Saturn devouring his young, Tory austerity, the UK as a failed state, rogue state, gangster state, Conservative criminality, outlaw nation, Grenfell Tower, further fiasco in the furnace of all things:

Jack Williment-Barr. Do you remember??? i feel like the British public saw this – & voted for it. knowingly. did they actually do that? i am deeply’ deeply disturbed by this country.

The annihilation of youth. The decimation of country. The throttling of progress & the liquidation of future. Doomed, condemned, forlorn & overwhelmed with ever swelling terminal grievance & chronic turmoil. Deliberate degeneracy. “We must return to Victorian values” – Margaret Thatcher.

I watch, with horror, fascination, disgust & bewilderment, at how a populace would allow such savagery, detriment & insult to continue. – how extreme, how obvious, how endless, how ignoble must it get? The “breaking point”, which should of transpired many years back, still seems, somehow -almost by a labour of the blackest magic – elusive.

The process reminds me of the butchery of a large whale that has been lured into the shallows & is being set upon by a community of hunters. Insanely bloody, slow, vicious, deeply cruel – these committed social terrorists – the Conservatives – carry out their grisly obscenity with aplomb. Slowly, agonizingly, inefficiently, stabbing, hacking, gouging, cutting, slashing at the heaving beast, blood pouring from thousands of wounds, the surf crimson. The most awful, terrible, repulsive – the most “unacceptable”… & yet it goes on? Somehow the “British public” tolerate this murderous onslaught of sick & destructive evil. Why? How? I don’t get it?

“Saturn Devouring His Young” by Goya. According to the traditional interpretation, it depicts the Greek myth of the Titan Cronus, who, fearing that he would be overthrown by one of his children, ate each one upon their birth. to me – this is the Conservative party in full.

Well, there are some small battles & victories of human decency & “social sanity” in an era asphyxiated by profane cruelty & rabid malevolence. It took a young footballer to shame the shit-sucking PM into yet another “embarrassing U-turn” on the Tories well established crusade to impoverish, blight, debilitate & disrupt British children’s lives & living standards to near total defacement.

Boris Johnson has been forced into a humbling U-turn over providing food vouchers for some of the UK’s poorest familiesafter a campaign launched by the footballer Marcus Rushford threatened to engulf his government in another crisis.”

Marcus Rushford.

The Tousled Tosser was also caught out again recently over “generally false” & “misleading claims” (quotes courtesy of the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England) relating to child poverty. slopping-on more bulk to his raging stampede of lies, deception & gob-shitery, Johnson untruthfully & erroneously proclaimed to Parliament that child poverty was falling, when of course it is actually massively increasing due solely to his twisted parties cold, insistent & sustained assault & diminishment in their beloved “war on the poor”.

Researchers for the commissioner, Anne Longfield, concluded that Johnson was wrong to claim that there were 400,000 fewer families living in poverty now than in 2010 and that it was “generally false” to say overall poverty levels were falling.

In contrast, the fact-checking report for her office found that Kier Starmer, the Labour leader, was correct to say during the same exchange with the prime minister’s questions last week that 600,000 more children now lived in relative poverty compared with 2012 and the total number of children in poverty was scheduled to rise sharply.”

official statistics also prognosticate that the total number of children in poverty is projected to bloat to an unimaginable 5.2 million by 2022. vote conservative.

Human Waste & the poisoning of planet.

Never forget, that it was the Cameron government that liquidated the child poverty unit in entirety, exterminated the successful Kids Company -one of the last organizations providing care & assistance to troubled youngsters – ditched the previous governments child poverty elimination targets & modified the terms & definitions of child poverty so it could be inflicted & massively increased without official detection & recognition. & that is all before we even begin the devastation & colossal destitution wrought through the barbarity of the Tories austerity apocalypse.

Scorched earth.

Further child cruelty (they do have a penchant for it don’t they?) – “The home office has drawn up plans to terminate the current system of allowing refugees to be reunited with family in the UK, according to a draft text of the government’s Brexit negotiating document.

It reveals that the UK government will be pushing during the next round of EU exit talks to effectively end the system where unaccompanied minors, often fleeing conflict, are granted sanctuary in the UK.

it has been described as “a blank cheque for people smugglers” & refugee charities have warned that it will “drive vulnerable children into the hands of criminal gangs” & “water down legal protections for refugee children”. “in effect, the process of accepting child refugees will be entirely discretionary”.

