Enemies Of The People (Sam Jordison):


So states the cover of this palatable little (relatively speaking) new book from Sam Jordison, before hobbling through forty or so fuckers that the world could absolutely do without (or of done without in some cases here as they have thankfully perished). The culprits arrange include Henry Kissenger, Simon Cowell, Tony Blair & George Bush, Piers Morgan, Paul Dacre, Jeff Bezos, Ibn Abd al Wahhab, the Koch Brothers, Pepe the Frog, Ayn Rand, Richard Nixon, Chairman Mao, Mark Zuckerberg, Theresa May & David Cameron, Lynton Crosby, L. Ron Hubbard, Nigel Farrage, Aaron Banks & obviously Donald Chump (his accomplices Bannon & Tillerson are also each given an entry) to mention a good few.

Easy to ingest, informal & splashed with a flippant humour, the book knocks through each shit by allocating them individual chapters in a stint of compact profiles (each ordained with a personal image/icon). Despite it’s accessibility, pseudo-sardonic tone & air of partial irreverence, Jordison lays on some whoppers & disinters substantially incriminating/god-awful truths about this horrible array of poisonous pricks & their interlinking detrimental legacy & it’s ongoing effect. The design, is clearly to hook those with low attention capacity, eased-in further with the wit & relaxed demeanor. But there’s definitely still great reference, quotes, research & facts amassed for the more veteran/earnest audience.

Unfortunately, Jeremy Corbin winds up tossed in to the septic tank (this being the only entry that I disagree with) with the rest of these scoundrels. The gripes seem to be that he is “the best thing that has ever happened to the Tory party”, lacked conviction over Brexit/remaining a member of the European Union & demonstrates poor opposition to the Cancervatives crusade of cannibalistic iniquitous degenerative destitutive-oblivion. Although some reasonable objections are raised here, I feel that overall this chapter is grossly unfair & out of place (it’s worth saying that although I admire the dude & am very grateful for his presence politically, I would not define myself as a Labour supporter).

Aside from the lone abrogation, this is a fine book & an interesting format/presentation for large, complex & pendulous topics – converted into a stripped down, bare-essential nucleus that’s glazed with ample humour & plentiful piss-taking.

Author-Sam Jordison (203 pages)