The Human Cost/Decimation of Civilization:

“cruel, degrading & inhuman treatment”

man! – i can’t stand public transport. it’s slow, unpleasant, ineffective & overpriced & i cycle or walk everywhere (have never & will never ever own/drive a car no matter what). due to a panoply of circumstantial misfortune & not wanting to rescind on a commitment, i found myself needing to take the tube last friday for the first time in about four months or more. various events through the day landed me in West Hampstead, a place that used to be pretty cool years back but has now fallen to the yuppie infestation. whilst entering the station i notice a woman who appears to be begging outside, seemingly exhibiting crazy behavior (hunkered over, either gibbering or mumbling audibly). there has been a large proliferation of street nutters (mad, semi-vagrant public ranters noisily displaying their psychosis in public places) in London (& no doubt the country over) over the last five years, obviously another ramification from the destruction of services & social-safety-mechanisms under the caustic austerity measures & plummeting living standards of Conservative callousness. but i would much rather deal with them than these tacky, scoured, gentrified husks that are repopulating this city to it’s absolute detriment. At least they are real. whilst waiting to top-up the rail card, i decide i want to check this woman is ok & maybe drop her some dosh. i take a shot of her (pictured) then assess…. she has her head in her left hand & is weeping uncontrollably. in her right hand, she holds a plastic Tupperware box that is flecked with change (only silver & coppers from my glance). she is not looking-up or making any eye-contact, just crying & crying to herself. i start to speak to her “hey lady! what’s-up? are you all right?”. she raises her head slightly, but won’t look me in the eye (she looks to be in her mid sixties, perhaps older even) – “it’s so terrible. i am so embarrassed” “they kicked me out. i have nowhere to sleep. i have cancer.” she pulls back her hat to show that she has no hair. she is clearly lucid & sober, just utterly distraught about this atrocious ordeal that’s being so cruelly inflicted. it’s shocking & deplorable. i start to revile “those bastards” & find myself saying “i’m sorry for their cruelty”. “it’s disgusting what they are doing” she says.

What in the fuck man??????????

i give her some of the warmest sentences i can muster, give her all my change & a twenty pound note from my wallet then take-off. that’s just over a third of the money i made that day, cash-in-claw for half a day’s slog, but there’s no choice in the matter.

it’s friday night. the grotesque disparity between the molled-up be-heeled girls & coifed revelers makes me seethe. the wealth of West Hampstead pitched against the human cost of Tory tyranny & growth depravity churns the gut & inflames the rage.

on a strictly personal level (therefore the least important), i resent this degeneration because this shit is expensive for me! i am not prepared to walk past a clearly vulnerable or distressed person (some are clearly more wiley & capable than others), so i get hit in the pocket. i guess it’s a humanity tax. some decent words & a reasonable donation – more should it be necessary. it’s also personally depressing to see, to know that good people are being fucked over in a rich first world country that dares to present itself as humane, progressive, respectable, decent & civilized. Total’ total travesty.

“compassionate conservatism”

however, i am the least relevant in this equation. the greatest grievance of this dilating catastrophe is the trickle-down corruption, demoralization & social-sullying that this causes to everybody that experiences it, i.e. – thousands (& ultimately millions) of people. no real civilization or truly civilized civilian would ever tolerate the “walk-on-by” staple that millions are forced into adopting – perhaps, & in many cases on a daily fucking basis. it is absolutely & completely against the core values of the human-being to walk by/ignore someone clearly in a predicament/hour of need/distress. it is utterly unnatural & it is absolutely pernicious against the human spirit, a process of desensitization & dehumanization. a very natural & sacred urge to intervene & to help must be suppressed, spurned & ignored at great peril to the individual & – society as a whole. The growing ubiquity of the homeless crisis means that these are regular experiences that erode the ethics by constant exposure. the truth is, in this system, it is absolutely the government that needs to act/is responsible, but in the aberrational case that this should abate or deform (which should never be tolerated) – & that’s exactly where we find ourselves under the current Cancervative miasma – it’s down to you & me/every one of us to rectify for the states cardinal (& deeply criminal) abdication. by reneging so disgustingly in it’s governing/ruling obligations, on the rawest of fundamentals, the Negatories create, nurture & promote these sources of social corruption. the afflicted tumble smashed onto our streets after being mauled by a spiteful system & affect millions in a moral war of attrition & ethical annihilation. the populace will warp, as their personal humanities are gored, battered & brayed – filed down, desensitized & dehumanized. the insouciance, the silence, the denial, the failure to act – operate as a forced complicitness (or very close), personal taint & horrendous act of moral mutilation. this is what make the Cancervatives so’ so’ so’ so’ deeply malignant & toxic beyond words. they are mutating the moral compass (the “Cultural Shift” as they call it), if not destroying it completely. this is why it’s much more sinister & sick than just a down-&-out, because a lot of these people have been very’ very deliberately knocked down by the cuts/austerity/insanely punitive sanctions & the massively exacerbated zero hours/rent/housing crisis/strangled councils & decimated living standards, subsistence-scarcity & existence-hostility that are almost too numerous to state. with more people in the shit, less facilities to help with those in the shit & many others struggling to keep themselves out of the shit – we are hitting a nightmare scenario driven by the Tories perversion. It is a perversion! & it’s perverting & poisoning our civilization very literally. i do not believe this is just an unintentional by product of their horrid maliciousness & psychotic indifference to acute human suffering/harm to the individual, but a deliberate objective & a desirable scenario that they have strived for with total tenacity. motherfuck ALL Tories! & death to the Tory party! completely & forever.

pictured above, Theresa May poses for a friendly Sunday Times interview whilst reclining on her sofa in an opulent setting, wearing £995 designer leather trousers & £295 Burberry trainers (as indoor slippers presumably?), grinning with delight – meanwhile, a man in his mid-twenties has been found frozen to death beside bins in a grimy loading-bay in Birmingham ,sleeping rough on one of the coldest nights of winter 2016, all as a result of her parties twisted, vile & sick polices as homelessness/rough sleeping/food poverty is exploding ever upwards across the country. This is plutocracy.

crimes against humanity, willful neglect/gross negligence, failure to prevent, reckless endangerment, cruel degrading & inhuman treatment, malicious intent, gross misconduct/abuse of office, fraud & dereliction of duty.

here are some links to just a few very important & informative recent articles from the Guardian Newspaper covering this worsening, despicable disaster –