American Fascists-the Christian Right and the war on America (Chris Hedges):

The women, minor celebrities in the world of Christian broadcasting, capture the strange fusion between this new, flamboyant gospel of prosperity in America’s celebrity-driven culture. Not only are the wealthy blessed by the Lord and encouraged to engage in a frenzy of outlandish consumption, but also those who are famous, those who have achieved any celebrity or notoriety, no matter how minor, or those who have power, are seen as having important things to say about faith. Wealth, fame and power are manifestations of God’s work, proof that god has a plan and design for believers. This new class of celebrity, plutocrat Christians fuses with the consumer society, one where the lives and opinions of entertainers, the rich and the powerful are news.”

Anus Choke & Shit Soul do the rounds – plastic surgery as praise … God´s guilded ghonorrhea globs – gluttony as gospel – “Grab Em by the Pu$$y”

hell on earth. this book was published in 2007. after the ravages of the Trump Disintegration & the assent of the Satanist – sorry, i mean Evangelicals – into the reign of rot, reading American Fascist now is like watching an accurate weather forecast from the day before. it is shockingly prescient, foretelling & underscoring this insane threat & massively malformed malevolence that is the Christain Right & Evangelicals specifically.

The movement is marked not only by its obsession with conspiracy theories, magic, sexual repression, paranoia and death, but also its infatuation with apocalyptic violence and military force.”

gimps group grope Grab Em´ for god´s greed ….. the sheer, exploding lunacy of it all.
brain damage. Trump´s long time personal pastor – Paula White Cain.

Televangelists & disposable messiahs run like a bastard strand of a warped suicide cult gone wrong with a business degree under the full infection of American trash culture. Dispensationalists, Dominionists & other deranged quasi-religious extremist backwash are like some kind of lab-grown disease, they seem designed almost akin to some form of “special bioweapon”, mythical folklore super-demon besetting mankind, or an extraterrestrial opponent from another solar system intent on annihilating all earth´s life under the ruse of a counterfeit gospel via over-done pop culture. even the worst of today’s extremist ideologies – neo liberalism, plutocracy, Wahhabism, Zionism, Communism – will often have one small section (possibly ignored in an act of supreme hypocrisy) of plausible argument or “benefit”, at least in theory. what makes these freaks so much worse & dangerous than any of the rest of them is that they have no redeeming territory or exception anywhere, & also, unimaginably, are happy to abet, collude & even co-opt seemingly all other forms of political extremism, Salafi Islam, Zionism, White Supremacy, hyper greed & free-market/affluence abandon, nazism – in a unique form of immorality-fluidity. authoritarian, theocratic, obtuse commercial scour – all the plastic, pap & plutocracy, but without any of the piety, restraint, discipline, morals, abstinence, asceticism or charity that may mark one small corner of peer extremism. they are the worst of the worst.

the “prosperity gospel” …. Paula White Cain & President Cunt rejoice in rape, ruin & rot for Republican retardation rectumification regression resplendency – praise the horde!

“Our job is to reclaim America for Christ, whatever the cost. As vice agents of God, we are to exercise Godly dominion and influence over our neighborhoods, our schools, our governments, our literature and arts, our sports arenas, our entertainment media, our news media, our scientific endeavors – in short, our every aspect and institution of human society.” – James Kennedy

“doomsday cult” is a much more accurate definition of these pro-commercial nihilists with strong celebrity fervor blind faith hero-worship & extreme subrogation to anointed superiors based on the whims of the movement.

“Backsliding is a sin. Doubt is a sin. Questioning is a sin. The only proper relationship is submission to those above you, the abandoning of critical thought and the mouthing of religious jargon that is morally charged and instantly identifies believers as part of the same hermetic community.”

it is a difficult & distressing dawning – to grasp that such a movement actually exists, functions & is tolerated & treated as legitimate, rather than being destroyed by every living creature, official & otherwise. openly extolling racist colonialism, & lathering over apocalypse, nuclear war, end-of-days human-holocaust violence & utterly insane, nonsensical diarrhea prophecies of “the messiah’s” return (as if – hypothetically – “he” would ever save those disturbed, sick, demented, subhuman maniacs) that are so implausible, so absurd, heaving under so much improbability & artifice, it must have been implanted? no natural – or even unnatural – conditions could produce such (in)human obscenity? it just isn’t feasible. how did this happen? how was such utter, unfathomable madness unleashed?

