Immoral in Balmoral part one – State of Servility: Baal, Liz Truss, Elizabeth Windsor, Moloch, child poverty, Brexit, child abuse, Jack Williment-Barr, Philip Alston:

war of the witches – a black magic battle in Balmoral castle

Busy moment for a stupid country.
We’ll mourn the burden lost but not remedy the crisis rampant.
It’s not paying respect, it’s “paying” subjugation.
Ingrained idiocy, inexplicable & indefensible – it’s just blind faith based on a prescribed ideal with peeling plastic.

There have been some truly remarkable occurrences & coincidences with the last weeks events. The conspiracy klutz must be having an absolute field day with the sheer drama & timing of such colourful omens. There are the two Liz’s – one representing blood supremacy, hereditary corruption & a more ancient form of wealth filth, parasitism & misrule – & the newer, less classy, business barbaric free market fundamentalism.
It’s like the difference between a scythe & a hedge-strimmer.
Fresh from her 180-degree metanoia towards draconian Brexit absolutism (Truss had been a vocal remained in the Brexit referendum), Liz Truss represents hard, U$-style slash-&-burn Libertarian fanaticism that will readily suborn or devour the Monarchy in it’s all-demolishing, scorched earth vandalism for ultra-free market Valhalla.

Balmoral – an ideal setting & backdrop between competing criminal factions

So here are the two Liz’s. Such scions of pluto-feudal-oligarchic wealth negation are sometimes said to be “lizards” by the loonier, rabbit-burrow section of the conspiracy wing as their brains buckle under the unfathomable stress of these insanely destructive & wicked actors.
Heh! … So the two “Liz”ards symbolic meeting is held in nothing less than a castle.
Castles of course are a classic hallmark feature of dark folklore, vampires, ghouls & monsters, as well as wicked lords, dungeons & malevolent ill-doers pouring evil onto the land (concentrated wealth, often from large scale extractive bloodshed is another regular attribute to the castle pantheon).
& then there is the curious name coincidence with the title of the castle – Balmoral.
Baal was of course a somewhat contested & mysterious “dark deity” that has been lumped in with the murky Moloch, Beelzebub & the baphomet, both of which have been associated with early Semitic paynim groups in what would now be allotted to regions around the Middle East.
The modern manifestation/records, which really are not anchored in any reliable or conclusive evidence, is regularly associated with child sacrifice (by way of incineration) to a large “bull headed” effigy.

a 19th century depiction of Baal

I think most of it is probably total bollocks or spectacularly exaggerated to disparage pagan, animist & non “major faith” (christian/jewish/islamic) peoples & ideology.
But even if it is pure slanderous fiction, the current point of circulation is of an obscure & dark god centred around child sacrifice (I stress again that I believe the Baal/Moloch myth is almost definitely the result of puritanical major faith persecution deliberately fashioned to smite & smear smaller parochial belief systems & superstitions that would of been very active during the era).

So the two lizards team up in the dark castle to negotiate the nations sacrifice on the back of Baal’s morals …. Immoral in Balmoral.
So strong was the black magic frisson between competing depravities that less than two day’s later, one Lizard had popped her clogs in some kind of necromancy feedback fetish fatality.
Liz Truss’s Brexit bane, Cato Institute U$A death deal was too much even for that blood-sucking fucker to withstand, & in a flash of barmy Baal bondage & wealth extremity related malediction at the foot of the baphomet, in the battle between two witches for the rape rights for the Plague Isle, ol’ Truss trumped the trollop!
Survival of the sickest.

dead within days

The iconography of Baal/Moloch is also another coincidental phenomenon here.
There is a lot to abhor in this public’s pathetic show of servitude to this unpleasant & undeserving crime family of historic ransackers, but what really, really, really disgusts me more than anything (& there is a lot) is the state & conditions for children & young people in this cursed country, & the clear projections for a secured worsening of every living standard on the bill.

