Brokin English Klik – S/T CD


One shot – one kill! 1993, an MC duo of Phase & Mack 10, 12 tracks strutting the full spectrum of Hardcore, Gangsta, Hip-Hop & ultra-offensive flagrant type shit to perturb, repel or entertain? depending on your angle & strength of gut-lining. Some gorgeous hard beats, with a snare so sharp it could skewer on some tunes. It’s another dose of echopraxia…they came, asserted/fucked it up something sensational & then…disappeared off the face of the earth!? Surprising or predictable? No knowledge on the inside story here as to what blew-out the support. Seriously though, this is a fantastic album. A few of the tracks are more typical/standard Hardcore Hip-Hop expeditions (never terrible though) but total teeth-grinders like 9 Reasons, They Shoulda Killed Me, Youth Gone Mad & 10 Years & Counting drive a stake through the vitals. The concepts pan between harsh realities with very accurate authenticity to massively obnoxious (albeit with gigantic style) nonsense on They Shoudla Killed Me, a hilarious & starkly unpleasant Psycho Rap/Homicidecore themed challenge to the less lurid inclined listener. I could prattle praises a few more paragraphs on this truly excellent LP, but it’s a hidden classic from 93! aka- the fuliginous era! so if you are giddy for garbage-strewn, this will shock the lint out your valves….the dopeness is humungous as the excerpt MP3 will clearly confirm! If you need more than that? you aint’ worth saving!

Rekd: 1993

Label: Wild Pitch Records