NABEG-our vision for your future CDR:

return to sender!

The final installment from Nabeg’s 2015 outbreak. Ungovernable politicized mass-rioting & civilian-on- state violence recorded at the sedition station. Incomparable & unmatched. Kikanju Baku shredding the speed & stamina records once again, joined by three members from the Enclave for Aberrational Expostulation’s Hungarian division. Neo-Luddite Flensecore at it’s most unruly & unforgiving with barely believable marathons of the most scathing, fantastically ferocious blitz, cataclysm & severity reeving through the ranks of CEO, share-holder, board of directors, corporate lawyers on a giant murderous proletariat purge of top-tier putrefaction. Flensecore/Apoplexy escalates & amplifies the pillars of Noise-Breakcore-Glitch with the aesthetics & praxis of Grindnoise, Noisecore, dynamic Industrial & harsh Psychedelia through extreme improvisation against an overly emphatic catastrophe of fanatic User Hostility & anti-phonics undergoing abrasive Free Jazz radicalization & severe exposure to multi-mutational compounds & abrasive anomaly agents. Withering. Unremitting. Insuppressible. Berserk.

beyond all control.

Spat-forth by the scaliest mutant from the craters basin – the peerless Erst-while Antrum rekads, coming on an artisan, four-colour spray-painted CDR, individually inked & numbered (256 copies) by hand with sleeve art by Non-Negotiable Notoriety. Shotting for £6.50 each, orders to

track list – 1: Forever Falsehood 2: Compulsory Purchase Order 3: Unfit For Purpose 4: The Washington Wall Street Corridor 5: Commercial Confidentiality. 35 minutes duration in total.