It’s also interesting, is it not, that motherfuckers will queue for 9-hours, like absolute twats, to courtesy like cowards in front of the Croesus’s coffin, but won’t defend the quality of life, security & future prospects of the nations youth?
What kind of shit would queue for 9-hours, to pay respects to an enriched abuser, whilst millions of children sink into ever greater poverty, destitution & precarity?
Does that not tell you how terminal the sickness, folly & social insanity is in this washed-out ruin of a country?
Where we care more about the robbers at the end of their reign of rectum than for the children & youngsters that are baring the brunt of this demented Brex-Hex, sell-off & sell-out, mass vandalisation & destructive degeneration … where young people now can’t even expect to own a house? a flat? & barely now even rent a room? – even if they have the money? – under this storm of annihilation economics fanaticism.
9 hours queuing for the abuser – couldn’t some of that energy be used to resolve the extreme social harm that is befouling the crisis piled car wreck, destabilising the country & bringing major suffering, grief & turmoil to millions of children with record statistics of distress & deprivation that pour in thick & fast day-after-day?

whilst the nation burns

So Moloch & Baal’s sinister child sacrifice reputation is another portent & related mannerism of this extraordinary travesty & “biblical” failing of society … effectively, this country no longer cares for it’s young … it willingly feeds them to the flames – & “pays it’s respect” to the furnace that burns them.

Meanwhile, American Legislative Exchange Council cult-member & Reagonomics shitopath stormtrooper Liz Truss is hellbent on upping the damage & maximising the countries agony & subservience to the darkest forces on the other side of the Atlantic.

amongst further still theatric & ominous themes – Truss’s opening speech outside Downing Street on her first day as Crime Minister was delayed by a downpour.
After the record breaking freak heatwave & drought, the weather had other ideas during a crucial moment of Liz’s premier public puking as PM.
Truss is a die-hard (ha! ha!) extinction advocate, oil supremacist & pollution elemental that wants the world to burn, boil & die. Moloch & his flames are now joined by Koch & Murdoch, all Truss funders, advocates, pushers & abettors who have revolutionised & spearheaded the same anti-life armageddon advocacy, accelerationist climate breakdown & planetary fallout with a fanaticism worthy of any dark deity of inter-faith lore or folk myth.

the new head of state – start as you mean to go on

at one stage, the lectern with which Truss was due to spill her garbage was covered in a black bin bag.
You couldn’t get more accurate … well, maybe a sick bag? Or a shit bag? Or a body bag?
That was probably the greatest omen of the day, & the perfect start to the Truss trash travesty & terminal tyranny in a dying nation on a burning planet.
In Treason we Truss!
Liz’s implausible, brainless pap & gushing garbage falsity was the classic scatology one would expect from such an execrable front figure for U$ extremist libertarian death-dross, cooked-up in the cauldrons of Koch & Cato with the poisons of the Mercer family miasma.

What a spectacle.
Don’t read me wrong, I am just tripping off of the symbology of it all … & I certainly don’t believe in any of the David Icke lizard/alien idiot nonsense, neither would I ascribe the wickedness of these geocidal & genocidal maniacs to a smattering of esoteric, footnote numens who probably have fictitious origins anyway.
But with “official” madness as absurd & rampant as it is, is it not any wonder that some enquiring minds fall foul to the rabbit hole or conspiracy realm?
When truth is more freakish than fiction, & mythic monsters are outdone by real life think tank frankensteins, the rational brain seeks reductive answers to the extreme discomfort & threat of the current emergency.

another illustration of Baal

What I do know for certain – away from the orbit of politics, superstition, myth & quirky twists of coincidence – is that the current agenda, orthodoxy & trajectory in this country – under both the Windsors, the Cancervative government & their secretive & shadowy billionaire, largely foreign pay masters – is tantamount to a policy of industrialised defacto child abuse & a form of what I can only describe as “youth hatred”.

I am not a parent.
& i will never have children.
Not just because the current world is increasingly unfit for children, or because rearing a child in this increasingly extortionate & declining capitalist society is ever more unaffordable, but because I just
simply don’t want kids anyway.
But I recognise, strongly & clearly, that there is something fundamentally & inseparably salient & sacred about youth/children/the future, anywhere in the world & across any culture.
Any society or civilisation who’s adults would fail to act concertedly & definitively towards something that would threaten or harm seriously the collective welfare of the/it’s children – irrespective of any anthropological variation – is in terminal decline & is on its way out.
It’s a red fucking line.
Britain finds itself diagnosed with this despisable condition under this Windsor, Brexit, Cancervative, Koch, Cato, Murdoch, Palantir shit pox.
The country has failed to protect it’s young – & continues to do so.

