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Lost In Translation – drop of order 12”LP


Here’s a less impressive but still peculiar & intriguing LP from cult US weirdo Electro Experimental Noise Industrial Breakcore outfit Lost In Translation.

The A-side is an exceedingly meagre/minimalist affair of droning synth & dub-loops. perhaps at four in the morning with a skull full of helium in some disused plant-nursery with another bunch of freaks, but for me it’s too bare & soporose, although it’s undeniably got atmosphere & integrity.

The flip is much more rewarding. cast adrift with spooky synth loops, like a higher-pitched submarine or more aptly satellite floating through remote cosmos. An eerie vaguely human whimper or groan can be heard as a sub-melody. Slowly other analogue transistors are introduced & modified to a cumulation. It’s a tremendous passage, vast deep space & superbly atmospheric lofi junky alluvium.

This recedes to usher in more ultra analogue cacophonic scraping that’s probably voice generated, hissy rasping grate under distortion with sparse bass & occasional beats. like a drunk sprawled out in a public terminal with commuters scurrying around him, idolatry surrounded by swarming transitional currents.

Next comes 80’s robot electronics, 8bit computerized bird song. Pretty cool stuff. We then get an extended sample, not sure of the flick, but I have heard part of this dialogue sampled by Illusion Of Safety before. Eventually lofi Breakbeats & Jungle are infused, with the odd wandering dub loop. Scrappy, dishevelled, non-consistent, uncoordinated.

The last phase is another pendulous piece of mantic synth with minimal cross realm & jumbled apparitions randomly surfacing. Good stuff.

LIT are a great band & really quite special. I think they are one of the oddest most interesting & cult bands with a rare & stark originality, not at all residing in an allotted genre, but floating the fuckin’ outer realms in some old-school analogue rusting shuttle.

Label – History Of The Future

Rekd – ?

Lost In Translation/Substance P-premium crack split 12”LP


A very fine split here indeed. Substance P are fairly similar to LIT (perhaps the same artist?) but are generally more exuberant, direct, coherent, musical & straight-punching. Emerging from a well positioned Clockwork Orange sample, “Pure” serves excellent Breakcore/IDM, with the signature in eight but the angles & off-beats giving it a far more complex, kooked finish. The irate over excited synth (also running through some kind of distortion), that sounds like it was excavated from an Atari ST/Sega Master System slamming distorted Breaks & agitated 8-bit unrest. BRILLIANT! “Goodnight & God Bless” wonderfully tampers with a sample of some middle-America phone-in, crossing static, minatory bass-synth, distortion & pitch modulation into a dark little stinger of unsettling master class. Lastly, “0815d” kicks messy Jungle Breaks & lo-fi Techno with a slight Industrial edge for definitely the least memorable track from Substance P’s set. In all, very impressive stuff from Substance P indeed.

The enigmatic Lost In Translation dredge four tracks from the junk-yard, a jamboree of Breakcore, trashy-Jungle, Noise & Industrial-Experimental malform with scavenged, feculent, derelict analogue obsolescence & dust clouds of rust particles & tangent prone sample heavy lo-fi narcotic-noise. think two tinny tape machines trying to out blur & break each other with dislocated, expedited Breakbeats, retroflexology & pitched down D-beat, random samples & lo-fi distortion, feedback caked in a thick film of odd synth’s, hazardous bass & raw (quite tenuous) feedback/distortion noise & Industrial garbage. I’m sure to some ears it’s just lo-fi, jumbled erratic noisy Breakcore, but I think some serious expertise are at play amongst the condemned buildings & ruined Industrial murk.

A very’ very fine split from two richly personalized & individual groups.


Label – History Of The Future

Rekd – 1999