Bollock Swine-Faster Than All The Rest! (neko-neko-noyzcore nonsense nostrum):


Bodies shorn of noggins! Cheap torn stockings & blotting-frottings (presumably bumper-croppings). Shuck the fuck-up/out/over! Gush-Gyna Hard-Vacuum Stentorian sensationist severecrats dump the gargoyle-gazillion gorgon-Gunk with the hardest damage-dispensation, longest blast-radius, ultra Blur twattle, grievous User-Hostile Grindnoise for the ultimate absurdist concentric concentrated adrenaline spraying love-lunatics Screamcore supremacy Neko-Neko-Noyzcore shred-blur, warp, garbage.

fastest most welteringly histrionic turmoil-tantrum since 2004 now reimburse with a refusal to run for reputational extravasation (nothing but the most shredding, levigational multi-story demolition work spreading its nova-nimbus faster than you can say ‘look at th arse on dem!) …어이! 이봐! Originating out of the temple-top on the road-free heavily-wooded mountain slopes in 2004 & dropping rare but historically eminent amor-strategic releases without warning, systematic cooperation or procedural orthodoxy, Bollock Swine defied everything with the most implausible of freakoid superfluity pyroclastic nonsense-nimiety bedlam-blat. Pressed some favorites from the flock into a new one hour & seven-minute mega-maelstrom-mutant-megrim-mix, aka – “Faster Than All The Rest”. Pulled-in assiduously-extracted Stridor & Sour-Milk savagery from Harsh goliaths Hinyouki, Sewage & 886VG (one of the previous Government Alpha collabs made it into the final set-piece as well) for specially designed assignations & intervals, decked, laden & adorned with pandemonium samples from the esoteric-ossuary & fucking festooned with kawai ‘bit’ sonics & arcane bludgeon. Rollick Bollick. Includes outré-exasperations from the peak releases – Flavescent Dittograph, Sheng Jing Tsu Tong (神经刺痛), Empress Orchid’s Joobachi Quantum Drive Indictment Committee, Wanton Shanghai Odalisque, Afrocentric Ungulate, Gongju in Gravyard, Totem Shoal, Enchanted Fruity Melon Esculents, the Himitsu King/Final Exit/Crovac split & the “Leg Getter” Erst-while Antrum compilation. Frail fucks will be instantly evaporated on intimacy, but candid cataclysm cultists will have their bones-jumped better than the greatest of gynoecium gargantum gourmandism. Oh! & the motherfucker is free! Help yourselves – feast! love hard! expound exuberance! promiscuate! lose y’ rag! & bury that Kushner shit-gurgler wit’ th quickness!!!

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