Adjust – Omerta CD

Adjust! A veteran colossus of IDM & intense Electro hybridization hurtling out of the Detroit gutter-lining with all cylinders flaring! Those not in the loop better lasso some shit wi’ the quickness! Dance-floor incinerators of charred-Techno-come-Breakcore trespassing on Industrial-Glitch with a heavy flecking of assorted IDM fusions & intersecting digital-dynamism over Electro/Noise mercurial miscreants. This particular release – Omerta – (Adjusts only full-length so far) trawls through the bands lineage as a mix CD, sucking-up sections from the Release The Sharks, Your Bad Luck, split cassette with Theeq, Titan skulduggery & other assorted auspice, catalogued & conjectured as a looming mix (but divided by tracks). I am pretty confident there are some extra’s here, at least a few that I don’t recognize from any of the official releases I have from the group (some of the most worn records in my collection from heavy rotation-recidivism). What’s to say further about this awesome high-energy shit? Sprawling over seventeen trax (with a bonus live mix Mp3 encoded on the disks bladder district)? Top of the game IDM, macking like a maverick…just some of the choicest sinew-slammers, constantly straying the strata of Speedcore-Jungle-Breakcore-Techno-Rave-Dubstep-Glitch-Noise-IDM-House-Bitmap with some kind of Industrial-Hip-Hop overhang pulled out of the rabbit burrow to topple larger predators. Detroit’s unique musical prowess continues to distend into overdrive with this modern day lunge-up the ladder of leadership! Just awesome shit from front-to-back!

Rekd: 1998-now, released in 2016

Label: Void