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last summer, comedian, actor & Essex geezer Danny Dyer shot his virals when he rebuked David Cameron for his Brexit fiasco-cataclysm-disaster on a televised talk-show. With supremely justified ire, Dyer exclaimed his anger & disbelief at how the ‘twat’ had ‘scuttled off’ despite calling for the referendum that resulted in the momentous freak-accident. “Where is the geezer?” Dyer opined.

Well, after inflicting such a grievous shit shambles on the country, Cameron vanished, quickly exiting the building he set-ablaze & leaving its inhabitants to burn among themselves. Where is he? He has been speaking (presumably paid) at the American Fuel and Petrochemicals Manufacturers annual conference in San Antonio, USA, expressing his ‘frustration’ about Britain & Europe’s resistance to hydraulic fracturing. “I passionately believe that there is big potential for fracking and unconventional gas in Britain, which has some shale reserves that could make a real difference,“ -”We are going to fall behind if we don’t extract the gas that we have that can make us more competitive, more energy-independent, less reliant on Russian gas,”.

Fracking is extremely controversial & disputed with the communities that are having this insanely toxic & categorically unnecessary malpractice imposed upon them. Whats-more, its also very unpopular & untrusted (& rightly so) with the public at large, even though the majority are not at all aware of the full extent of this atrociously hazardous, disruptive & poisonous industry. So unpopular & contested in-fact, that local councils refused to endorse the extraction within their communities. Incredibly, in one of the most brazen, tyrannical & grossly undemocratic examples of totalitarian disregard & violation of the welfare & wishes of countries inhabitants, local communities & the rule of law, a new back-door/fast-track or loop-hole legislation was specifically drafted & introduced by the Tories & used to override local sovereignty & impose the will of the fracking conglomerates. This is similar to the “constitutional innovation” that was introduced in Australia to overrule environmental protection measures that would have otherwise resulted in prosecution for the criminal actions that fracking firms intended (& have subsequently executed en-mass) to foist onto local communities.

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So as Britain implodes via layered transgressive Tory heapings of homelessness, spiralling drug addiction, massively expanding violence, crime & lawlessness, a housing crisis, a prisons crisis, an NHS crisis, a policing crisis, an ongoing “national emergency” pollution crisis, an education crisis, a justice/courts crisis, a transport crisis, a mental health crisis, collapsing councils & institutional insolvency, in work poverty, spiralling inequality, malnutrition & food poverty, growing destitution & drastically increasing child poverty, plummeting living standards, instability, economic vulnerability & underperformance, a racism renaissance, polarization, discord & division and general societal-breakdown, degeneration & disintegration (& this is all before Brexit), remember! – that Cameron is hard at work, jet-setting across the Atlantic to pimp our ragged, wrecked, wasted carcass of a nation to an even less scrupulous gaggle of vulture carrion feeders. “take back control”

The Tories have a habit for these often back-channel/off record/undeclared meetings with corporate behemoths, where the prospective client/slaver bargains for access, never actually consulting those they are “livestocking”. Cameron was exposed committing such furtive murk in the Thai slavery fishing scandal of 2013. Cameron had hosted a billionaire Thai seafood tycoon & his corporate delegation at downing street which was directly connected to the Thai ‘ghost ship’ slavery scandal. Alarmingly, he never entered the convene in the official list of meetings (it was discovered on the website of the company by a Guardian journalist). Hundreds of people were tricked into working for years at sea for no pay under extremely brutal conditions & subject to regular & extreme violence with many being literally murdered at sea. Cameron’s spokesman said that it effectively was not up to the government to prevent or even regulate these crimes/industry, neither for the supermarkets even…it was up to the consumer to choose whether murder, mass forced labor, vicious violence & intimidation & absolute slavery was acceptable in the production of their cheap prawns. Just as with Brexit, he creates, facilitates or aids crime, corruption or pernicious & imperilling conduct, then dumps it on the proletariat.

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The Conservatives energy minister Claire Perry recently continued this slithering, clandestine corruption by holding another secret meeting with the major shale gas vampires on the 21st of May & failed to mark the meeting in the official transparency ledger!!! the content of the furtive grouping was finally extracted after a successful FOI request. It beggars belief but this includes plans to “’make a virtue’ of the industries regulation to ‘export abroad’”. Expansion & export!?!? lets go one better for ambitious, competitive, efficient, innovation & just fire Trident at the UK.

whilst your kids are being stabbed & shot, destroyed, demoralized & forlorn & police forces are at ‘breaking point’, convictions for crimes such as rape & serious violence are in drastic decline (whilst the percentage of such crimes continues to grow) & police are even threatening to sue the government for the cuts that they are being forced to make – the police have become permanent private security guards for the fracking industry determined to rape their unwanted destruction on the rural communities that have already resoundingly rejected them through the normal legal channels.

Think about that carefully, because that shows you exactly what kind of monster you are dealing with when facing the Tory plague, & exactly where their true intentions, priorities, ideology & loyalties lay. Follow the results & the actions only.

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Back to ol’ Danny boy. His popularity for bitch-smacking Cameron across his turgid-Etonian-bloat has soared. He garnered enough signatures in a 2018 petition calling for him to be bestowed a peerage for it to be officially submitted for consideration. It was rejected, as Cameron has already stuffed so many gimps & nonces in The Louse Of Whores in his last disgraceful moments that the sewer is overflowing. Dyer got a slot on Have I Got News For You & some other bollocks program. I assume this is to subtly deter him from escalating his toff-bashing. Career perks for moderation minimization & restraint. We can only hope not. All of us need to do everything, always & all the time to exterminate these freaks.

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