Blood Red Lines-how nativism fuels the right (Brendan O’Connor):

This, at least, remains clear: immigration today is useful o capitalism not only as a source of cheap labor but as a source of division within the working class – a ”problem” best left unresolved.

whoa! Somebodies serious. That’ll be Brendan O’Connor, who’s ardent infiltration & sharp scrutiny of the juddering-excremental-jabberwocky of the US nativism/alt-right/white supremacist & “border fascism” bowl-movement features as the core study of this excellent & disturbing debut.

I found myself repeatedly returning to the question of the relationship between the policy makers (elected and unelected), wealthy-donors, intellectuals of the ruling class and reactionaries making their presence known both in tweets and in the street. This was, I came to believe, another way of articulating the question of the relationship between capitalism and white supremacy.

Robert & Rebekah Mercer – “The support of wealthy and important people is vital to the success of such an effort.”

familiar tricks. The separation of oppressed & exploited communities & the fomentation of resentment & conflict between them. Classic. The shat-on attack the even more shat-on, & the fooling asses profit & prosper off the weakened, misdirected, disempowered & feuding fodder whilst expanding their exploitational machinery & structures.

the infernal Charles Koch

Thanks to more than a century of US imperialism, migrant flows between the Northern Triangle and the United States have long existed. Decades of acute political and economic instability, inaugurated by the Reagan Administration’s intervention in the region’s civil wars of the 1980s – as well as accelerating climate crises – led to hundreds of thousands of Central Americans picking up and heading north.”

“These people must be cultivated and stimulated to support and defend your legislation –
in order to shelter themselves from taxes, they were required to invent a public philanthropy role.

from John Tanton, to Peter Thiel, to the pox-pus Mercers, to the raw filth of the Koch hex & the virulent egesta of the Murdoch menace, wealth-riddled abominations excrete their dark money into the most inhuman, perverse, destructive, poisonous, ruinous, destabilizing & unsound efforts, policies, individuals, movements & retarding media & misinformation operations to stoke discord & contention. New enterprises erupt from the ensuing turmoil. Crisis is currency. Misery is money. Desperation & destitution deliver dollars. & racism, & its cultivation & proliferation, is a prime directive, a political utility. Jim Freeman’s shocking Rich Thanks to Racism-How the Ultra-Wealthy Profit From Racial Injustice traces the same grotesque, divisive turpitude, but both researchers disclose excellent parallel research. This is just the most terrible, terrible, terrible stuff.

The Trump administration is well aware of the organized participation of Proud Boys rallies merging into Trump events. They don’t care. Staff are to treat it like a coalition they can’t talk about.

The Case For Passive Eugenics” John Tanton Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

John Tanton – “The Case For Passive Eugenics” John Tanton Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

Tanton’s best political skill was not his analysis or rhetoric but his ability to flatter wealthy racists. He was not a great theoretician, leader or organizer but an adroit servant of capitalists’ self-interests,. This is how the capitalist class exert power – not by engaging in capitalist policies but by creating a bulwark against it.”

shit in my brains & sweep-away my rights – intellectual insolvency & abject idiocy at the alter of Murdoch mass-miasma melt-back

Even as the Republican Party maintains a facade of climate skepticism, denialism, or feigned ignorance, the US national security apparatus has acknowledged the scale of the coming changes. The department of Defense stated in its 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review that the consequences of the climate change act as “threat multipliers that will aggravate stressors abroad such as poverty, environmental degradation, political instability, and social tensions.
Untold millions will leave their homes, either for cities within their own countries or corss borders to seek new lives elsewhere.

dawn of moron – zombie coprocalypse

O’Connor addresses the “border fascism” & the extremely unpleasant & growing surveillance, enforcement & confinement industries that are blossoming around this disgusting, dangerous & abundantly inhumane “opportunity”. Today, it is those closest to the fire, the “refugees” fleeing western wars, economic marginalizations & structural interventions & imposed immiseration, & of course – the growing climate catastrophe – that is forcing people off their own land & destroying agricultural subsistence for millions of people across the world.

I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible” – Peter Thiel

It is the condition of deportability that [employers] wish to create or preserve, ,” sociologist William I. Robinson argues “since that condition assures the ability to super-exploit with impunity and to dispose of labour without consequences should it become unruly or unnecessary.

how interesting that the same individuals (Murdoch, Mercer, Koch, Trump) that criminally fund & prescribe the denial of climate catastrophe – even as it afflicts, dramatically, in real time, with increasing ferocity & fallout – are the same shits funding & propounding extremist, hysterical & draconian responses & treatment towards the people desperately retreating from the very atrocities & unnatural disasters that they have driven, nurtured & delivered.

double dividends

You burn someones house down, someones neighbourhood down, someones town down, someones country down, then you complain when they flee the flames.
Is it any coincidence that Rupert Murdoch, who was so obsessively fanatical about invading Iraq, the Falklands, attacking Syria, invading Afghanistan etc etc, is so anti-immigrant? Even though the man is himself a triple-immigrant?

“ Once people have access to these technologies, once people have access to this amount of information, once people can rationalize the level of use of force and violation of people’s human rights, then that becomes the standard and the norm.”

The prime culprits of the mass migrations & the driving features & crisis are those that most vocally react, or indeed, “exploit” the concurrent collateral damage.
The results become political capital & ideological leverage. Fear fodder & justifiable cause for yet more monstrosity.
Today its the refugees, or some marginalized group already burdened with some giant existential disadvantage or prejudice. But tomorrow, once the system is in place, once the selected dehumanization is concluded & the abuse normalized, the extension of targeting, the expansion of the victim groups will be inevitable, & indeed, intentionally transpire. As they always intended.
We are all the Palestinians tomorrow – & only the rich will be free of the fuckeries, tribulations & harmful restrictions that we will now all have to suffer.
In the UK the odious, indescribably treacherous, wicked & deranged, criminal-stooge Home Secretary Priti Patel is importing this extremist foreign garbage & “border fascism” to the UK at the behest of her retainer & puppet master Rupert Murdoch through her utterly obscene, hyper criminal, sickening & repellent Nationality and Borders Bill.

bring out the imp – the wretched, devilish, treasonous, sickening, excecrable Priti Patel

Between 2006 and 2018, ICE, CBP, and Coast Guard issued more than $80.5bn in contracts for border and immigration enforcement services. The Office for Refugee Resettlement, by comparison, issued $14.9 billion to nonprofit agencies to help people resettle. In the coming decades, as more people are displaced by climate catastrophe and economic crisis, the industry dedicated to policing the vulnerable stands to profit enormously. The “Homeland security and emergency management market,” driven by “increasing terrorist threats and biohazard attacks and occurrence of unpredictable natural disasters,” is projected to grow to more than $742 billion by 2023, up $557 billion in 2018.

Brendan O’Connor, Haymarket Books, 2021, 223 pages