Murder in the Name of God-the plot to kill Yitzhak Rabin (Michael Karpin & Ina Friedman):

“candidly speaking, we are not interested in peace, as this concept is understood by the general public. As the ultimate of right-wing messianists, we look forward to the Redemption, to [ruling over the] true Whole Land of Israel, from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates … [and] this integrity will undoubtedly be attained through conquest and wars.” – Noam Livnat

Exposed guts. An absolutely devastating, strenuously researched investigation into the 1995 assassination of Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin by the right wing Judaic extremist Yigal Amir. Concomitantly, this topic of focus parents the symbiotic tissue of Judeo fundamentalist terrorism, fascism & eugenics, in graphic & disturbing revelations. Besides Israel’s conspicuous military brutality, belligerence, tyrannizing & regular war crimes (overwhelmingly perpetrated against the Palestinian people) that are generally associated with the IDF & Mossad, there is a festering & malefic ideological monster that is conveniently hidden from much of the outside worlds detection & field of vision. Based on perceived divine prerogatives & entitlement, theocratic ethnic supremacy, & colossal volumes of vicious racism, hatred & astonishing prejudice – a ‘holy war’ come violent nationalist colonialist land-grab, mixing liberalized secular Zionists with ascetic religious Haredim combatants & settler militia (who in many ways are actually on opposing sides with very different objectives) with movements of a more petty & typical far right thuggery that just happen to gather under the anti-Arab, nationalist Israeli banner. It’s a complex, distinctly multifaceted seething mass of rancor & extremism, often with dramatically polarized or contravening bodies & ideologies that purport to share the same enemy. Dealing with such extremism, or perhaps not dealing with it, is what led to the murder of Yitzhak Rabin (& its only gotten worse). If you know the ground truths of Israel, you will know that a low-level civil war scenario, or the possibility of serious clashes & potential fighting between what would generally be termed left & right factions within the Jewish demographic is a significant problem, not to mention between the orthodox orientated & the modern, western & democratic wings & their hugely contrasting visions for the country & its future.

“No, Yitzhak Rabin is not a Nazi officer, as he was portrayed in that picture. But Rabin is a collaborator with thousands of Nazi officers who he is bringing into the heart of the land of Israel, turning it over to them under the command of their leader, Adolf Arafat, in order to advance the plan of destroying the Jewish people…. The government is committing another Nazi-Bolshevik act when it spreads slander about the national camp – as though [it] were planning to harm the prime minister [physically] – in order to lay the ground work for its repression. This blood libel is a Nazi act in the fullest sense of the word. The national camp must close ranks to topple the government of collaborators led by Rabin.” – Moshe Shamir

& lo, Inevitably – the infamous Dr. Baruch Goldstein and his notorious terrorist massacre at the Cave of the Patriarchs in 1994, where he walked in with an M16 unprovoked & machine-gunned praying Muslims, killing 28 in total. Goldstein was then beaten to death by the surviving crowd. In the wake of his death, it was astonishing to observe how revered & supportive Goldstein & his preemptive act of terrorism became. Goldstein had also been a native to Brooklyn in New York, & become a votary of the exceptionally racist rabbi Meir Kahane who had also founded the Jewish Defense League, preaching hysterically virulent racism from the sanctity of the USA.

“Put to death the cursed Yitzhak, son of Rosa Rabin, as quickly as possible because of his hatred for the Chosen People.” – Avigdor Eskin

“Jewish blood and gentile blood [goyim] are not the same”

“In blood and fire we’ll drive Rabin out”

It’s incredible how much vitriol, incitement & radicalization came from extremist sodalities in the American Jewish community. Chapter 5, “The American Connection” details this specifically. These guys are considered worse than those within Israel itself & acted as a goading, antagonist satellite of hatred & hostility, urging for the murder of Rabin & passing the ‘din rodef’ , religious edict/Talmudic death sentence, where a Jew is permitted to kill another Jew under situational exception (it is otherwise forbidden for a Jew to kill another Jew). New York mayor & Trump troglodyte Rudolph Giuliani’s complicit skullduggery, clandestine political favors & voter reciprocity for silence on radicalism is a long history of shyster-sewage. Bent as fuck!

