warped & damaged source, totally & utterly isolated from any logical rationale. stupid, inane, retarded, proposterous, inadmissable, deranged. astronomic idiocy & exponential ignorance.

back to just some of the Cancervative’s ever engorging criminality & ongoing “organized crime” expansionism.

Bombs for the Buller.

Saudi Arabia continues its bloody, indiscriminate bombings, terrorism & destabilization in Yemen. it is worth noting that this is not just massive & indisputable criminality in the legally binding sense. it is also the result & intention. an illegal “dirty” war of aggression, with massive indiscriminate bombing of civilians & civilian targets & infrastructure, (markets, hospitals, schools, factories, mosques, farmland, historic & cultural heritage sites) that has also become the world’s “number one humanitarian crisis”. brutal, murderous, illegal, unjust, gratuitous, pointless, evil. & the main country behind the aggressors consortium is Saudi Arabia, the head-chopping, fundamentalist, authoritarian, absolute-monarchy Islamic dictatorship & gangster state & the strongest instigator & exporter of global Islamic terrorism in the world by miles & miles. Saudi Arabia is also the very same country that has “compensated” U.S. victims families of the Twin Towers terrorist attacks of 9/11 under the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA). in other words, it is officially accepted that Saudi Arabia carried out 9/11 & they have simply “settled” with the victim´s families. Britain (along with the U.S. & France) is continuing avidly to sell record amounts of military arms & equipment, & provide military assistance, to the same country that orchestrated the historic 9/11 attacks on the WTO center in New York. the Trump Administration goes even further, they have successfully sold & transferred nuclear materials to Saudi Arabia, all without the regular proceedings & checks. a report from last month alleges that the Chinese are helping Saudi Arabia with uranium yellowcake refinement, & that the Trump administration is turning a blind-eye & refusing to comment.


so that’s aiding & abetting terrorism, war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression & major violations & illegal infractions of arms exports & international law (to say the least).

“The world´s worst humanitarian crisis”.


do you remember the Stanstead 15? in 2017, the British government, operating it’s repulsive “hostile environment” offensive was deporting immigrants, asylum seekers & some unlucky naturalized citizens who were unfortunate enough to not have the correct paperwork, sometimes illegally under a “brutal” & “racist” policy (cue dog-whistling all round). fifteen human rights activists stopped one of the scheduled flights from taking off by chaining themselves to the plain. in a show of staggeringly shocking malignancy & massively unwarranted overkill, the protesters were charged with terrorism offenses! terrorism? terrorism? the charges would eventually be dropped in 2019 with some of the activists being handed community sentences, suspended sentences & 250 hours of unpaid work. it was a massive action of state menacing, intimidation, &, well, terrorizing of peaceful direct action & protest on overtly humanitarian incentives & reasoning. what kind of a sick, fell, poisoned & deformed mentality would ever even think to call these people terrorists? how stupid, implausible, unfitting & inapplicable can you get?

the Stansted 15 – tried under “terrorism” laws. absolute insanity.

Stansted 15 – https://www.theguardian.com/global/2019/feb/06/stansted-15-rights-campaigners-urge-judge-to-show-leniency

the idiot is the scholar & the scholar is the idiot. the peace-keeper is the terrorist & the terrorist is the peace-keeper. the renowned racist is the good guy & the veteran anti-racist is the racist. & the Tory party is the “workers party” … & Boris Johnson, the Old Etonian, Bullingdon boy with the silver still jutting from his toffy arse – is the “man of the people”. beyond backward.

fish-lipped, buck-toothed, swollen-lids, shitty-draws, cack-handed & fuck-faced …. a wickedly worthless wanker wastrel of a man scraped directly off of Satan´s scrotum & smeared on to the Tory fiasco FUBAR farce – the Tousled Tosser of Eton …Buller! Buller! Buller old chaps.

