Gunge Hump 101 (Erst-while Antrum 22) – (Kikanju Baku, Mike Forbes, Luke Stewart, Chris Pitsiokos, Weasel Walter, Andrew Scott Young, 极剧动, MindVoid & Miracle Power Combination):

Whacked over the exposed brain with something bristly & barbed. Well roast my spuds on the cob without peeling – it’s “Gunge Hump 101”, the latest fantastical garble from Erst-while Antrum (edition number 22). Heavens own hookers demolish acceptable parameters – we have the Concussion Projectile Trio comprising of Luke Stewart (bass fx), Chris Pitsiokos (sax, fx) & Kikanju Baku (drums) splurging strepto-lob-lunk with maximum indefensibility. Then there’s MindVoid from Ukraine with a double dose of fucking fabulous subterranean-plunging Death Industrial chaotic-samples intoxicated reverb Noise Dark Ambient. heavy on the perspiration-reserves is pack-of-wild-dogs Weasel Walter (drums), Mike Forbes (sax) & Andrew Scott Young (bass) larruping dog-shit Scandinavian yuppies a new arts-grant-pension-dowry. Scrap-heap guards Miracle Power Combination from fucking Texas toss us another rusting hunk from the junk-yard of destroyed & weather ravaged junk-Noise-harsh-trash-Garbage-Electronix as only they can. & the fudge at the end of the funnel? – motherfucking Piscatorial Boat Herder/剧动 off-the-cuffing that free-form Phosphorus Funk Jungle-Break mega dexterity at the cult & now defunct London laboratory Menstrum Mangroves circa 2012 (Kikanju un’ drumz & Boneless on bass). Triple-A authenticity & zero plasticity yu fucks!

222 hand-numbered copies, hand sprayed & tagged disc-on-bodies, turbo ejaculatory artworks (even for you gurlz), yum-scum colour post-card/inner sleeve. No faggot virtual/data/’instant download’ version available, you get it by contacting the artists involved, setting-up a drop & crossing your fuckin’ legs (or uncrossing them, it’s your choice entirely). No barcodes or industry shit-shamblers were involved in the creation of this hur’ vanguard venereal.

factory free and ass-produced!

Ukraine – mindvoid[at]hotmail[dot]com

the Derided Kingdom – emergencyemancipation[at]protonmail[dot]ch

the Great Satan – NY: weaselw[at]juno[dot]com ; cpitsiokos[at]gmail[dot]com ; DC: iamlukestewart[at]gmail[dot]com ; TX: ourgoalisdeath[at]yahoo[dot]com