Get Me Roger Stone (documentary film):

Roger Stone.

Participating in this documentary was both hazardous & an opportunity. I think Stone misjudged.

Roger Stone is one of the most insidious corruptocrats, power-brokers, political fixers, scum-lobbyist & self-celebrating ‘dirty tricksters’ in American history.

A Nixon fetishist (he ran parts of Nixon’s campaign, worked extensively with the ‘crook’ & even bares a tattoo of the man’s face on his back), a spin-doctor & saboteur specialist, dark sector maverick & an ardent acolyte of the most abject & astute assholism. Squalid, dishonorable & dishonest to extremes, he also invented & orchestrated some of the worst mutations in American electoral, lobbying, & campaign funding related malpractice from the late 70’s onwards that continue to stream effluence & disease into the super swamp we have swirling today. His festering’s are not just considered profoundly obnoxious, disreputable, filthy & despicable, but are seen frequently as borderline-legal or discernable as culpably corrupt practice & tantamount to conspiracy or fraud. As a vehement & committed knave of the starkest feculence & lowest reputational ranking, it’s blatantly apparent that Stone regularly operates in territory that is outright criminal, cynically manipulating an extensive repertoire of shadow, sleaze, rigging, power allegiances, falsification, distortion & warped chicanery to eschew prosecution, confinement & confinement.

“dirty trickster”
the celebration of deceit.

Roger seems to have finally run-out of sewer, as he is now on trial for multiple indictments including lying to congress, obstruction & witness tampering (the court even administered a gagging order on him after he posted a tweet mid-trial threatening the judge).

venality as virtue.

Stone co-founded the largest & least ethical open-market lobby firm in Washington during the 80’s called Black Manafort and Stone (Paul Manafort is of course another Trump excrementalist that has recently been flushed on a series of corruption, fraud & conspiracy charges that resulted in an astoundingly lenient sentence of just 7 and a half years). In the documentary, Stone expresses great pride in his massively lucrative wallowing & the company’s colossal success of cash for capture. BMS did not just represent the corporate sphere, it was an open anus, & they tenaciously embraced & solicited some of the most egregious foreign governments & wholly dictatorial regimes & individuals of the day, such as the Philippines (Marcos), Zaire, Somalia, Peru, Kenya & Angola. Stone is keen to effuse his total absence of apology. Culminating in the trope “ya’ know! – one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist!” anything & anyone goes.

blood money.
collegue Paul Manafort. convicted of conspiracy against the U.S., conspiracy to launder money, unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading statements related to the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act, false statements, and seven counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts.

Astoundingly, it actually gets worse. Stone was already a shit-ball of remarkable despicability in his own right, but he could also be considered an ‘accident’ or malformation of someone even worse, someone that literally is competing for the nastiest fuck of the last century in American political life. I am of course talking about the distinctly nefarious subhuman that is Roy M Cohn, the notorious disgraced NY attorney & exponentially tenebrous & shadowy power-broker extraordinaire. For those that already know about this infinitely critical character, arch-malign influence on the body politic & large tranches of America’s establishment, public & concealed power hierarchy, – this connection (& it was a very’ very significant one) will douse Roger Stone in the appropriate miasma. Cohn’s vileness is plastered all over his surface, but with just a little of the gentlest digging into his many machinations, the pus & shit just stream-out. His origins were in the infamous McCarthy ‘witch hunts’. He publicly expressed great prejudice, persecution & denigration against homosexuality, yet he was an ravenous procurer of male prostitutes, young men & underage boys (with yet even nastier allegations in high supply). His law firm Saxe, Bacon & Bolan represented all 5 NY crime families (Gotti, Galante, Salerno to name a few) along with stellar clients Rupert Murdoch & Donald Trump (its coming). Cohn was finally disbarred from law for ‘unethical’ conduct in 1986 & died of AIDS the same year, exigently denying the presence of the disease & his homosexuality (which he still practiced after being diagnosed with the illness) right until the end. Cohn is one of the darkest, foulest most transgressive shits ever! Ever! Ever! There’s even worse indications & information on this reprobate, all that seem very credible & in tandem with the kind of putrefaction he reveled in & made his life. Roger met Roy at a dinner party in 1979 & hit-it-off. It was Roy that introduced Roger to Trump shortly after. Trump is alleged to have fervently perused Cohn in his youth despite strenuous admonishments from cohorts, with Cohn going on to become his mentor & personal attorney. Roger Stone also took Roy as his mentor. You have to understand Roy Cohn to grasp the gravity of turpitude, sickness, delusion & falsification that you are dealing with in both Roger Stone & Donald Trump.

start as you mean to go on.

A 2008 article published in the New Yorker quotes Stone as having said – ” Roy was not gay. He was a man who liked having sex with men. Gays were weak, effeminate. He always seemed to have these young blond boys around. It just wasn’t discussed. He was interested in power and access.”. Roger Stone would have been a ‘young blond boy’ around Cohn. Donald Trump would have been exactly the same.

utterly repellent in the most graphic of extremes – Roy Cohn.

