Kushner Inc – Greed. Ambition. Corruption. – the extraordinary story of jared kushner and ivanka trump (Vicky Ward):

Perhaps the most pernicious toxin in the Chump Disintegration’s tank of disease – Javanka.

The perfect-storm of putrescence pouring in & out the White House has been an excrement-encyclopedia to the annals of raw-sewage. You can stroll the vat & debate which oozing effluvium turns the stomach with greater convulsive force. In the entire shit-com of virulence, I don’t know if anyone can rival Jared Kushner. Taking the turd-title among the presence of such subhuman dregs & degenerate backwash is no easy undertaking, but Charlie’s boy & his rancid other-half probably claim the touch-down. For pure insidious degradation & anything goes rapacity with no foreseeable hindrance or cut-off for self-gain/profiteering, I don’t think anyone else compares.

Vicky Ward has done us a great service in compiling this critically urgent book on the very dangerous, active super-corruption that is both augmenting & steering the Chump presidency & operating independently for its own interest within the ‘legitimate’ political body with extremely grave & alarming consequences for America & the world. Jared is not a ‘corrupt businessman’ but a ‘businessman criminal’ & his access to the Shite House has propelled this intense cronyism to astronomic proportions. Everything he does is from a criminal perspective as are the man’s very origins. This felony fundamentalism means that everything needs to be covered with any manner of chicanery, subterfuge & dubious protective measures to ensure that his actions are undetected, obfuscated, unverifiable or fall short of the legal framework required for prosecution.

“They caught the Saudi’s talking to each other about how Jared would give them information”

Criminal stock. Kushner Company. A huge New Jersey (now expanded) real estate conglomerate run by Charlie Kushner. From the git -fraud, corruption, white-collar-criminality, racism, closet homosexuality, illegal sexual blackmail operations, adultery with male prostitutes whilst feigning religious piety & upstanding Jewish family values (Charlie Kushner) & general toxicity. run on a mafia cum despot footing (the weekly staff meetings with Charlie were renamed “Tuesday beatings” by employees due to there ferocity) by a deeply repellent & moralless man who operated the firm like a crime syndicate (which it clearly was in all but name). Charlie Kushner is actually a convicted felon, having been given a 24-month prison sentence for multiple fraud, corruption & witness intimidation offenses in 2004. He has since resumed participation in the family business after his early release from prison.

It’s difficult to wade through all this stuff as the miasma & malfeasance is so pluralized & multifaceted (this is really only the preface into the Kushner fiasco). As with Trump, corruption/wrongdoing/mendacity seems to be the primary if not only available response or action to any given scenario, leaving everything soiled & specious to at least some degree. It’s the one function available that overseas every decision. To contract & simplify the case – Charlie Kushner finally got himself into big trouble via a bitter feud & legal dispute with his relatives. Having allegedly been coerced out of having his rival murdered, he settled on a spot of human compromise operations, deciding to bribe a police officer to solicit the mark with sexual impropriety with a prostitute & secretively film the encounter (straight out of the Cohn, Rosensteil manual). Let’s just say it got out of hand, boomeranged, & ended up with the FBI. Meanwhile, family man, pillar of the Jewish community & impeccable businessman with a burnished image of infallible respectability – Charlie Kushner, was rumored to be driving into New York late night under the pseudonym John Hess & messing with prostitutes. Male prostitutes. Below is just a little of some of the condensed grime that Kushner got up to –

Mcgreevey, the former mayor of Woodbridge Township, was rumored to be corruptible and in Charlie’s pocket, since Charlie had been his top campaign donor, contributing $1.5 million. The two men had travelled together in 2000 to Israel, where McGreevey met a young Israeli political aid named Golan Cipel. A short time later, Cipel and McGreevey became clandestine lovers. Charlie sponsored Cipel’s visa to the U.S. and housed him in an apartment on New York’s Upper West Side. (the couple often visited the Jersey Shore and sometimes stayed at Charlie’s beach house). As soon as McGreevey was elected governor, he appointed Cipel as his homeland security advisor, and it wasn’t long before chatter about their relationship began” Charlie expected payback for his campaign contribution & McGreevey did not disappoint.” Fucking sordid stuff, & we are barley even warming up here.

His plan was brutal, bizarre, and criminal. He offered a cop, Jimmy O’Toole, who was dating Plotkin and was about to retire, twenty-five-thousand dollars to set up Billy with a prostitute and film the encounter.”

