Adjust – Your Bad Luck 12”LP

Adjust-your bad luck (Low Res)_ed

Adjust devise a hybrid of what I would define as Electronic beat-propelled Fusion. There are four trax that diverge considerably. Nerve & Escape From Detroit can be allotted loosely into some kind of down tempo IDM Electronica with a visible digital Hip-Hop pigment. The two others Scorch & Behavior Modification temporize entirely, & stand as a unique encounters of Extreme Digital Fusion. I say extreme not from adversity but more extensiveness, with astonishingly unpredictable & polymerous range, features & content. A constantly shape shifting receptacle for digital formation rather than a set substance. In that much the material or rubric/style is practically impossible to replicate, as Adjust have not committed or determined their own form fully. Pretty fukn cool.

& really it just gets cooler. Lets start with the lesser two tracks (all four tracks coruscate hard but two are out-&-out classics), these could perhaps of been coded from the same providence, but Nerve gravitates more towards a sturdy-down-tempo theme in percussion where as EFD seems a bit more of a Dance posture. The phonics on the drums are immense, no doubt over rigorous labour & deliberate diligence. Massive slamming snares & highly physical kicks. The rhythms are pretty languorous but dense intricacies sometimes stark & at other times more subtle auxiliarate & assist in either synth or percussive format. & on the subject of synth, it’s massively impressive in it’s many manifestations throughout the record. The evident influence of Hip-Hop, Techno, Electronica, Dance & sophisticated IDM is clear along with Adjust’s own vehement software manipulation & ingenuity. The latter genres as a suggested agglomeration really would not excite me that much & may even deter, but Adjust work completely heteroclite electromancy on these structures, combine them with their unique chemical imbalance to invent something very’ very special. It is utterly brilliant stuff & it works effortlessly without lapse.

We now arrive at the LP’s highlights. Scorch is probably the best, the tempo has agitated & Speedcore phonetics (you know, that gorgeous big digital thump) have been conscripted for percussive purposes along with awesome erratic high-hat pyrotechnics. Things are going well, before a brief sample about “deafness” plunges you st8 in2 Speedcore, with th regular beat still struggling amongst the fracas. This stuff is mastered/mixed better than any Xtratone/Splittercore I have encountered as of yet, so expect serious internal-organ displacement & vein-tremors. DAMN! Some really killer arcade synth finishes up, interjecting between the scatty-dance & the Speedcore maul & the incessant distorted sample. Utterly’ utterly brilliant. & finally Behavior Modification. , some kind of mad as shit 80’s sci-fi synth come cult vintage Japanese scrolling beat-em-up with snares & kick that are shot with bullets rather than struck with sticks. Unbelievable. All that’s left is 2 figure which track I like more? Which I still can’t assert, much like Adjust not seemingly knowing what style it is? Or perhaps just being completely indifferent & more concerned with kicking out the dope jams!? That phrase again, Extreme Digital Fusion…recalling those classic 70’s Fusion albums which seemed almost conceptual, with different musicians/instrumentation for almost each track & massively contrasting styles & ingredients. Well that’s kind of what you get here, except it’s Digital & disavows any of the really obvious/popular forms (Breakcore, Techno, D&B), though borrows their constructive materials to pronounce new realms. It’s only four tracks but you realize that it could go anywhere quickly, on any contraption, all that’s certain is it’s going 2 be a fucking quality craft.

I got this LP blind ages ago & I still can’t believe how good it is. At the time I thought I was acquainting a new genre, but not much of this shit seems 2 be around, certainly not of this quality. The variety/polyplexity is astonishing. Each track aside perhaps EFD & Nerve which foster some similarities are strikingly individual, never the same snare, never the same synth a distinct & detailed discourse of character that seems pretty much unlimited in exploration. It’s not easy music to review, every time I opt for a description I feel like retracting, it is as if it could be misconstrued or impel ambiguity. If your in2 any breed of digital music, this is undoubtedly one 2 check out, & if your not, this is one also & might be an outing to impugn your dismissal of this kind of genre/territory. An absolute classic.

LABEL: Low Res