arraigning the Sump – Donald Trump, Joe Weichselbaum, Roy Cohn, under age boys & drug trafficking:

crime files! years of dirt & ordure pressed into shallow-graves by the cemetery load, sprawling through decades of shit, simony, shystership & unquantifiable turbo-corruption & unsurpassed low-life shit-baggery – soon to come seeping to the surface. brace yourselves –

mentor, enabler, encompasser, pederast
Cohn & catamite.

beside Joe Weichselbaum, the Roy Cohn-Donald Trump intimacy/obsession & everything it entails remains the most cardinal, the most incriminating & most damning of this hideous abominations inculpations on record. Even his votives will wince & squirm with the dawning & exposure of these carefully suppressed atrocities. a Jimmy Savile moment is approaching –

Roy Cohn & Donald Trump (yep!) at Studio 54.
Donald Trump & Joe Weichselbaum (cocaine trafficker).