Sidetracked – Double 12” LP


A giant flippant & facetious wallop in the gob! This is essentially a digital-Shitnoise compilation with what seems to be an intentionally shabby, self-deprecating, deliberately underachieving pageant of self-immolation & shite-wallowing. There are 56 bands over two 12”LPs, most of which are on some ultra obscurist etchment (i suspect many will never publish outside this comp) that are in the kind of irresistible ruinous garbage of Breakcore, Speedcore, Gabber, Glitch, Mash-Up, Noise, Noisecore & other trashy distorted digital imploding & Ignoramus Dance Music. The modus-operandi seems to be poor-quality, extreme brevity, minimal effort & maximum stupidity (most of the times). I don’t observe that in a pejorative manner, that genuinely seems to be the objective/opted aesthetic throughout. I wonder if all participants used the same software/recording program for their submissions? It certainly sounds like it (the worst free-ware available or some such)! it also seems as if they were under instructions to spend no more than 40 minutes (or something) developing their track…to keep it as shit as possible. Imbecile integrity or something? & no longer than 40 seconds or so. Amongst the Bandcamp armada are some food-chain A-listers such as x3 Duran, Adjust, Xanopticon, Bombardier & Dev/Null, but they still sound like they have been plucked out of a dumpster (it’s GOT to be purposeful diminishing?!). I can’t think of much better/more exciting than a giant double LP dedicated to dirty & extreme digital Noisecore, but a lot of this stuff is frankly not that impressionable. It’s all super brief as well, which should in theory provide masses of versatility, but somehow doesn’t, presumably as e’ é fuckers using the same program?! Still, I can’t help but love this nonsense & admire that somebody actually went to all this work…for this!!?!! It’s mad, stupid & ridiculous. The sleeve & labels have very little info & are deliberately confusing. Again, it’s all really quite endearing. Cobblers! Bollocks! Lunacy! But here it is, & some of it (albeit exceedingly fleeting & not much) is actually quite good. True-grit & crud! You could extract/isolate the better tracks, but clearly the vision/intended experience here is listening to them back-to-back as a series of retches – clearing the stomach completely of all contents with each spasm, & the brain too whilst you’re at it. I have a strange notion of respect for this release & the labels effort & vision so that’s how I listen to it, in-amalgum. At the end of the effluence, I think you just have to peel your bulb to whoever aggregated this shit, pressed it on a nice double wedge & dressed it in a decent sleeve. Whoever you are, thanks you fucking nut ^ ^

Rekd: god knows? Released in 2015 I think?

Label: Mode Of Proof