Meander – Dreaming In Reverse 12” LP

Meander-dreaming in reverse LP

Less low for your res!!! It’s another thrilling sliver to topple your timbers from the top-notch-digital- botch Detroit champion record label. The performer plucked from the circuit-board this time is Meander who were totally unfamiliar to me until this confrontation. This gorgeous four track LP complicates the Breakcore saga with massively expansive & enigmatic expertise. Calling it “Breakcore” is probably very lazy, perhaps incorrect altogether even. Wild but very musical, Glitch prone in brief panels & heavily laden with gallons of cyber-synths, it seems to want to make you dance, think, recline & go into cardiac-arrest all at once. The balance between “extreme/noisy” , mellifluous/melodic & tender/defensive is marvellously jumbled with a very high level of precision & skill. It also makes the material very distinguished in it’s own style. The drum programing sounds painstaking. It’s much less random than a lot of the harder Breakcore (& certainly Glitch) & very exact with lots of contrasting snares (oh yes!). the time signatures are also quite varied from track to track. & the icing on top of the arse has to be the samples…science swats nattering about abstract-art or existential objective whatever, but trust me, it’s so cool the way Meander drench them with electronic FX & thread them into the data/music & devise this notion of sci-fi meets philosophy meets quantum physics. a really’ really great & original LP from Meander from top to toe-nail, I will definitely be looking for more from this mf. Also yet another notch on the nozzle for the seemingly unsurpassable Low Res Records who are clearly just too suite ta’ quit!

Rekd: 2008

Label: Low Res Records