A new documentary on Cohn by Matt Tyrnauer titled “Where’s My Roy Cohn?” screened at this year’s Sundance film festival & is due release shortly (that’s going to be extraordinary). A repository of files from Nicholas Von Hoffman’s remarkable 1988 biography on Roy, “Citizen Cohn”, that were placed under a 25 year seal, should now be available? A 4,000 plus page FBI report on the man has, I believe, never made it into the public domain & presumably remains classified?

common ground

Back to Roger Stone – the Roy Cohn continuum. Stone is an ‘eccentric’. A provocateur that delights in his own infamy. Any attention is good attention it seems. That hand may well have been fatally overplayed (as piss-poor as American justice is, it looks like he is about to finally go down for the rivers of crime he has swam over decades).

peas in a pod – Turdcoch and Stone.
doing dirt

Also briefly covered is Roger Stone’s political decapitation of NY governor Eliot Spitzer (the “Sheriff of Wallstreet”) in a trap & scandal, Cohn/Murdoch styled ‘human compromise’ neutralization. Spitzer is referred to here as Stone’s ‘nemesis’, invoking stark similarities with Cohn’s very own nemesis & pursuer; Bobby Kennedy (that didn’t end well). I eventually became very admiring of Spitzer. During the scandal that dislodged him, I had no history or understanding of the man (or Roger Stone) & assumed he was just another bent suit from America’s parasite politics. Pictures of him pursing his lips & resigning were considered hilarious, a rare scalp from the hordes of corporate/political wrongdoers. Its only later during research that I discovered the man’s energetic anti-corruption efforts, strive for better financial regulations & curbing of abusive banking as well as his superb oratory skills. I am very’ very rarely impressed or even remotely approving of these schmucks, but Spitzer fell in among the Henry Waxman or Jeremy Rifkin types, & it seems he was clearly an agent of good in an orbit dominated by arseholes & rigged in the abuser’s favor.

whatever it takes – wherever it takes me

Stone knows all about lubricious scandal himself, as he was badly dirtied & downed in 1996, dissolving his chance of acceptability & legitimacy in the annals of the political mainstream (something at the time he clearly did want). Stone was caught feeding men to his wife. It seems he liked watching other guys bang the “hot insatiable babe”, or have other men appease her amorous requirements where he underperformed or didn’t perform at all (a Barbara Walters scenario). The fucking idiot advertised in swingers mags – with photographs! – (“prefers athletes, bodybuilders, jocks and military”) & was inevitably identified & ousted. Of course he totally denied it. picked a sympathetic crony with a trash channel & played the shocked, crying-victim, blaming it on a drug-using disgruntled employee & grasping for the wettest of stereotypes ‘how do I explain this to my granddaughter’ in a desperate grope for sympathy. Of course, he eventually had to accept/admit everything & was then excommunicated from public politics to the shadow sphere, nastier than ever.

the Tard participates a few exclusive interviews to the film, all in his own unique style.

Stone has been shitting into Trumps thinking receptacle under the position of ‘general communications strategist’. Steve Bannon has also (more overtly) contributed considerable defecation to the Trump toilet & is much more eager for any form of platform or agency (he does not possess the power, facility or guile of Stone & is far more reliant on auxiliaries). Stone is Trump is Cohn is Stone.

treacherous – treasonous

This documentary, is an extraordinary insight into the rot, the plague, the poison, the scum, the evil that is so adversely infecting our world. From Netanyahu, to Bolsonaro, to the Kushners, to Jimmy Saville, to Cyril Smith, to Lele Mora, to Alexander “they just niggers” Nix, Nigel Farage, Steve Bannon, Lynton Crosby, Arron Banks, Rees-Mogg & effluvium alike. In all honesty, we actually have to be thankful to Stone for participating in this exceptional spotlight into the darkest, dirtiest recess. & in the bind of some kind of insane oxymoron, we need to be grateful to Roger Stone for his honesty about his dishonesty, & the dishonesty of those in his sick, disgraceful & criminal profession! & although I think the driving impetus was straight hubris, monumental arrogance, & the ploy to convincingly misrepresent much of his history to his own reputational advantage, he has enriched (they would have done the doco anyway without his cooperation & personal testimony) this profound & vital documentary by engaging with it in person & representing himself in his own turds.


Sir Lynton Crosby

If we don’t deal with these fuckers, we are not going to make it! we need an absolute purge & wipe-out of this ‘commercial corruption’ followed by a wave of zero-bullshit, specially tailored regulation & fully-enabled taskforces to ensure it can no longer operate or exist with any safety or concealment within any strata of our society.

right at home – Sir Jimmy Savile

2016, Netflix (Dylan Bank, Daniel Dimauro, Morgan Pehme)