In the end, Charlie went down in 2004 for a full-course of corruption related offenses that includedbank fraud, illegal campaign contributions, cooking the books until they burn, conspiring to coerce an individual to travel across state lines for prostitution, retaliating against a witness and impeding justice, aiding in the preparation of false tax returns, making false statements to the FEC…& that’s just what stuck!

Of course, with his corruption connections, he got out early. He also, whilst detained, enrolled in a substance abuse program (we will assume the late night visits to NY as John Hess were accompanied by chem-sex related drug binges), which secured Jeffery Epstein like confinement perks (day release to work from a nearby office).

Incredibly, Charlie recruited other members for his real estate firm whilst in prison (yes, that’s other felons serving time that then went on to join his company after their release, some of which I believe are still working for the company to this day). Not too long after his exit from prison, three other senior members of Kushner Company were also indicted & charged with conspiring to defraud the government, all receiving jail time. oh there’s more! – “In 2008, Jonathan Goettlich, the son of someone Charlie met in prison, joined the company as an intern. Three years later, the former inmate was hired: Richard Goettlich, who would brag to his new colleagues that in 1998 he’d pleaded guilty to the biggest Ponzi scheme in New Jersey history. He’d been sentenced to ten years in prison. He got out in 2008 and became Charlie’s leasing consultant in 2011.”

People who worship criminality.

John and Jared Hess.

Jared sluiced into all this. He was & remains his father’s favorite, just as Ghislaine was to Robert. It’s in this cesspit of blackmail, voyeurism, curb crawling, secretive weirdo gay-cult closet homosexuality, prostitution, bribery, fraud, corruption, falsehood, rigging, greed, grafting, avarice, forgery & god knows what else, – cornucopia of criminality that he took his first steps as dad’s own prodigy.

It started poorly. Jared’s academic abilities were not proficient enough to secure him admittance to an Ivy League education. So his father bribed the way. Daddy pledged $2.5 million to Harvard & got Senator Frank Lautenberg to call Senator Ted Kennedy who then called Harvard’s dean of admissions.

When Jared was accepted into Harvard, his high school teachers were aghast, alternating, according to one student between disbelief and disgust.” It was unheard of for anyone in the third track at Frisch Academy to be admitted into any Ivy League school, let alone Harvard.” One school official quoted – “His GPA did not warrant it, his SAT scores did not warrant it.”

God bless America.

They were a very difficult group of people. They understood the power of money, they used it a weapon for a very long time.” -Theodore Moskowitz/lawyer

This book expertly deals with Ivanka. There is only so much my stomach can bare, but Vicky Ward spares nothing. Iwanka had to hurdle some serious hoops as the Kushner’s are such racists, & a goy girl was out of the question for the little prince (clandestine male prostitutes was presumably kosher though). What seems to have finally won Charlie’s approval over her suitability was that she was wealthy enough to offset her objectionable ethnicity. Money trumps all.

Just as Chump gravitated towards the despicable Roy Cohn & accepted him as his mentor & guru, Jared has acquired the breast-milk of some of the worst the world has to offer. He courts close & ongoing relationships/guidance from Benjamin Netanyahu (who used to sleep in Jared’s bedroom when he would stay over at the Kushner’s), Drupert Turdcock, Wendy Deng & Henry Kissinger. He Is best buddies with Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed Bin Salman (originally, Trump publicly blamed the Saudi’s for the WTO terrorist attack, but was convinced by Jared that Saudi money/business was in his personal interest, leading to his full support of the regime & it’s dictators no matter what). His father in law remains the ultimate of all anus. & his wife is the queen rivulet of gushing garbage, out poisoning all her peers the world over. For a while, before their falling-out, he worked closely with Steve Bannon. You will struggle to find a more fucked-up guy, subjected to the most damaged & perverse venom & snake shit.

