Nabeg – Apoplexy, Flensecore, Fray, Riot-Gear & the Enclave for Aberrational Expostulation:

Nabeg, infra-surface at the “sedition station”. the line-up includes members from Bollock Swine, Drog-Ded, Din Addict, Law Facilitates Crime, Hyper Marx, Ariel Sharon’s Head in an Industrial Press, Chappa’ai & Pseudoku but rejects all Grind/Noisecore formulaics & formalities.

Budapest/Hungary fall 2015, industrial district, hypogeal quarters (“sedition station”), nemesis pariah sage Kikanju Baku & a rogue-cell of Anti-Listener enthusiasts/stentorians are gathered on the cusp of a seismically dramatic, irreversible eruption & parturition that is about to be realized in retaliation to institutionized injustice, mega-malfeasance, hyper-hypocrisy, deliberate degeneracy, rampant nonchalant corporate, fiscal & political criminality/financialization/misrule/usury, automation, technological encroachment & dehumanization, truth-impairment, anthropocentrism & catastrophe-consignment (particularly as perpetrated by the Western World). A radical rebuke/repudiation/retaliatory-reflex to explicitly inveigh “economic growth” & “development” along with Globalization, called-out for the fucking mega disaster/super-nadir that it is.

Nabeg (which is Chechen for a kind of traditional “full scale raid”) is the first official ejection from the “Enclave for Aberrational Expostulation” (EAE), a pan-European, Russian & ex USSR states collective led by Kikanju Baku, fulminating in Flensecore, Apoplexy & radically deviating adaptions of vigorous & severe Noise/Free Smolder permutation & progression. Sonics aside, this organization wished to categorically condemn, reject, oppose & decry the ultra-shit-bag suit-and-tie war-mongers who are happy to foment conflict, war & division between Europe/the West & Russia for their own enrichment, economic advantage or power related perversion. Nabeg was/is really about saying – we would far rather kill you pernicious meddling cunts in power than each other for your gratuitous internecine folly, & is an irenic vehicle of homologation, unison & creative-cohesion between Russia-Ukraine-Europe-Britain under a “people not politics” principle.

fuckin’ lunatic!

The noise/music/energy asserts its own genome, having clawed its way out of maverick strains & draconian derogations of Noisecore, Noisegrind, Free Jazz/Avant-Garde, Off-Road, Breakcore, Jungle & Glitch, & some feuding lawless fiefdom of de-facto Noise, Extreme Improv, harsh distortions, Industrial & Extreme Electronics miscegenation & FX heavy, antiphonic electric bass/guitar rend & rive rictus, not to mention the most strenuous & stentorious quarters of Psychedelia . Extended influence & origin can be attributed to Gunk, Poise Spore, Riot Gear, Fray, Drill n’ Waste, No-Skool-Noyzcore, Abnorm & Farrago, specifically from the Kikanju initiative & his endowment of unique, supra customized, exacerbated & amplified formulas & freshly conceptualized genres & peregrine parallax.

Down With The We$t laying siege to another warehouse party circa 2010.

This new bestiary encompasses an emphatically original breed of “Fray”, a kind of live extemporaneous Breakcore/extreme Drum n’ Bass with harsh, distorted & FX addled guitars or bass, assaulting with rapid, mangled discordant live Drill n’ Waste – an alternative fast & nasty Break Beat that veered well away from the classic samples/styles & spun its own garbled beats/genre & rag-tag milieu. One of Kikanju’s previous groups “Down With the We$t” terrorized almost exclusively squat parties & illegal raves/warehouse parties around London from around 2008-2012 (or somethin’?), shocking revelers with absolutely absurd speeds, frenetics & abnormal, pulverizingly raucous & rancorous sounds & stridency, always with the same line-up of Kikanju & his gypsy assailant on guitar, which included shows orchestrated by the notorious, hardcore unruly Anarchist syndicate Scum Tech (got to luv those mf’s).

Fray, Riot Gear & ferocious improvised Drill n’ Waste distemper from DWTW at an illegal hypaethral gig in Tottenham, 2012.

By contrast, Nabeg’s construct is much less musical, much less coherent & much more dense, truculent, complex/detailed/serpentiform, with practically zero hand-holds, no straight/consecutive rhythms/riffing & no “dance” element beside the extreme Breaks, which are so gravely fractured/corybantic & bellicose that the “dance” semantic is probably completely inapplicable. Furthermore, despite Kikanju being steeped in Gunk, No-Skool-Noyzcore & Noisegrind (as well as a good dose of participating members)), absolutely no Blast Beats, Skull-Stove/D-Beats, Tatsumaki/Blur Beats are performed in Nabeg. The ambition, fully realized, was to eschew this obvious & overused commodity for generating speed & intensity & devise something totally uncharted. Everything had to come from “elsewhere” &/or be endogenerated (as was the case with most of it). Riot Gear, Fray, Scolopendra, gravely mutilated Turbo Tempo Jazz/Swing, extreme Breaks/Drill n Waste & other hysterical hybridizations/bastardizations/inflammations & exacerbations would have to be splurged, spliced & splintered.

Drill n’ Waste London

Whatever the circuitous & tortuous details of the groups conceptual, anatomic & functional miscellany/propulsion are, the result is an absolutely incomparable & empirically unsurpassed murrain of indescribable extremity, Anti-Listener outrage & indignation that routs its own territory & definition – Flensecore &/or Apoplexy.

Nabeg’s very first recording “Economy Equals Extinction” can be downloaded here –

An excerpt mp3 comprising incidents from Nabeg’s All Rights Revoked, Normalizing the Nadir & the forthcoming “Our Vision for Your Future” ep can be downloaded here –

Down With The We$t

The mp3 “Police Flee the Insuppressible Unity of the Publics Collective Anger in a Massive Gesture of Anti-State Backlash” from Down With The We$t’s self-titled Erst-While Antrum release is available here –

A solitary act of divine demolition from The Enclave Of Aberrational Expostulation (on this occasion featuring Kornel Vajsz & Kikanju Baku) can be downloaded here –

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