Hate Monger – Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, and the White Nationalist Agenda (Jean Guerrero):

Our opponents, the media, and the whole world will soon see, as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.” – Stephen Miller

“My two Steves” – Steve Bannon & Stephen Miller

ordaining the swamp.

Many attribute much of the worst of Trump’s racist virulence in office to Steve Bannon’s shadow shift.

As bad as Bannon (& his shot-callers, the Mercer’s) were, it’s actually the lesser known Stephen Miller & Peter Thiel that scripted shaped & “brought out the worst” in Trump & his administrations political decision making.

The most unimaginable operators found supra-swamp to swill in during the age of sewer.

where do they get these freaks?

What is the process of sully, damage, mire & debasement that produces such warped & disfigured individuals & instincts?

I will say and I will do things that no one else in their right mind would say or do.” – Stephen Miller

Journalist Jean Guerrero has generated a very, very important & very, very, very disturbing investigation into one of the worst of the offending gangs extremist forerunners – immoral criminal wretch Stephen Miller, a senior administration advisor & speech writer for Trump & lead architect of Trump’s “immigration policy”.

Miller, a “behind-the-scenes puppeteer”, was more than likely the most influential & conductive instigator for Trump’s most racist rhetoric, statements & practices throughout the reprobates reign of rot.

The demonization of migrants is to Miller what the border wall is to Trump: a tool with which to mobilize the base.

Behind Miller was another ultra-swamp-elemental, shadow enshrouded, hyper-libertarian, race-bating lobbyist, think tank director, nut-fuck & political poisoner – David Horowitz. Horowitz ran the David Horowitz Freedom Center for “Political Warfare”, channelled “dark money” currents & ran gaudy soirees for legislators & politicians to conspire operations, scheme takeovers & foment influence campaigns.

Astonishingly, it gets even worse.

“political activist” & mentor to Stephen Miller – David Horowitz

Miller was the number one suspect of the 1991 hate letter, a racist anonymous circular that was mass-mailed to Hispanic people in his area that described ‘brown animals’ along with threats to gas them ‘like Hitler gassed the Jews’ (the identity of the mailer has never been confirmed but suspicions rest on a young Stephen Miller).

Guerrero tracks down & interviews many of Miller’s fellow class mates from his unnatural youth, many of which refuse to reveal their names in print fearing “professional retaliation”.

The results are consistently twisted …

Honestly, Miller is so sick that it is actually hard to believe.

He felt a sense of fulfilment. You could see it in his eyes. And it was just wicked. There’s no other word to describe the feeling. It was wickedness.

Torture is a celebration of life and human dignity.” – Stephen Miller

coming from a second generation immigrant family of “ardent Zionists” “the super rich North of Montana kid” who “very clearly” had “some sort of animus” & exhibited “feelings of inferiority manifested as resentment” who “enjoys the infamy, like some perverted power trip”.

racism does not exist. It’s in your imagination”. – Stephen Miller

but when required or useful to him –

with signature deflection, he said that people referring to him as a white nationalist were ‘anti-Semitic.’ ”

I would be happy if not a single refugee foot ever again touched American soil.” – Stephen Miller

He justified the Trail of Tears. “I’ve never heard of someone defending the way we treat Native Americans,” classmate Nick Silverman says. “Most people would admit we fucked that one up, we were awful – but Stephen was like, ‘Oh the pioneer spirit, manifesting destiny!’ romanticizing the mistakes we made. And he was already so good at pivoting off the point your trying to push him on. He’d pivot from us murdering the Native Americans to, well, the Native Americans did this. Spinning the point around.”

Stephen was the chief agitator behind Trump’s most racist, “inhuman”, cruel, “despicable” & deeply controversial immigration & border policies & actions whilst in his employment.

for profit detention centres

Many would prove to be totally illegal after court challenges & public outrage forced them to relent or reverse these truly shocking abuses of power & mega acts of human cruelty perpetrated by the Trump regime.

