Everything Trump Touches Dies – a Republican strategist gets real about the worst president ever (Rick Wilson):


“The degree to which this president has monetized the presidency for the direct benefit of himself, his soft-jawed offspring, and his far flung empire of bullshit makes the Teapot Dome scandal look like a warm-up act in the Corruption Olympics. Unlike every president in modern history, Trump did not place his assets in a blind trust.”

a riotous, perhaps even swashbuckling, revolt & thorough arse-whupping from “seasoned Republican political strategist and negative admaker” turned journalist & Trump scourge Rick Wilson. So that’s some serious red-on-red hack & slash, but then again, Trump is not red, he is pure degeneracy, decay & bubbling putrescence on a shifting tangent that wildly vacillates with whatever hyper-intemperate short-termist erraticism happens to arouse his handicap (quite possibly his own daughters arse), infecting, corrupting, contaminating & ruining every basic principle down to the crudest, overt, essential & integral necessities & bare-building-blocks of human conduct. As the author concludes time & time again – “everything Trump touches dies”.

“setting aside the clown show of the inner White House team,, Trump’s administration combines all the things you’d expect: venality, incompetence, a stunning lack of policy knowledge, and a slurry of people dragged from Trump’s business world who couldn’t manage a Waffle House.”

Written with tremendous wit, lacerating sarcasm & when required – savage invective, Wilson lays siege to the monumental mega malfeasance & rot-riddled shit-pit of the Chump Disintegration, Fox News & its sick-bag of serial-shit-sprayers & the indelibly craven Republican Party for caving in to the irredeemable super-poison of ‘the Anus Through Which all Excrement Exits’ (Trump) & his diabolical coterie of criminal conspirators, backers, enablers & hell-spawn.

“In all, 34% of all White House staff was gone in the first year, a number unprecedented in any country that isn’t run by pirates, drug lords, or cannibal dictators.”

Away from Chump’s personal pestilent-shit-burbling, compulsory corruption, immeasurable 360-degree indecency & raving reprobation, Wilson annihilates the man’s paranormal atrocities of policy failure, effortlessly deconstructing the Fox-washed effluence for the catastrophic dumbfuckery, deranged destruction & self-serving shit-shower that it is. No punches are pulled & no recreant spared the acidulous assault as he tears through the minions, morons & malefactors paddling in this disastrous hell-hole of treason, simony & stupidity.

“Decades of good deeds and honourable service have been stained. The burn rate of the moral, intellectual, and political capital of the people who joined Team Trump is spectacular by any standard.”

Some of the dirtiest & darkest of Trump’s herculean depravity are only skirted on (the rapes, the child abuse, the incest, the mafia history, the nuclear weapons assistance to Saud, the Epstein excrement, the more squalid interior of his bizarre infatuation & intimacy with monster Roy Cohn & his especially egregious drug-running relations & patronage to convicted cocaine trafficker & onetime personal Trump helicopter pilot Joseph Weichselbaum) as the author is more concentrated on the surface wreckage & its spiraling decomposition.

A sweeping contagion of authoritarian-curious tyrants will no longer need to peer into the depths of history for role models, but can simply look to the current president of the United States.

This is among the best books available on this rabid shit-sputtering turd imbecile dotard douche-wattle criminal scum-streamer & the obliteration he is afflicting on America. There is much else to learn & acquire on scunge politics & the astonishingly degraded state of US politics at it’s absolute & utter nadir. The fact that this veteran Republican “lifelong conservative” is so animated & vehement in his staunch enmity, disgust & vitriol for Grope-a-Dope & his flock of diseased vultures is another explicit warning of this obscene transgression, crisis & criminal arrogation in process. The death penalty for Donald.

The moral failure he displayed over Charlottesville alone should have disqualified Donald Trump from managing a Starbucks, to say nothing of leading a great, diverse nation, particularly one where we have struggled so long and so hard to bend that arc of history toward what we can be as a people, rather than where we started. Sadly, the excuse of “those people” is that they now have a powerful avatar in the White House, and he never stops winking, nodding, and dog-whistling to his base”.

Rick Wilson, 331 pages, 2018, Free Press

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