Industrial Holocaust – The Holocaust Cintinues 7”EP

Industrial Holocaust_ed

Here’s a real nice shred of wax dislodged from th turgescent aperture of Rage For All. This B&W shabby-arsed generically packaged EP encompassing th crudest cut & paste effort that could be attributed/claimed by/to thousands of Grind/Crust archetypes & epigones th world over, with sections of th collage actually blown up so much that they begin to pixelate had me apprehensive of some standardized plebeian tenuous toss turning my tanning sesh into a mud-bath!

Turns out to be twenty five tracks of fabulous Brazilian Grind-Noyzcore, old-skool as excrement, dual-vocal, C & D-beat decked single foot messy blasting, supra left-wing smush with hugely pleasing feculent & raw production that sounds like vintage early 90’s four-track arcane-alchemy. I initially thought th bass & guitar were joined by a drum-machine until I recognized how uneven much of it was, th drums have got a ridiculous & really distinguished phonetic that sounds mechanical or hydraulic. Although taking nothing over th rim of insanity & sluicing in a familiar sewage conduit, this EP is really’ really satisfying & enormously enjoyable Noyzcore & unkempt mud-besmirched old-skool Grynd issued with authentic passion & conviction. It actually conjures for me a better, less rock & thrash orientated Arsedestroyer & also brings to mind early drum-machine GBN despite obvious disparities.

In tandem with th hyper-punk/anti-capitalist credentials asserted, th cover proclaims “NOT FOR SALE, FREE OR TRADE ONLY”! basic, barbaric, Brazilian…& fucking classic!

LABEL: Rage For All

TRAX: 25