Many of these kids will be fleeing illegal, mass murdering military incursions we have inflicted on there countries under false justifications (Iraq, Libya). So we invade, destroy, kill, ruin then take umbrage when the victims try & flee out of necessity & seek sanctuary on our shores.

buy British & bomb babies. “Global Britain” is go!

Speaking of which, the worlds worst humanitarian crisis (according to the UN), the ongoing siege of Yemen led by Saudi Arabia, continues to receive “record” UK arms sales & military technical assistance. Genocide (more than 8,000 civilians since 2015), cholera epidemics, mass suffering, crisis & gigantic destruction of civilian infrastructure aside, the UK government’s extraordinary commitment to this savage criminal conflict was ruled “unlawful” in a “landmark” ruling last year.

The ruling barred the government from approving any new licences to Saudi Arabia and forced it to review existing ones

shockingly, despicably, unbelievably – the Tory government has “wilfully defied” this clear, direct legal demand to continue its facilitation of “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis”.

we are left to assume that – despite being ordered to review these licences by the courts, and having 12 months to do so – your department has simply chosen not to comply.”

the UK has licensed the sale of arms worth over £5.3bn to Saudi Arabia since the Yemen campaign began.”

maximum collusion. zero morality.

Arms trafficking. Genocide. Warcrimes. Crimes of aggression. Crimes against humanity. – Conservative.

More flagrant obliteration of the law by the criminal Tory regime. The Grenfell atrocity. Where 72 people were incinerated in a “death trap” high-rise tower in the historic London borough of Kensington & Chelsea, which has long been Conservative (& was during & prior to the atrocity).

The already controversial & severely delayed public enquiry & the Tory governments diabolical response has absolutely beggared belief (not negligence, not chronic negligence, not contempt, but spite), but it has not gone unnoticed.

The UN has warned Britain that its failure to strip combustible cladding from tens of thousands of high-rise homes may break international law.” – “the global body is demanding answers about the UK government’s delayed programme to fix hundreds of blocks wrapped in flammable panels and with other fire safety problems.”

vote Conservative.

they go on to state that “express serious concern” about “multiple violations of the human right to adequate housing, of which safety is a key component

the Tory death cultists have sunk to such profound criminal sickness that they are being warned about violations of the “International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights”.

Many leaseholders have been living in fear that “Grenfell two is in the post”.

Is this not a “failed state” in action?

ducking the dock & Falling flat-out foul of the law…again & again! CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT.

Just today, it has been reported that bereaved families who lost relatives in the atrocity have been “excluded” from attending the long delayed public inquest because of “social distancing” issues. How incredible is that? After everything?

But when it comes to malignant shit-stain Dominic Cummings & his absurd & illegal jaunt to a fantasy castle outing in the sunshine, no repercussions or consequences of any kind occur.


robbed. removed. redacted. the Chagos Islanders could teach you a few things about “illegal immigrants”.

More criminal contraventions & mockery of the rule of law without redress or abatement. The Chagos islands & the “forced migration” of its indigenous inhabitants so the island could be flogged to the Yanks for more military murdering & attacks on foreign countries. The International Court of Jusitice (ICJ) ruled back in May that “denying the Chagos islanders the right to return to their homes on the Indian Ocean archipelago is a continuing breach of their human rights and not just a historic injustice [an ongoing injustice]”.

Stealing somebodies land, forcing them off of it, selling the land to your mates for more gunboat diplomacy.