Stephen’s crimes, & the resulting mass suffering that they caused, to children in particular, would eventually prove too much for Trump even (footage of crying, caged children), & some elements of the operation were curbed.

It became hard to keep up with the pace of human rights violations that were getting rolled out through our office,” says a former ORR [Office of Refugee Resettlement] official. It became quickly demoralizing because there were so many.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Andrew Anglin, founder of the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer wrote of Miller in 2018, “Everything that he does is intended to stop brown people coming in while getting as many as possible out … there is nothing I have seen this Jew do that I disagree with. I don’t know what that means.

the US announces that it is withdrawing from the Human Rights Council & legal protections are terminated.

Formalised systematic separation of children from their parents into for profit detention centres is initiated.

absolute sickness ….. Peter Thiel of Palantir

Stephen’s evil twin Peter Thiel, another Trump stalwart & shadow whisperer, will reap ginormous profits from this hellish misery & mass criminal negligence through his Palantir company that has been handed the commercial contracts to this sickness by Trump’s abomination administration.

Miller was expanding his control across the government. He dispatched ideological allies to key positions within the bureaucracy that would allow him to export his ideas oversees.

Enter Priti Patel & Suella Braverman.

import export – the brown nazi – Suella Braverman
treacherous Vichy shill & turbo brown nazi Priti “Lady Haw Haw” Patel

Miller was seen as a “demi-god” by the notorious ICE & ERO goon squadrons, who had become a political block & open endorser of the Trump Disintegration.

The Border Patrol and ICE unions attract some of the most politically extreme individuals in the ranks, according to people familiar with those agencies. ‘To see the unions, through Stephen Miller, guide the policy decisions and operational strategy and tactics is truly horrific and extraordinarily dangerous.

Again, this is another merger where Peter Thiel & Stephen Miller’s identical views/business interests converge to putrefy.

More than twenty-seven hundred children where taken from their parents under the zero tolerance policy, which was unprecedented.

The intention was for these children to be irretrievable.

[It was] cruelty for cruelties sake-for the performance of cruelty.” – senior government official

A Rabbi from Miller’s family synagogue announces his condemnation of Stephen in a sermon – “From a Jewish perspective, the parent-child relationship is sacrosanct. Disrupting it is cruel. Mr. Miller, the policy you helped to conceive and put in practice is cruel.

Stephen’s own uncle once again feels compelled to act, writing about the “hypocrite” in Politico – “I would encourage Stephen to ask himself if the chanting torch-bearing Nazis at Charlottesville , whose support his boss seems to court so cavalierly, do not envision a similar fate for him.

Other Miller family members voice their public disgust & disbelief at Stephen, with Patti Glosser saying Stephen “needs to be punished for crimes against humanity”.

More direct conflations between Stephen, Hitler & the Nazis are invoked by his own relatives.

It doesn’t matter what the truth is, but how it makes people feel,” – Stephen Miller

– “He admitted he was just saying crazy shit in the worst way possible to get these conservative whit people riled up.” – Jennes Hartley

I will say and I will do things that no one else in their right mind would say or do.” – Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller has called for the death penalty for rapists and child abusers writing “there must be no tolerance for this heinous, inhuman act,”.

Trump, the man he so closely served, is a well documented & self confessed (“Grab em’ by the pussy.” – “You can do anything.”) serial rapists & sexual predator, with over 31-women & counting publicly accusing him of sexual assault, not to mention the varied & serious accusations of his involvement in the rape or sexual abuse of multiple minors & his frequent association with child sexual abusers (Jeffery Epstein, Roy Cohn, John Casablancas, Roy Moore, Jean-Luc Brunel, Ghislaine Maxwell, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, et al)

Miller must also have been personally acquainted with convicted paedophile, serial homosexual child abuser & fellow Trump adviser – George Nader – (now serving his second term in prison for possession of child pornography after he was intercepted by US law enforcement officers whilst travelling to Mar-a-Lago on a scheduled visit to meet with Donald Trump).

