Murdoch’s Politics – How one man’s thirst for power shapes our world (David McKnight):

“Rupert Murdoch and Fox News are fiercely dedicated to a political project that will eliminate trade unions, abolish and/or commercialise public education, increase economic inequality and the power of billionaires and big business, ignore and aggravate the environmental crisis that threatens human existence, promote endless wars and militarism, governance for the rich, a corrupt judicial system, and elections that go to the highest (and anonymous) bidders. Above all, Murdoch champions the elimination of independent journalism. All the institutions that make for a credible modern democracy are in his crosshairs.

You may make the mistake of assuming that David McKnight’s Murdoch’s Politic’s – first published in Australia in 2013 under a different title – is an outdated irrelevancy with little to offer in the contemporary climate.
On the contrary, this rarely referenced book is a staggering strike & highly incriminating document on a man of profound evil, global menace & societal harm.


Despite both his ubiquity & prominence as a public figure, much of Murdoch’s operations are conducted in the black, & concealment is imperative to his success & continued freedom.
Although this book does not quite penetrate into the most extreme & criminal subterfuge of the Murdoch shadow government ( Who Killed Daniel Morgan, Dial M for Murdoch & Hack Attack do a better analysis of these “black bag jobs”), McKnight’s book does fastidiously cover the extraordinarily damaging corruption, intervention, major disinformation, nefarious influence & extreme overreach & extra judicial corecing that Murdoch has so dishonourably deployed over decades to forward his ultra-extremist agenda via unsound & unjust means.

“combined ideological obsessions” Murdoch & Ailes.

The revelations & research are nothing short of tremendous. This is profoundly disconcerting stuff, disclosing the exceptionally murky political machinations of a dangerous extremist & clearly disturbed individual. The methods revealed to skew the course in his favour are contemptible, debased, undemocratic & marred with the familiar acute dishonesty that marks the man.
Once again, the orbit of scrutiny in McKnight’s research is generally on the “grey area” of Murdoch’s extremities & chicanery…. as detestable, sick & alarming as it is, this is essentially his vanilla stuff.

But vanilla it ain’t.

Fox And The Big Lie: Part 1

Blackmail, bribery, suppression, dirty tricks, fundamental deception, uncouth political manipulation & entrenched immorality that runs like a black operations unit working against the common interest, global good & national sovereignty for harmful minority interests & undeclared extremist agendas.

What better “open disguise” & cover story for malign activities than a media operation?

A rogue non-state actor performing as a black intelligence agency running a giant disruption, disinformation, corruption & intervention campaign run by dedicated criminal specialists.
The favour bank, power brokering, access to the elite, power players & the threat or favouritism of negative or positive media coverage create the ideal vehicle & camouflage for divine detriment.
“The enemy within” attribute could barely be more applicable in the case of this insane, poisonous, treacherous wretch & his criminal empire of toxic degeneracy.


Since Murdoch’s meeting with Margaret Thatcher at Chequers in 1981 where they agreed on their “pact” or “secret deal”, the United Kingdom has never had a Prime Minister in power that Murdoch has not explicitly endorsed & supported.
What does that tell you?
Murdoch’s chocking-control & power over this country is unrivalled. Westminster, Downing Street & it’s institutions, are secondary & subordinate. He is the shadow Prime Minister, or more aptly for Rupert, Crime Minister.
Murdoch selects, appoints, grooms, manipulates & “minds” our politicians & our political process as well as shaping political discourse, policy & ideology.
He is a foreign terrorist, a national security menace & a transnational criminal of incomparable proportions, & a real & present threat to the very stability of the country & beyond.


Murdoch made a point of regularly meeting David Cameron at a series of private meals and social events. In August 2008, Murdoch welcomed Cameron on board his luxury yacht moored off a Greek Island. Along the way, Cameron appointed the former editor of Murdoch’s News of the World, Andy Coulson [later jailed for phone hacking & spying charges], as adviser and spokesman.

with the disgraced serial sexual molester Roger Ailes.

One of Cameron’s first visitors to Downing Street was Rupert Murdoch, who later told a parliamentary inquiry that he had entered by the back door at Cameron’s request.

Conditioned, compromised, co-opted, corrupted.
Secret deals, secret meetings, off the record, hacking, spying, espionage, bribery, blackmail, favouritism, “hit pieces”, mass misinformation, falsification & factual adulteration, surreptitious access, secretive dialogue, concealed motives, covert agendas, undue influence, unelected & unaccountable.