The Christian writer Kay Arthur, who can barely contain her tears when speaking of the Jews and Israel, assures those in the room that, although she loves America, if she had to choose between America and Israel, ‘I would stand with Israel, stand with Israel as a daughter of the King of Kings, stand according to the word of God’.”

Mike Pompeo “i swear allegiance to the foreign state of Israel to the detriment & expense of America in pursuit of theocratic nuclear apocalypse.” you couldn’t make this shit up kiddd.

you just cannot over-exaggerate how mad this stuff is. remorselessly insane, charging on over the outer limits on run-away retardation. the book frequently blows your brains with the most unthinkable mind-rending mega obscenities. what is abundantly clear, is that this movement preys on the mass of America’s impoverished, unequal, abandoned & vulnerable with a vim, cynicism & glee that is beyond predatory. driven into the monster’s maw by the plague of hazards, inequality & inhospitable ravages of American society and its callous war grounds, they offer – very literally – rich pickings for this perverse, abusive, exploitative inferno. engineered entrapment…. supply & demand. demonic exploitation.

I just love to talk about your money. Let me be very clear – I want your money. I deserve it. The church deserves it.” – Rod Parsley -head of World Harvest Church

group defecation….. with added porn stars & sex-trafficked underage minors – Amen!

robbing the poor, & using god as the gun & getaway vehicle. lots of these shits end up in prison or disgraced. frauds, thefts, rapes, sexual deviance & the desecration & antithesis of the religious edicts, codices & demands they spew to the “flock”, transcending all brackets of hypocrisy to stupefying proportions. total, complete & utter scum. Jerry Falwell Jr was recently uncovered having an adulterous affair with his wife’s assistant, & also watching & present as his wife was having sex with a younger man like some kind of masturbatory voyeur weirdo whilst leading the Moral Majority. his father was disgraced after being caught with a prostitute. men of god – men of garbage. is anybody buyin’???

like father like scum….. absolutely unbelievable.

If you have been healed, or saved or blessed through TBN and have not contributed to [the] station, you are robbing God and will lose your reward in heaven.” – ” God, we proclaim death to anything and anyone that will lift a hand against this network and this ministry that belongs to You, God. It is your work, it is your idea, it is your property, it is your airwaves, it is your word, and we proclaim death to anything that would stand in the way of God’s great voice of proclamation to the whole world. In the name of Jesu, and all the people said, ‘Amen!'” – Paul Crouch -Trinity Broadcasting Network

American Fascist is more relevant today than ever before. with condensed-devil-spawn like Mike Pompeo waddling through Washington trying to start WW3, & subhuman-shit-splash Amy Coney Barrett wafting Satan’s funk in the Supreme Court thanks to Grab Em’ by the Pussy. we need to eliminate, entirely extirpate & outlaw the Evangelical movement, period.

This is not easy reading, but it is emergency reading for all of us. this is possibly the most dangerous criminal conventicle/criminal conspiracy in the world. Chris Hedges has done an outstanding service to all humanity for sounding the alarm so sharply on these abhorrent, vile, disturbed, apocalyptic nut-fucks & their triple-batshit mass-murdering fraudster garble. don’t be ignorant to this supremely insidious machination because every single freedom, quality of life & welfare you possess is in these lunatics cross-hairs.

CORRUPTION! CORRUPTION! CORRUPTION! the bowels of hell burst their banks in biblical blight…. “Grab Em´ by the Pussy”!

Societies that embrace apocalyptic visions and seek through violence to implement them commit collective suicide. When Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, as they do, sanction preemptive nuclear strikes against those they condemn as the enemies of God, they fuel the passions of terrorists driven by the same vision of a world cleansed and purified through apocalyptic violence. They lead us closer and closer to our own annihilation, in the delusion that, once the dogs of war, even nuclear war, are unleashed, god will protect Christians.

Chris Hedges, 2007, Random House