What next? Where do I even start with what’s left? every page is just soaked in shit! It’s totally unbelievable. On & on & on. unbelievable! every move, every thought, every outcome –crime/corruption. What is perhaps even more shocking here, is how the hell does this freak get away with it? how bad, how obvious, how profuse, how ridiculous, how damaging does it need to be? You can of course parallel this with Chump himself, & indeed, the two men & their ocean of excreta is inseparable. They have, typically, an exceedingly bizarre relationship, a mutual codependence & a paradoxical bond, a reliance that both protects & jeopardizes the other (they apparently dislike each other but find the codependency essential – Chump needing Jared’s advice & strategy & Kushner needing the opportunities & impunity that his deviant government connection affords). The prevailing conclusion is that if one goes, so definitely does the other. Kushner’s security clearance & White House presence continues to astound – so many laws have been violated, so many legal requirements sidestepped, so many norms dramatically mutated with momentous divarication & major contortions of political procedures. The conflict of interests are astronomic. The nepotism gargantuan. It’s a total capsizing – the boat is on it’s back at the bottom of the ocean. What the hell is America doing? Even from a “red blooded”, confederate flag, Chump loyalist, ‘build the wall’ jingoist idiot perspective, this is exceptionally bad shit for the country! It’s difficult to certify were Jared’s loyalties lie. They may well shift to suit whatever his personal immediacy is (self-enrichment or some strange personal power transgression), but it seems that the family enterprise & Israel (by which I mean the corrupt hardcore Zionist expansionist outlaw interventionist variety) are his core concerns beyond himself. The international blackmail he pulled to get 666 Fifth (the beyond parody address of Kushner Companies Manhattan headquarters that were in acute financial crisis) bailed out by the Gulf cronies to avert the family’s personal disaster due to their own reckless miscalculations. This all ruptured just about every rule & regulation & amounts to one of the gravest abuse of office for personal gain. Yet there he is.

What was highly unusual, however, was the battle between the transition team and the sitting government. It was as if Kushner viewed Netanyahu as his boss and Obama as his enemy.”

This shit is being normalized. The system itself is being corrupted (it’s not like it did not already have severe flaws) & the failure to arraign, or at the very least stop these super criminals means they are embedding, infecting, restructualizing political institutions & conduct & influencing other criminal reprobates by example –AND CONSOLIDATING. We are talking about a new sewer system. This is seriously’ seriously dangerous stuff, on a global scale. It needs the same kind of registry, response & clarification as international terrorism/organized crime. It is the absolute corruption & ‘criminalization’ of politics, to a peak that is exponential & dystopic.

Kushner also thrives on secrecy, concealment & redaction (I have not even covered his manipulations of the media with his purchase of the New York Observer, which Ward documents extensively). His habit of off the record meetings, without official aids present, have not so much lowered the bar but disposed of it altogether. His trips to Saudi Arabia without an accompanying government retinue or translator are totally & completely unprecedented. Remember that quietly (away from the American public), Kushner & Chump are advocating selling nuclear weapons to the Saudi’s & having the Russians construct the reactors. & that’s all probably being discussed off the record, in backrooms beyond any oversight with zero scrutiny by all but those present. From a ‘national security’ perspective alone, that is veritably insane on the most ineffable scale & clearly screaming for prosecution/charges of treason & beyond.

These immeasurably furtive, insalubrious & dirty dealings in secret are catching on elsewhere. Boris Johnson met with Jared during Chump’s disgraceful coprophilic state visit to the UK earlier this year. In 2018, Johnson also attended a private VIP party in a converted Italian castle thrown by another young metrosexual oligarch press baron – ‘billionaire socialite’ Evgeny Lebedev (who also has exceedingly worrying links & business ties with the Saudi’s, who now own much of his newspapers). Johnson also emulated Kushner’s manueuvres by refusing to discuss any details regarding the trip. A drunk, drugged, dribbling & visibly ‘spaffed’ Johnson was observed struggling to make it through airport security on his return flight, with one witness describing the PM’s composure as follows – ‘When he was walking out to the plane, he did this curved walk, ’I really thought he was going to be sick on the tarmac.’ “He was such a mess. He was quite disheveled and his trousers were twisted and creased. He looked like he had slept in his clothes.”

spaffed – dribbling in public & bluffing all the way.
“They talk to you as if they grew up in an ivory tower, which they did – but they have no idea how normal people perceive, understand, intuit.”

Of all the books I have read about the Chump Disintegration; Siege and Fire & Fury, Everything Trump Touches Dies, Proof of Collusion, It’s Even Worse Than You Think, Trump Talking, A Higher Loyalty (a shit book) & Devil’s Bargain – this, Kushner Inc, remains the most important, the most shocking & the most necessary. This is really out of control & it is imperative that people understand & that Kushner is taken out of the game as swiftly as possible. Chump & Kushner need to be considered the same thing & an equipollent threat of conjoined evil. I can’t even believe that I am saying this, but Kushner may be even worse!

Away from these horrendous human beings (if they can still be considered a member of the species), this tremendous book & first class reportage encapsulates & bares-aloft the absolute hilt of modern corruption at its most obscene.

You want to know what I think about ethics watchdogs? … I think they’re a waste of time. they’re guys that can’t get a real job….All they want to do is assure that poor, not successful people go into government…because if your successful, you shouldn’t be penalized by stupid ethics whatchdogs.” – Charles Kushner May 2018

Vicky Ward-St. Martin’s Press-2019-239 pages