just a little more on the mounting log-jam of Tory criminality & corruption. it is now ten whole years since the Tory party slithered to power under David Scameron. prior to them taking office, they were explicitly forewarned about the need for immediate & sweeping action on the illegal levels of air pollution that were then, or shortly due, to affect large parts of the country (not to mention that Scam’s election pledge was to be “the greenest government ever”. that is the countries health, children’s lungs & lives. it has long been estimated that over 60,000 premature deaths occur every year in Britain due to the grossly illegal levels of excessive airborne pollution (i saw the figure 65,000 quoted in The Guardian the other day). the Cancervative party has literally & consistently, for over ten years running, ignored, violated & downplayed this “national emergency” whilst hundreds of thousands of British citizens die, debilitate & suffer disease & sickness from this ongoing illegality & absolute criminal contempt for life. the Cancervative party has been taken to court (defending itself with taxpayers money) three times over this genocidal breach, & lost on every single occasion. on every.. single.. occasion!!! no plan, ambition or even indication of will to deal with this slaughter is forthcoming…& after Brexit, there will be no law left to break. not including all the millions hospitalized, made sick, or permanently physically disaffected by the illegal pollution pogrom, 60,000 deaths per year over a ten-year stretch equals 600,000 deaths! 600,000 murders. now ask yourself……who’s the fucking terrorist?

“The greenest government ever” – of course it turned out to be the dirtiest government ever. that lying, lying, lying bastard.

why are Extinction Rebellion doing what they are doing? because the government fails to act. fails to protect. fails to safeguard. fails to “govern” & instead exploits, loots, misleads, imperils, abuses, parasites, insults, deceives, misguides, poisons & pimps us out. there is a complete & total absence & unwillingness to do anything in the public´s interest or safety. the most fundamental, cardinal & prerequisite tenets of “the social contract” are ravaged beyond any repair. XR are just citizens trying to defend themselves (& each other) from man-made-apocalypse. where the government should be leading & using every morsel of it’s tools, utility & command to protect & defend us from more than likely the gravest threat we face as a species, they show nothing but contempt & disdain. in fact, it is far’ far worse…..they act, constantly in favour of the polluters, murderers, terrorists, racists, slavers & plutocrats. again & again & again & again & again. the “social contract” has been utterly, utterly, utterly annihilated.

ordinary citizens forced to defend themselves & each other from governments & industry that are determined to kill them.

hey! one more for the road. Grenfell Tower. another mass murder atrocity. in a historic Tory borough. awful. abysmal. horrific. burnt to death. 72 on the body count. routine contempt & criminal neglect, concerted wreckless endangerment, almost like they wanted it to happen. over three years later, three whole years, the pathetic charade goes on..adding insult upon insult to iniquity. last week – “Tower block owners refusing to fix fire risks are endangering lives” says UK’s most senior firefighter. more straight forward illegality & lashings of criminal intent, purpose & embodiment. if you can call fifteen clement, altruistic, amicable, caring, humanist peace activists that try & help their fellow human beings using strictly peaceful methods “terrorists” – then surely, surely you can call a bunch of murdering landlords who are openly, repeatedly, endurably flouting & flaying the law alive terrorists & take some fucking affirmative action. oh, that’s right, they are in cahoots, they are one of a kind & they serve the same master. Jenerick sits with them…buy a table, set it up, send a text…& watch them burn. earlier this week, survivors & bereaved families of the Grenfell atrocity were told they had been banned from attending the public inquiry into the murders of their kin because of Covid. if they want to go to the pub mind, no problem. priorities.

Vote Cancervative.


go beat up some refugees fleeing a furnace we financed, facilitated & fomented….& we will give you a medal.

go protect your fellow man & the planet that we all reside on….& you are a terrorist or organized crime group.

inversion. a total subversion of all logic, ethics, truth & sensibility. back-to-front. reversed. evaginated. & corrupted beyond all legibility.

the Cancervative party has no authority whatsoever. they are a group unsalvageable criminal extremists without precedent as are their associates, backers & conspirators who are all guilty of the highest crimes in the land, against the land, & against entire inhabitants.

a little present for your children…..Koch´s inferno. California burniiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.

