Law Facilitates Crime-Thought Encryption ep, Gratecore, London Grindcore, Law Facilitates Crime/Bollock Swine split cassette:

Law Facilitates Crime

At last, four years or so after it’s inception, Law Facilitates Crime’s “Thought Encryption” ep is avalanched (as a supra-spiff split cassette with bijin-blur Bollock Swine). In a cringe of fluke coparcenary, so too is the only (basically) video footage of the band throwing off a few rehearsal reels (edited at last after hunting for like, three years over).

Whittled down to Kikanju Baku & Seduardo Primero (there was originally two other members that crashed-out), LxFxCx took an ‘intellectual barbarian’ approach to Grate & Grind core, a draconian sophistication swaddled with sonic Math’s, thus delivering one of the greatest evolutionary expansions in Grindcore history, & with ergo, barrage-bombing a formula of the most elite military specialist division Grate-Grind all spruced & juiced on ultra-anti-state, anarchist, contra-corporate, institutional abolishment. The mathematician, the sword-man & the demolitions expert (all sworn to destroying the state & it’s minions & administrative compartments, obviously). Ok! so basically, the fastest, laughably savage but taut with guile Grindcore, & we mean Grind, not Metal or Metal Grind with a poor Grind to Metal content…what else? ‘Torikowashi’ – that’s no recovery/mid-paced sections, constant attack (genuinely more associated with the extreme Noisegrind mechanics), in this case, blasts within blasts, independent footwork creating different punctuations, directions, time signatures, or variations & dichotomies without interrupting constant/unbroken cyclical blasting (cos’ we want it both ways hon, if not 5,6 & 7). It’s never really Grindcore without ripping single-kick D-beat or ‘Skull-Stove’. D-Beat & it’s close cousin C-Beat are a right laugh…listen – the punks ended-up accidentally falling on a poly-rhythm. No seriously! Played slow it’s ridiculously easy, played fast & you are carrying three disparate patterns among the left hand, right hand & foot pedal. More needs to be said here but I’m already confusing your arse, two things to remember are, dumb, crude simplicity inadvertently spawns difficult/complexity rich & character heavy idiosyncrasy (that’s D & C Beat) & second….i forgot (it was of shimmering rhetorical caliber but now it’s gone). Anyway, Kikanju devised ‘Q-Beat’ for LFC… basically it’s a way of micro contracting, expanding embellishing D n C Beat with buzz rolls that cut shit in half/sheer-down/contract or act as embedded bridges or pivots. In short, this monumentally broadens the scope of possibilities pallet & allows for a storm of new complexities. Intensity wise, the finger does not leave the trigger, but within the maelstrom & without a diminishment in velocity, variations & patterns thrive. This is in part where the expression ‘Gratecore’ came from. The ‘Grate’ was an angle or pressure-lock of heftier metric-weight, conducing a greater capacity for damage & power. Martial artists will be familiar with ‘body mechanics’ & the vulnerability to two directional attacks on a target…well, we did the same fucking shit on a blast beat!!! It just gets worse…but I am a little fatigued with analyzing it now. Listen & watch. This is almost definitely the most technically ferocious, unremitting ‘Grindcore’ ever’ ever recorded! Period! Capital G on that Grind, with added surfeit Grate & lashings of hyper-blast with favela bossa-footwork to burn precincts to air-borne particles. In accordance with Kikanju’s rigid puritanical candor, all drum tracks/takes are played live from start to finish without post-play editing.

“Thought Encryption”

The guitarist was a really vital component, not just good, but technically able to deal with the double-crush of memory-ravenous-feats & the super convoluted songs along with having the cuspid-tightness necessary to execute that shit sufficiently right on cue. Some people just gravitate towards hella’ challenging & demanding shit for brain & body, drawn to difficulty. Oh! The guitarist was the main upstart behind London’s hidden Grind-PV-HC-Crust group Armed Response Unit.

The name Law Facilitates Crime was nominated to reflect the increasing roll of ‘technically legal’ mass criminality that we witness from the banking/fiscal, political & corporate section. Larceny, murder, kleptocracy, corruption, tyranny, mega-mendacity, misrule, theft, misrepresentation, injustice, terrorism, treason, crimes against humanity, election rigging, bribery, collusion, mass poisoning & pollution, reckless endangerment etc. the very law that is supposed to provide protection is used to aid & administer the criminality & criminals themselves. A fucking travesty.

A whole series of mega fastidious lyrics were written to coincide with each song (which is not easy as they are so erratic/irregular/exact). In the end, time, facility, opportunity, equipment, expertise restraints have just rendered such an adorning off-limits for now (this shit needs to be out), which is too bad, as the Tories in particular were massacred with some of the most invective caustic persecution imaginable along with harangues against urbanization, pollution, public schools, social-media & communication technology & those toxic cock-suckers from the fossil-fuel industry. Continuing the modern civic curse in a drought stricken husk-bowl of career-cauterized creative-caitiffs, LFC divided & aestivated. But the fucking seismic was set, & now some other contingents have tumbled onto the seditionaries plate of pretend-octopus, you can expect more, further Grate flurry straight from the rifle of the insurrectionists government-issue appropriated fire-arm. Oh, & recorded real nice with the coolest of old-cranks on the duffle-coat triangles (eleven tracks in just unner’ 9.30 minutes) in some dive in Kentish Town.

How y’ like y’ Hard-Vac ho?

Oh for gudz sakes…Bollock Swine? Neko-Neko-Noyzcore? Bijin-Blur? So…Tatsumaki (Blurbeat, a way’ way faster & more absurd escalation on the Blastbeat), Hard-Vacuum (pure blur-shred-assault-surge-fuck), ultra-marathon Torikowashi blast, multi-cow-bell blasts, two-snare-blasts, stupid’ stupid-fast-baka-baka-baka in tha spacker Anti-Listener hysterical psycho kinetic energy-spasm joyoku-keiren Olympic blat! THE-FASTEST!-THE-FRENZIEDEST!-THE-FUCKIEST!!!

“Enchanted Fruity Melon Esculents”

Lovely neon-green-cassette that makes yu want to slather on condiments, dapple & chomp! Hey! Th gorgeous art that docks right up there in th goddesses bed-chamber.. Simon Morse, Minzo Shiroma, Kikanju Baku ink-clud.

Too much Blur-Blat-Blast-Vac n’ Hoss … record breaking, collapsed-gravity, roofless ozone, incurvated engines for the authentic extremist-junkie.

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