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Brigitte Fontaine – Comme á la radio 12″ LP


& thus, we arrive at Madame Fontaine’s highly heralded second LP as the unofficial leading artist from 69, a collaboration with a juvenile Art Ensemble Of Chicago (& Leo Smith) – Comme Á La Radio. This LP generally seems to be perceived as a de-facto Brigitte Fontaine album, where the Art Ensemble Of Chicago who at that time were based in France & were kicking up quite a shit-storm were hired to perform on about half the tracks on this LP. The liner notes on the LP (going by my trashed n’ tatty original) & it’s title are pleasantly confusing & ambiguous – the cover & spine suggest almost a concept album, simply iterating the album’s title & no particular artist. The back of the LP lists Brigitte Fontaine, Areski (who performs on many of the tracks) with Art Ensemble Of Chicago, which as stated, this time includes Leo Smith & was just prior to long-term drummer Don Moye joining the mob (no full drum-kit is used on this album).

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