among the clamor of terrifying environmental predictions fast emerging in quick succession, this week saw record wildfires burning record amounts of land in record temperatures in California…..& it’s not even the dryest/most flammable months yet (September & October are the worst for fires). so far, at twenty-three are dead. hundreds of thousands have been forced to evacuate. much of the west US is engulfed in “some of the worst air quality in the world”. the “Hellish” conditions which have left “whole communities incinerated” with an official “monumental fire threat” that has left firefighters “stretched to the limit” in the “record heatwave” leaving “dangerously unhealthy smoke pollution” that has been recorded in California, Oregon, Washington & Nevada. & we are only just getting started. Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch & Donald Trump enjoy roasting children in “mammoth” wildfires like marshmallows on skewers. death cult. apocalypse advocacy.



in March of this year, an article in the Guardian newspaper ran under the headline “Threat from far-right may be receding since Tory election victory” -‘Ex-MI5 chief says win may have made extremists feel their voices are being heard‘ – https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/mar/29/threat-from-far-right-may-be-receding-since-tories-election-victory

shortly after Johnson’s curious election win last year – “more than 5,000 supporters of a far-right extremist group have joined the Conservative party in recent weeks, attracted by what they describe as Boris Johnson’s negative attitude towards Islam.”https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/28/britain-first-far-right-members-5000-have-joined-tories

Number of far-right terrorist prisoners in Britain hits record highhttps://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/17/number-of-far-right-terrorist-prisoners-in-britain-hits-record-high

Fastest-growing UK terrorist threat is from far right, say policehttps://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/sep/19/fastest-growing-uk-terrorist-threat-is-from-far-right-say-police

Met police officer charged with belonging to far-right terror grouphttps://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jul/09/met-police-officer-charged-with-belonging-to-far-right-terror-group

Hostile environment has fostered racism and caused poverty, report findshttps://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/sep/03/hostile-environment-has-fostered-racism-and-caused-poverty-report-finds

the Tory party deliberately, exigently, doggedly & repeatedly encourages, cultivates, provokes, ushers, implants, stokes & nurtures far-right extremists, ideology, neo-nazis, racists, xenophobia & racially motivated hate crime for political purposes. divide & rule.

last week, XR used improvised obstructions (bamboo scaffolds & vans) to block the roads leading to the presses of national newspapers which included the Sun, The Daily Mail, The Times, and Mail on Sunday, accompanied by drapes proclaiming “Free The Truth” & “5 Crooks Control Our News”. at last, direct action against those lying, contaminating, rigging, corrupt, criminal, malign, manipulating poisoners – who constantly foul our politics, welfare, sovereignty, freedom, choice & democracy in the most toxic, dangerous & insidious manner using extraordinary dishonesty, fabrication & untruth. I cannot commend XR higher for their essential intervention.

when required.

Kier Starmer, the establishment shill & Blairite backtracker, responded to the brave, conscientious actions of XR with the following pabulum, describing XR’s blockade on the garbage press as – “an attack on the cornerstone of our democracy“. since when has Rupert fucking Murdoch been the cornerstone of or democracy? that statement/observation really does sum up the error that binds.

some of the murkiest, most disgusting & dangerous legal skullduggery this country has seen were overseen & initiated by Theresa May during her tenure as home secretary.

the “terrorist” misnomer also chimes with the deeply sinister & insidiously authoritarian liability that lurks in the Tory party’s carapace. very little attention was paid to the insanely disturbing & despotic coilings that Theresa May was touting whilst home secretary. “secret trials”, injunctions on reporting on the content of trials even after they had concluded (with the threat of prosecution for journalists) & perhaps darkest of all – the attempts to create legal criteria for “non-violent extremism“, which is about as Orwellian as you can possibly get. the Tory party are a cabal of ultra’ ultra’ ultra nihilistic subhuman sadist death cult nazi psychos with a strong proclivity for transgression, perversion & despotic absolutism propelled by relentless criminal conduct. do not mince your words & do not underestimate their devotion to depravity as it is the defining driver & ideological blueprint.



Rupert Murdoch wants your children to burn. “leaving the EU was like a “prison break … we’re out” and suggested that a UK-US trade deal wouldn’t take long to negotiate.”