“Finally collaring Netanyahu in one of the corridors, Ben-Eliezer warned him loudly: “you’d better restrain your people. Otherwise it will end in murder. They tried to kill me just now!” embarrassed by the scene, Netanyahu responded with a grin of discomfort. “I suggest you wipe the smile off your face,” Ben Eleizer barked at him. “Your people are mad. If someone is murdered, the blood will be on your hands.”

& what shit shower would be complete without that ol’ scamp – Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. Bibi is engulfed, & chained to the monster that made him. It’s truly incredible he has survived this long, doing the bizarre dance that is required for his precarious vector of Israeli politics, but I think he is in his final hours (I don’t think he will be murdered like Rabin, but will be jailed for the oceans of political & corruption-based dirt & misrule he has free-floated on for decades). Bibi played, agitated & surfed the baying mobs, wafting the flames that eventually would claim Rabin & is even depicted in a picture, leading a street procession with a mock coffin tallowed with the words “Rabin is murdering Zionism”….this was 1994.

Netanyahu marching in front of a black coffin painted with the words “Rabin is murdering Zionism.”

“This is madness! They’re are giving the land of the Patriarchs [Hebron] to Arafat’s terrorists (Netanyahu). This is a recipe for a Palestinian state in the Land of Israel (Yitzhak Shamir).”

“After Lior had openly mourned Baruch Goldstein as a ‘martyr’ who had been ‘killed by gentiles for being a Jew and thus joins the victims of the Nazi holocaust’ ” – “ since the gentiles have harmed us, we are allowed to respond, if we can, with retaliatory actions – and there is no restriction [on taking measures against] innocent people, since this comes as a response to an action of war, and it is beyond doubt that to take vengeance on gentiles is a [religious] duty.” – Rabbi Lior

Rabin is worse than Hitler. Hitler was a goy that killed Jews. Rabin is a Jew that kills Jews. Rabin should be killed.

Something that just blasts my mind right out of its chamber is the copious & withering litany of ‘Nazi’ accusations, parallels & direct comparisons that are spat at Rabin & others supporting the peace process. It’s just torrential. “Nazis! Collaborators! Juedenrat! Death to Rabin! Arafat’s dog! Traitor! Enemy of Israel!” The “Nazi” slur seems to be the most ubiquitous term. It’s interesting to scrutinize this in the wake of the artificial squall that so fanatically engirdled Jeremy Corbyn & the set of imposed definitions & diktats for dialogue regarding Israel that specifically forbid equating Israel with the Nazi regime it is increasingly resembling. Much of the language “in blood & fire-”, “river of blood-“ (sound familiar?) & referring to Palestinians/Arabs as “germs”, “animals” & an “epidemic” are also exceedingly fascistic. There was even a public protest in Israel where they had an effigy of Rabin in a Nazi SS uniform!!!

“[Netanyahu’s] ambition to become prime minister at any price drove him out of his senses.” – Meir Sheetrit

“The video clips showed pictures of Netanyahu marching in front of a black coffin painted with the words “Rabin is murdering Zionism.”

I think this has got to be in good bidding for the most acute racism I have ever witnessed in history. It’s not just ethno-supremacist, it’s draconian theological ethno supremacist, which is considerably worse as the racism believes it has divine sanctity, gods racially bias decree & specialized blessing. Your talking one hundred percent religious extremism & halachic terrorism. It’s not as simple as Israel, Zionism or orthodox Jewish practice, & it certainly must not be allowed to tarnish the larger Jewish diaspora/people, who obviously have absolutely nothing to do with this fucking poison. But Israel & minority Judaic extremism (which has a horrible habit of exerting major influence over Israeli & US political directives) have been given exceptional exemption for far too long, which has only exacerbated its toxicity & polluted the world with its astronomic aberrational injustice. Murder in the Name of God is a remarkable expedition into the heart of this perversity at a major milestone in its metastasis.

“not only did the assassination expose the weakness of Israeli democracy, it considerably enervated [the democracy], and the support for the murder and the murderer, which is hardly marginal, continues to weaken it. Israeli democracy today is not something to be taken for granted; it is frail.” – Mordechai Kremnitzer

Micahel Karpin & Ina Friedman, Granta Books/Henry Holt, 1998