assuming the mantle – boiling the cauldrons – the mook makes her move

You have a growing number of children & young adults in “unregulated accommodation”, illegal yet fully active under the nations criminal statutes, at the mercy of both street criminals & white collar criminals from the private sector, paid from the public purse to third-party private contractors that are mopping up at the ballooning carnage from austerity nihilism & crisis entrepreneurism that has been so fastidiously nurtured by Tory extremists & carrion capitalists ever since David Scameron’s Rupert Murdoch pushed “big society” terrorist vandals Bullingdoned into West Minster on a fat-berg of lies & false promises as “the greenest government ever”.
Heat or eat, the cost of living crisis that is now spiralling to the cost of lives crisis, food poverty, malnutrition, a return of Victorian diseases, sex for food, food banks now not even able to cope with the growing demand, UNICEF now doing “domestic emergency response” food aid for children for the first time in its 70 years history….on & on.
Over three years ago, Philip Alston, the UN rapporteur on extreme poverty, delivered a withering condemnation on the UK’s obliterated living standards after extensive investigation & research described life for the poorest as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” under a strategy of “systematic immiseration of a significant part of the British population” in a “in clear violation of the country’s human rights obligations”.

the UN’s special rapporteur on extreme poverty Philip Alston, who returned a devastating indictment on the Tory government for it’s cruel, draconian & wilful impoverishment of the United Kingdom via austerity butchery … it’s only got worse.

The Cancervative government dismissed his research & claimed that it was “politically biased”.
In 2016, they destroyed the Child Poverty Unit in entirety, scrapping all previous targets to abolish child poverty in the UK & altering the “definition” of child poverty to ease the figures of the millions of children they were knowingly shoving into severe poverty.
The have annihilated Sure Starts & youth amenities & liquidated Kids Company, a hugely respected, last resort organisation that had successfully provided crucial support for troubled children & vulnerable young adults.
The Conservatives have induced, presided over, defended & amplified all of this.
They love it.

Jack Williment-Barr is forced to sleep on the floor of a hospital in Leeds during the UK 2019 general election. Britain chose to vote for this, & this photograph represents the state of the country.

& it’s the sour fruits of poverty that we must observe & stress …. The child prostitution, the sexual abuse, the vulnerability, the violence & stabbings, the drugs & alcoholism, the broken homes, the jailed youths, suicide, psychosis, self harm, the increases in crime, county lines, the gangs – all of which have been exploding under the Tories sickening & abominable misrule.
Social services, early intervention & prevention schemes, community services & even the police themselves have been repeatedly & remorselessly cut to bits, if not snuffed out in entirety.
Scorched earth … with more to come.

they voted for this
… and this .. see how they lie

Liz Truss demonstrates her commitment to this massacre by immediately saying she will scrap the cap on bankers bonuses, give yet another tax reduction to the rich & lift the moratorium on fracking.
Total inhuman nihilistic oblivion & pirate libertarian adverse extremism for oligarchs, plutocrats, feudal lords, organised criminals, vulture capitalists, asset strippers, extinction advocates & transnational criminal figureheads.

& monarchies.

on the backs of the poor – i benefit my own

Because throughout this entire nadir, what did Elizabeth Windsor ever, ever do or even say towards the slaughter that was commencing on her country & towards her subjects?
Did she ever, even once, even hint at any resistance to this indescribable abuse?
Did she ever so much as raise a finger in protection of the kids? The land? The realm? The flag?
Did she ever use her unique position of privilege & power to defend the quality of life of the people of great Britain?
Did she fuck!
The absence of any action or even minor display of concern on the behalf of the assaulted by that ridiculous stooge leech speaks shrill & clear.
She never gave one fuck about the butchery of the country she was supposed to represent.

That’s why this perversion is so bilious & offensive.
Whilst the kids & country burned, she was counting her coins in one of her castles with her bastard son & his sex-trafficked-minors … with Jimmy Savile, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jefferey Epstein, Peter Ball, Rashid Al Maktoum & the like cavorting about.

The lemmings queuing for 9-hours to toss at Her Travesties coffin need to evolve. & stop sacrificing their kids to dark idols that don’t give a shit about their welfare.–and-17-year-olds-in-unregulated-care-court-rules