Foju 浮遊 Frequency, bottled souls shattering containers & visionary elliptic peregrination:


Be still cretin! Foju 浮遊 Frequency (Foju Fuyuu Frequency) was a 3 section Abnorm, Poise-Spore sundry comprising Kikanju Baku on drums, Adio – noise, FX-pedals, voice, guitar & Mimi Cobra Kobayashi on synthesizer, voice. Their paranormal dalliance was legendary & without restraint. The assembly was rabid from something like 2011-2013, recording a series of rituals & excavations that rearranged accepted limits & predictable models. What was it?

self-summarized as “Intemperate Improvised Intercourse” it was a hurtling & dramatic polychromatic clash of chameleonic arcana. . . venting, therapy, performance-projection in a heavy-skirmish with Junglist, Breakcore Scolopendric bedlam, lashed to a sinking mosaic of Harlequin-Haze-Hop, saturnine brood, blotched intoxication, exotica & hazardous psychedelia conjoined to the heart-valve of bad-voodoo, system-shock, antiphonics, threat, love-curse, unspoken lascivity, broached desire, & gallons of inhibition-free, uncurbed jacose, barreling free-form spontaneous theurgy ejection & ferocious guddle.

conjure! convulse! carouse!

& what a bunch of loons. The fucking white witch, the voodoo magus & the yaju ascetic – a vehicle of pure synergy between considerably contrasting but totally relatable dysfunctionaries that were long since lost to the canyons inner unmapped.The massive array of phonic criterion that enshrouded (so many pedals, gadgets, implements, moods, mannerisms, strategies & deployment varieties) along with the rash, dissolute & enormous appetite for the wildest mutation & divergence flurry, sized-up & attacked by the unique aureate of Kikanju “The Maddest Of All Motherfuckers” dragged sections of so many alien platforms into one absurdist gourmandism. Like, who the fuck are these freaks? What did they do?

Erst-while Antrum #23.

Broke my legs on a scrumptious old unissued FFF mini-disc session from 2013 whilst careening through the archives…had it primped, restorated & slapped it on a cassette issued by muchos marginality Erst-while Antrum. Four tracks in thirty-two minutes, limited to 167 hand numbered copies.

blancmange in the girders.