Fox And The Big Lie: Part 2

Rupert Murdoch, runs this country, using wholly corrupt & criminal means, to the country’s utter detriment, for the benefit & profiteering, of a band of largely foreign – utter extremists.

Everything has got worse & deteriorated due to his direct interventions & manipulations.
Still, he insists on further degeneration.
Murdoch is yet again, under the keen subordination & sycophancy of his Conservative piss-ants, expanding his power & influence in the UK.
As if the country was not already suffering enough from the acute array of crisis & emergency, Murdoch is opening new media channels TalkTV, increasing his stake in his media outlets (so less restriction & oversight) & even bringing over Fox News anchors as media consultants to “advise” their British presenters on how to be more scatalogical & unstable in there divisive, damaging & deleterious misreporting & misrepresentation.
Just what the country needs right now right?

advanced decay.

Clandestine meetings with foreign heads of state on yachts, private islands, in penthouses or mansions, this is dreadful, dreadful stuff.
Insulated from repercussions by his hordes of treacherous partisan stooges – stuffed into governments & committed to his corruption – Murdoch festers without prevention or consequence, continuing to infect, contaminate, endanger & ruin with impunity.
The entire political landscape, the Metropolitan police, the Home Office, judicial institutions, legal watchdogs & regulatory bodies – are curbed, corrupted or crushed to bend to his degradation & deliberate dismantling.
supremely harmful billionaire libertarians, warmongers, corporate fundamentalists & ideological extremists are all given assistance, protection & access due to the unprecedented power & guardianship of this criminal maniac.

fucking criminals.
Iraq …. “It wos Murdoch that fucked it”!

& on the subject of warmongering, of crimes of aggression, of illegal military invasions, of mass murder, of genocide & warcrimes, of dramatic escalations in global insecurity & the prolonged expansion of bloody conflict, terrorism, resource theft & military occupation & ongoing global instability – Rupert Murdoch has an undisputed reputation.
No one, but no one, did more to force, justify, lie, misinform, falsify, dupe, bay for, earnestly encourage & generally conduce the illegal & disastrous invasion of Iraq than Rupert Murdoch. His media engines went into overdrive prior to invasion, working themselves into a state of berserk fervour in favour of the mad, criminal & thoroughly unwarranted war.

We can’t ban down now where you hand over the whole of the Middle East to Saddam…I think Bush is acting very morally, very correctly…the greatest thing to come of this to the World economy, if you could put it that way, would be $US20 a barrel of oil.” – Rupert Murdoch 2003

“Operation Iraqi Freedom”

In the 8th chapter of this book – The road to Baghdad – McKnight digs deep into the back-channels of Washington, where Murdoch’s bellicose criminal conspiracy was covertly hissing into the ear of power.
Do yourself a favour! – find & read in full that single chapter. It is difficult to do it justice, & is better read by the individual, but it is one of the most incriminating, shocking & jarringly disturbing texts on one of the largest crimes of the century.

Again, Rupert Murdoch – quite clearly – bares perhaps more responsibility for that atrocity than any other culprit. He is worse than Blair or Bush, & even I would say than his criminally insane assailant Dick Cheney (also a long running Murdoch associate & business partner) & the inveterate sociopath Donald Rumsfeld.

Bill Kristol

In a column headed ‘Burn Bagdhad burn’ a Post editor, Adam Brodsky, commented on television reports of the bombing: ‘I had no idea what Baghdad building was turning to rubble. But I didn’t much care; it was a gleeful day, anyway you cut it.

“Murdoch has never reflected publicly on whether he was wrong on Iraq, even though the reasons for the war, faithfully amplified by his news media, collapsed within a few months of the invasion.”

Human rights purists’ would object. Too bad for the purists. They don’t get it.” – The New York Post

The Project for a Republican Future was the brain child of Bill Kristol, an advisor to the US vice-president Dan Quayle. In 1993 Murdoch poured money into Kristols’ group, which ended up playing a more influential role in US politics than anybody, including Murdoch, could ever have predicted. Ultimately, it was a powerful influence in taking the United States into Iraq.

Murdoch purchased & financed a small specialist publication called The Weekly Standard. As with other ideological operations run by Murdoch, it operated at a loss & was not sold to the public. It was aimed exclusively at policy makers, power brokers, & politicians, specifically serving ones in Washington. It was “designed purely to exert influence”. Neo conservative hawk & hardcore libertarian Bill Kristol would be the publications editor.

Show them no pity: they have stains on their souls.” – Headline from The Sun shortly after the bombs started falling on Baghdad.