We can add the continuing violation on the UK’s filthy air, with the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on the UK’s illegal levels of air pollution across the country, that results in the premature death of over 60,000 UK civilians every year (that is just deaths, not including all the illness, disabilities, hospitalizations & pain). The Conservative government has been taken to court on three separate occasions, losing in each case, for the same diligent defilement of this law, defending itself & the petroleum & motor industry with taxpayers money on each occasion (the law suits have been instigated by Client Earth, an independent group of British lawyers trying in vain to hold this murderous criminal government to account). The first court case against the government was initiated in 2010 (which the government lost). So it is now over a decade – & they have done nothing at all. & that is after David Cameron’s election promise to provide “the greenest government ever”. They just don’t care. They enjoy it. They like killing us.

ten years of grossly illegal pollution of citizens, 60,000 premature deaths a year in the UK, three defeats in the court – zero action. the polluter is the priority – Conservative

The UK’s disastrous Covid outbreak, fantastically exacerbated by the weakening of the NHS, extreme deficiency in preparations, gutting of safety precautions, flabbergastingly shambolic miscalculations in policy & protective measures along with shit-trudge leadership of the lowest quarters – has led to the preventable deaths of over 60,00 UK citizens.

On the 2cnd of this month, the Guardian reports – “Air pollution is likely to be increasing the number and severity of Covid-19 infections, according to UK governments expert advisers.

In June, lawyers for Mums for Longs and the Good Law Project told ministers that the potential risk to life posed by air pollution during the pandemic means ministers must act even if the evidence is not yet conclusive.”

That is a lot of law breaking. & remember, that is “technical” law breaking & illegality, not something that is presumed, alleged, tantamount or approaching the classification of criminality. In each instance (Grenfell, Yemen, Pollution levels), zero argument can be given for insignificant consequences/results/collateral/effect. Hundreds of thousands (if not more) are dying, being maimed, made chronically ill & psychologically damaged as a direct result of this gigantic, inexhaustible criminal abuse, misrule & dereliction of duty. So it is not criminality for a good purpose or good cause in any way, shape or form. It is criminality for horror, death, misery, sickness, suffering, squander & despair.

How low has this country sunk? When so much uber, outright, overbearing criminality in the utmost, by official definitions – issued by official bodies, is just being ignored?

That is a criminal government. A criminal entity. A criminal organization. Blatantly. Openly. Unquestionably. Indisputably.

Beyond the law? Above the law? Failed state? Gangster state? Pariah state?

Bomb who you like. bone-saw who you like. Invade who you like. Radicalize who you like.

Boris Johnson has been specifically singled out (along with Liam Fox, Liz Truss & Jeremy Hunt) for his defense, solicitation & signing off on illegal arms sales to the Saudi led Yemeni bloodbath – “Defending the credibility of a Saudi-led inquiry exonerating Saudi targeting, Johnson said: “They have the best insight into their own procedures and will be able to conduct the most thorough and conclusive investigations. It will also allow the coalition forces to work out what went wrong and apply the lessons learned in the best possible way. This is the standard we set ourselves and our allies.”

murder – maim – money – we understand each other

well & truly suckered – & the public picked up the bill.

he also narrowly avoided a full-scale criminal investigation into abuse of office over the disgraceful actions he took whilst mayor concerning the – “American business woman”? spy? prostitute? – Jennifer Arcuri, who Johnson showered with tax-payer funded grants & accompanying roles (all of which she was technically unqualified for) on his overseas “trade” trips (a traveling escort, on the taxpayer). Further investigations into Johnson’s sordid conduct with Arcuri continue.

He also got away with the “misconduct in public office” attempt at the Supreme Court prior to the election that was instigated by Marcus Ball.

You then have the Russian report – “Boris Johnson was on Monday night accused of presiding over a cover-up after it emerged that No 10 refused to clear the publication of a potentially incendiary report examining Russian infiltration in British politics, including the Conservative party.

It still has not been published. Johnson celebrated his election win gurgling caviar & champagne at a lavish party by his frequent friend, media mogul & billionaire-Russian-socialite (& son of an ‘ex’ KGB spy Alexander Lebedev) Evgeny Lebedev.

Outclassed & outmanoeuvred before the clock had even been started, the fish-lipped fuck-faced cant-spewing imbecile & corrupt ponce of privilege was easy prey for the suave Russian ring master who easily entrapped his push-over pricktator target with a few globs of gone-off caviar. Not so much an ‘open door’ but an ’empty border crossing’. BORIS JOHNSON IS NATIONAL SECURITY SUICIDE!

That’s a heavy load.

Crime. Lawbreaking. Illegality. Crime. Lawbreaking. Illegality. Criminal government. Organized crime. Unending. Ever ascending.

Rock bottom – & burrowing ever downwards.

Moribund at best.