Damage Assessment #1, Tory Misrule & the ongoing unraveling via politicized corruption:

life without soul – life without parole.

All in a day’s dirt. The remarkable acceleration of societal annihilation of unmitigated corruption under the Tories catastrophic 2010 takeover. Anyone that reads a decent paper regularly will be pummeled senseless by a withering torrent of daily degradations delivering the latest casualties in the Tories new plutocracy. It is so widespread, so prevalent & so fast flowing that it’s hard to keep up with (crisis’ after crisis’ after crisis). No doubt this is tactical, it’s almost impossible to keep stock or react specifically as it’s a continuing assault of tidal waves.

Sometimes, the days ‘damage assessment’ is so numerous, so dire & so extensive that it optimizes the extermination in all its greater evil. Monday the 21st of January 2019 was yet another apogee in the perennial putridity. Here’s a summary of the unfolding rot, all obtained from the days Guardian newspaper (print edition) –

“A repeatedly convicted landlord, ruled unfit to rent out property in a north London borough in 2015, has since banked more than £500,000 in housing benefit payments from the same council that banned him.” This is the supreme-subhuman-shit-bag Bernard McGowan, a greatly-detested recidivist “rogue landlord”. Despite many convictions & even failing the councils ‘fit and proper’ test, he continues to prosper in the same profession, apparently presiding over a property empire that is estimated at £30m. constant illegality, multiple convictions, frequent housing breaches & occasional fines that are “dwarfed by the rents he continues to receive” are a useless, pathetic & perfunctory insult to the misery & criminality this scum-smudge inflicts at length. Where is justice? Where is prevention? The system, the courts & the very country itself is a complete joke. This is plutocracy. Britain aids the offender, pays the abuser & solicits the wrongdoer. (1)

free to operate..despicable criminal bastard-Bernard McGowan.

“World’s richest 26 people own as much as poorest 50%”. Yep! The gap just keeps galloping. Our poverty = their prosperity. Just 26 people now own as much as the planets most impoverished 3.8 billion. This is plutocracy. “Oxfam said the wealth of more than 2,200 billionaires across the globe had increased by $900bn in 2018 – or $2.5bn a day. The 12% increase in the wealth of the very richest contrasted with a fall of 11% in the wealth of the poorest half of the world’s population.” How’s your pitchfork kid? Mines pretty fuckin’ sharp! & its twitching. (2)

Once more, the Tories display their singular-superiority for the foulest, dirtiest corruption & kleptocracy – “Ministers have been accused of a “stitch-up” over proposals to redraw the funding formula in a way that critics say will redirect scarce cash from deprived inner cities to affluent Conservative-voting shires.” Yep! Just like they deliberately suffocated the child poverty reduction pledge/department/strategy (the Cancervatives have of course massively increased child poverty which under their abusive policies is only set to grow even more dramatically) they now want to redact the word “deprivation” from “foundation formula”, presumably to conceal the grievous wounds they have inflicted on the country but also to help divert cash to their own constituencies (which are also suffering immensely, with two, yes two, Tory councils already going bankrupt after following the parties budgetary advice). Cameron also successfully liquidated Kids Company, the last palisade for troubled youth, so plenty to fall back on. This is plutocracy. (3)

Have you puked yet?“Woman injured in car crash with Prince Philip ‘yet to receive apology’” – so one of the spoils crashed into a civilian vehicle like an idiot. It sounds remarkably lucky that none of the two women & a nine month old baby were either killed or badly injured, although one of the women (Emma Fairweather) received a broken wrist. “Philip allegedly told onlookers that he was dazzled by the sun, but Fairweather that it was cloudy at the time. the duke was pictured on Saturday driving a new Land Rover, seemingly without a seat-belt, 48 hours after the crash.” I guess an apology would denote responsibility & compassion. Something those maggots are incapable of. (4)

Last of all comes the report that the current Spice Girls endorsed Comic Relief charity appeal T-shirts have been manufactured in Bangladesh under horrendously exploitative, abusive & health-adverse conditions (described as “inhuman” by one of the woman employees working at the garment supplier interviewed for the article). Making a sick mockery of the professed aspirations of charity & “championing the equality of women”, the £19.40 T-shirts are produced by machinists in Gazipur who receive about 35 pence an hour! As Simon Murphy’s harrowing supporting piece begins – “Salma has never heard of the Spice Girls. Her life, hunched over a sewing machine for up to 16 hours a day, is a world away from the luxuries enjoyed by the millionaire pop band.” It goes on to report that it would take “more than a week” for one of the machinists to save to buy one of the T-shirts at the £20 market rate. Apparently Comic Relief & the Spice Girls did “everything in their power to ensure ethical sourcing” … this statement comes from Belgian company Stanley/Stella, who were commissioned by the Spice Girls via the company Represent. Interstoff Apparels runs the factory. So plenty of fodder for extreme buck-passing. This is plutocracy. (5)

A day before uploading this article (28/1/19), a report was published that Philip had finally sent a letter of apology to the woman he injured & almost killed during the 17th of January car crash.

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