All the President’s Women-Donald Trump and the making of a predator (Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy):

bad’ bad’ bad shit. If somehow by chance it escaped you by now, the incessant sexual abuser, rapist & incestuous grabber of pussies has left a considerable tangle of collateral. There are a lot of them, a lot! some more prominent/vocal than others, & with accounts that vary from low level vulgarity, to shocking, to out-and-out sick sexual criminality in the first degree. Trash’s response remains blanket –

“Nothing ever happened with any of these women. Totally made up nonsense to steal the election. Nobody has more respect for women than me.”

underage and under-protected.

it was the same reaction with Stormy Daniels (who features quite heavily in the book, providing surprisingly quality contributions), total denial, until, uh, oh yeah, its all true & I crammed ‘hush money’ into her hands via my corrupt lawyer & fixer Michael Cohen plus had a goon go & threaten her & her young daughter. These gaggings & payoffs have buried many clandestine abortions (if only the Evangelicals knew, but then again, would they even care?) & salacious secretions by the gilded groper.

back in the day.

Levine & El-Faizy thus decided to compile this very important codex of non-consensual attacks along with Tramp’s torrent of sordid self-inculpating tourettes (all from public records) alongside victims testimony, commentary & analysis from other related parties. It is relentless, devastating & sprawling. Certain patterns, & even pathos, are clearly marked & repeatedly underscored. Without getting too lost in the litany, there is a crux of exceptionally grave & important disclosures & research that this important investigation unveils.

“he clearly has some fascination with his daughter that crosses the line.”

One of the darkest & most incriminating is from the center chapter “You Get What You Pay For”. The dreadful & infamous fixer, criminal & bent lawyer Roy Cohn (who also happened to be a paedophile, gay pornographer, mob-affiliate & human trafficker, to say the very least of it) who was the young Trump’s inseparable mentor & personal lawyer for years (along with the recently convicted & self aggrandized “dirty trickster” Roger Stone) holds a heavy presence throughout this book. This 30 odd page chapter dredges some of the darkest & most squalid revelations yet on both Trump & Cohn, specifically on Trump paying to rape an underage girl in a mafia run brothel in Times Square “The VIP Room” in the 80’s. This is disturbing, dark, seedy & sick, a place described as “ a cesspool of porn, sex and violence” ; live sex shows, prostitution, pornography distribution (including federal investigations into child pornography operations by the boss of the hood that claims Trump was a frequent) & ‘human compromise operations’ or if you will, ‘kompromat’. Trump (known here as “the real estate guy” was apparently covertly filmed coupling hookers on this premises. Roy Cohn is all over this, though not explicitly mentioned in this particular chapter, even though this is manifestly his territory. If you are studying this horrific man & his slowly surfacing legacy of intense murk & remorseless corruption, this chapter is a compulsory addition to your research on this awful human being.

“Trump is not a man of judgement. Roy, on the other hand, offered Trump not only sanction for Trumps criminality but a level of intelligence that trump didn’t possess naturally.”
a man drowning in double digit accusations of rape & sexual assault, caught boasting about committing routine sexual assault & getting away with it because of his affluence (Access Hollywood), whom incessantly & publicly insinuates & alludes incestuous actions & relations towards his own daughter – has repealed the exemption for abortion in instances of rape & incest.

We also get an extremely uncomfortable illumination into Trump’s very’ very dodgy, underage model private parties that were a regularity in the 90’s (he eventually purchased Miss Universe in 96). Elite Model of the Year ‘ceremonies’, John Casablanca, Trump’s pal Jeffrey Epstein & other “old men” dropped into crowds of very young, mostly foreign models with cocaine & alcohol in profuse supply. You can imagine the results – putrid slime-bag shitness, just terrible’ terrible’ terrible stuff. Many of these events were staged at the Plaza Hotel NY, in which Roy Cohn had controlled the ‘blue suite’ before his death from AIDS, where young boys would be trafficked for abuse. Trump later brought the property, as you do. Journalist Whitney Webb’s extraordinary research on the Cohn-Trump-Epstein et-al malediction would report that Trump “used to host parties in suites at the Plaza Hotel when he owned it, where young women and girls were introduced to older, richer men” and “illegal drugs and young women were passed around and used.”

“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” – Donald Trump

below are just a few slivers from various models in the chapter “Girls on Film” which also alleges the rape of an underage girl by both Trump & Epstein (not to be confused with the other rape allegations from separate minors against Trump) – 

i remember this Italian girl, extremely naïve, fifteen or sixteen, who couldn’t speak English. She was easy prey. They were all around her. We were a bunch of kids, just put there with all these older men. I remember the youngest one, I think she was twelve, from Japan. – one of the parties was on Trump’s yacht. – “it was massive, and coming from a modest country, it all seemed very flashy to me.”

they were more desperate than us because they were younger and they were controlled by the agents, who controlled their visas, who controlled their money. They had nothing to go back to.”

from a young age

the last thing that really distinguished its ugliness in this pit of sewage was the withering, constant sexualized fixation Trump has for his daughter Ivanka. It never stops. on & on & on. This guy is sick. Women he is involved with or pursuing sexually are constantly “compared” with his daughter, like she is some kind of coveted, fetishised ideal or homegrown sexual mainstay & as if such comparisons are the highest reward or compliment he can accord to the woman he is accosting. The man is sick! Michael Wolff’s Siege also highlights this intensely unnatural obsession, language & behavior that Trump continues to harbor towards his own child. This is the very man that rescinded incest as an exception in foetal terminations. Beyond bias & beyond coincidence.

“you’d fuck her wouldn’t you? I’d fuck her. C’mon, Wouldn’t you?” – Donald Trump

respect to both journalists for compiling this horrific trove of the man’s rancid & recidivist criminal commitments & sexual felonies.

Trump with Alex Acosta, hired as his labor secretary – the very same Alex Acosta that composed Jeffrey Epstein’s extraordinarily lenient if no derogational “sweet heart” plea bargain for child sex trafficking & child sexual abuse charges in 2008 when he was an attorney in Florida. “He did a fantastic job” – Trump

Barry Levine & Monique El-Faizy, Trapeze, 2019, 320 pages.