Blank Verse – Karelia Ingria CDR EP:

Blank Verse

Highly original & character-rich Noise from the Industrial Experimental fringe. The first two tracks of the EP, encompassing about fifteen minutes of material between them, are some of the most stunning tribulation I have heard from the Noise spectrum in some time. Richly dynamic with a poly-phonic approach that has multiple devices deployed & interchanging, this is diverse & non-binary with progressions, moderations to mood & mode along with shifting instrumentations.

The discs sleeve depicts miscellaneous synths, pedals, gadgets & a guitar which are also joined by vocals from the sole member Kalle Fagerberg, implementing an extensive range of scope & sound. Most of the material is very eerie, with phantom synths & supernatural menace stalking lo-fi labyrinths. I would not call it Death Industrial or Dark Ambient, it’s more sophisticated & awry. Some extreme distortion is present in phases, but it’s generally badly-damaged frequencies, sometimes digitized (but always raw). It’s very well assembled & presented, presumably with contrived preparation. The transitions, changes & escalations/cessations are expertly emplaced leading to a real “song” or well structured & satisfactory sense of completion within most of the tracks. Monotony is never a factor as all tracks wander & mutate. The last three shorter tracks are less powerful but still engrossing. Lay-out & concept are also intriguing, based on some opaque & arcane myth or practice with heavy symbolism & little (if any) explanation. Very’ very impressive stuff.

It was released by Visceral Circuitry, an excellent label that seems to penetrate the remotest manors of the aberrant/progressive Noise-related genres & sift out really challenging, sedulous & non-conformist weirdo’s who are probably too genre-resistant or category-elusive for standard Noise/Grind/IDM/Industrial labels to invest in. Definitely worth attention & study.

Rekd: 2010?

Label: Visceral Circuitry Records