DJ Floorclearer – Roger’s Massive Armpits ep, Goat Slaughterer ep, Malicious CD:

Goat Slaughterer ep.

A highlight of the Breakcore plateau, relatively brief but justly resounding, unpretentious – just deliver the fucking goods – mauling modesty & joyous industrial-strength but still keenly musical Breakcore comfort-food from Brighton solo hoodlum.

When in need, the better tracks from this guy’s arsenal split the target in exactly the required quantities with brain matter splashed bangers of pure carb-stodge. A dram of Glitch, but generally more steady with large ladled waddings of Speedcore, Gabba, IDM & Dubstep spatterings along with the odd Death Metal sample. The premise is good, but Floorclearer also deliver on it.

Roger´s Massive Armpits ep.

The best material can circulate on repeat, like the best of proverbial bread-&-butter Breakcore… & as sapient as the delicacies of fucked-up Glitch & the more warped end of IDM can mesmerize, these simpler & straight-forward brawling breaks & ostentation- free demolition deployment are refreshingly direct & immediate. Direct line. Quite simply put, belting Breakcore with an ornery attachment garrison of Speedcore spread-shot & agitated adolescence. The two 12”s are robust rump-shredders (certainly the out-&-out Breakcore numbers) sure to spurt mirth from your dex. The full length is, for me, much weaker. The opening track however (Infected 08), is an absolute stormer, a crippling, diamond-trophy-piece that makes it all worth the purchase/effort …field dressing at the ready for a feast of fractured tooth-spitting trounce.

Malicious lp.

Both vinyls Death $ucker Records 2006, 2007, Noizetek Recordings-2008