No doubt Stephen enjoys this contradiction/lie/falsity – “like some perverted power trip

It doesn’t matter what the truth is, but how it makes people feel,” – Stephen Miller

One of the stranger deformities revealed about Stephen’s bizarre childhood was his obsession with gangster movies, so much so that his bedroom was decorated with “framed posters of Casino & Goodfellas”.

Stephen seemed to emulate & stylise himself on characters depicted in the gangster dramas.

Stephen appeared to study DeNiro’s gestures – the loose hands, the fingertips-on-fingertips, the head tics – and incorporate them into his own persona.

Its beyond peacocking… If you Google Ace Rothstein casino outfits or suits, and you look at the pictures – you’re directionally there.

Trump’s White House would be the perfect destination.

Stephen’s closest confident & personal guru was the obscene David Horowitz, who also happens to be Jewish & another committed Zionist.

David Horowitz

Among a wide menagerie of depravities, Horowitz has devoted himself to helping defendants in controversial court cases concerning “free speech” terminology. These contortions entail him defending rape, defending child sexual abuse, defending racism, defending brutal misogyny & the like. The flag & god will be invoked whilst doing the ultimate opposite.

Really, really, really getting tired of these cunts.

There is no Palestine, there are no Palestinians.” – David Horowitz

This is a shadow political universe.” – a bragging David Horowitz on his Freedom Center think tank (classified officially as a “hate group” by The Southern Poverty Law Center).

Again, this is primary Peter Thiel territory & the coalescing of colostomies could not really be more apparent.

Miller’s soaring & iconic depravity, “animus” & “evil” – along with the striking similarity to machinations, policy & attitudes expressed & enacted by the Nazi Party back in their heyday – eventually lead to sections of his own family members publicly denouncing & condemning him & his actions.

“shadow political universe” activist/corruptor David Horowitz

Stephen’s horrified uncle, David Glosser, cites analogy with the holocaust, finally comparing Stephen publicly to Joseph Goebbels.

When his mother comes to his defence, he proclaims in response – “Miriam and Michael appear to me to have been seduced be Stephen’s success [in the Trump Disintegration/among neo-Nazis) …So dar as I can tell they have drunk the glitzy Kool-Aid of this administration down to the bitter dregs and have lost touch with their roots entirely.

I would be happy if not a single refugee foot ever again touched American soil.” – Stephen Miller

there is a well documented statement concerning the Nazis & the holocaust.

“Never again”.

Well, you can drop the “Never” when concerning Stephen Miller & his utterly sick compatriot David Horowitz.

Again, distraught members of his own family relay the shocking parallels with Stephen directly –

Why didn’t people fight back [against Hitler? How did they convince people to hate like that? And now I see exactly how they did it.

heavy shit.

It doesn’t matter what the truth is, but how it makes people feel,” – Stephen Miller

Stephen is Jewish.

He was raised Jewish.

Hebrew classes, bar mitzvahs, “birth right” summer trips to Israel, “ardent Zionist” parents… the lot.

The inseparable David Horowitz is the same.

Miller’s girlfriend, Katie Waldman (now Katie Miller), a press secretary whom he met whilst in office, is also Jewish.

in defence of Goebbels – Katie Waldman (now Katie Miller)

Enrolled into the administration via Miller, she would regularly be tasked to defend Stephen and the nastiest & most harmful elements of his border fascism & their resulting cruelties from public criticism.

So you have three Jewish people at the absolute centre of this atrocity, its invention, implementation, justification, defence, downplaying & deflection.

Brain fuck aside, this is a whole other scale of disturbance.

The so called “white nationalism”, neo-Nazism, border fascism, white supremacy & “respectable racism” owes a special debt to this trinity.

Those wishing to study the very worst of it, here it is.

Stephen & Kaitei Miller

Jean Guerrero, 2020, William Morrow, 275 pages