In 1997, Bill Kristol founded the Project for a New American Century, a lobby group of neo-conservatives and hawks that called for ‘a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity’.

It soon became clear that the Weekly Standard was no ordinary magazine. Subsidised by a conservative billionaire, it boasted on it’s website that ‘each issue is hand delivered – by request – every Sunday morning to an exclusive list of the most powerful men and women in government, and the media’. A vast number of those copies were free, courtesy of Rupert Murdoch.
A rival conservative, Scott McConnell, commenting on the magazines annual $3 million subsidy, noted that
if Rupert Murdoch’s was to make things happen in Washington and in the world, he could not have leveraged it better. One could spend ten times that much on a political action committee without achieving anything comparable.

This is one-million-percent shadow state, malign influence & national/democratic/political takeover.

Dick Cheney – A Murdoch ally, acolyte & long-term business partner.

The newspaper was also a player in the internal conflict within the Bush administration. It supported defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld against Pentagon officials, whom it described as the ‘surrender lobby’.

Conservative writers like Scott McConnell, who had worked on Murdoch’s Post, were aware of the Weekly Standards role in agenda setting within the Right. In 2005, he argued that the magazine had mislead the Conservative movement and capitalised on American shock and anger over September 11.”
Without the Weekly Standard, would the invasion of Iraq have taken place? It’’s impossible to know. Without the standard, other voices – including those of the realist foreign-policy establishment … would have been more on a level playing field with the neocons. That would have made a difference.” – Scott McConnell

instability, genocide, war crimes, terrorism, military occupation, mass murder, destruction, insecurity, waste, trauma, exodus, forced displacement; multi-faceted, absolute & ongoing obliteration.

Hell in a hand-cart.

It has been recently reported, with fair frequency, that the current US president, Joe Biden, has described Rupert Murdoch as the “most dangerous man in the world”, with Biden also regarding Fox News “as one of the most destructive forces in the United States.” (from the new book This Will Not Pass).
As much as I strongly dislike Biden, this assessment is both accurate & indicative to the gravity of the monster that is Murdoch.
Along with his fellow Cato Institute anti-life revolutionary & arch libertarian extremist, Charles Koch, Murdoch remains the largest source & instigator of planetary harm & humanitarian ruin .. all angles.
How has this been allowed to happen?
Why does nobody act?

This is beyond Escobar, Bin Laden, Saddam, Putin or – yes – Hitler.
The all engulfing crisis & peril that enshrouds can really & truly be attributed to this man & his compatriot death cultist Charles & David Koch.
They have, with great effort, & decades of diligence, escalated our peril to it’s current clarion.

Rupert Murdoch with his then attorney, advisor & “fixer” Roy Cohn.
Malcolm Turnball on the criminal menace of Murdoch.

Some very, very twisted offenders have orchestrated with them over the years, perhaps most notably the excrescent Roy Cohn, the repellent J. Edgar Hoover, the grotesque serial sexual abuser & Republican Kingmaker” Roger Ailes, & the sickening Henry Kissinger among other beings of horror & inhumanity.
But the presiding crown of corruption & criminality, on a scale that is simply indeterminable, goes to the Koch & Murdoch death shadow.
Not only are these demonic men personally responsible for the extent of our mortal travails & life-or-death struggle, but every attempt to grasp a solution or prevent further catastrophe or extinction is jeopardised or neutralised by the same fiends.

“The death toll, certainly of Americans there, by the terms of any previous war are quite minute,” – ” Of course no one likes any death toll, but the war now, at the moment, it’s certainly trying to prevent a civil war and to prevent Iraqi’s killing each other.” – Rupert Murdoch 2006

The world is currently “restrained” from dealing with the impending die-offs, breakdowns & chain-linked atrocities & tragedies because the death-grip these fuckers have over governments & whole countries is so potent – that they cannot respond accordingly!
We will never, ever, ever make it out of this shit or be able to react accordingly to the threats & crisis until these men & their entire institutions are permanently eliminated.


Every effort – in the current system that they have constructed & imposed – to manumission, resolve or exact an appropriate solution or safety offensive to the swirling madness & collapse we face – will be shot down by these extinction advocates & their malignant power structures.

Don’t waste your time asking as to why, they are criminally insane & their repeat offending tells you everything you need to understand about the intentional & escalating destruction they insist on committing against us all.
The very first port of call for our emancipation, salvation & survival is their termination.
They are literally a threat to all life.

David McKnight, 2013, Pluto Press, 220 pages.
realesed in Australia in 2012 as Rupert Murdoch – An Investigation of Political Power by Allen & Unwin.