Okishima Island Tourist Association-penance room séance (cassette):

Ok, so it’s Glass & Cummings again (that being of most notability – Kylie Minoise & Grimalkin555), this time in the apparition of Okishima Island Tourist Association, a difficult one to encapsulate but something along the scales of a varied, outward-trekking Avant-Noise-Industrial-Drone amalgam heavily laden with both experimentalism but equally experienced expertise. We are bestowed two tracks – Penance Room at 18.23 minutes & Séance jilting 19.12. side A’s Penance Room is a quality though fairly regular affair (less so if you are unfamiliar with Cummings work) of slow-building brackish leer that expands in detail section by section. It’s really the B-sides event that blows the spot in it’s entirety… an amazing piece of work. Based on a conjuring concept of Ouija-board gone badly wrong (staged by a long ongoing oration that describes the scenario in punctilious detail), these guys cultivate an immense phantasmal haunting of supernatural Noise/sonic-cinematography. Far from standardized Noise or the act of lobbing an obvious Dark Ambient attempt at a ghost theme, this is richly descriptive work that skewers the exact emotions I associate with the medium – all swirling, engulfing, unheimlich, paranormal horror. Acutely atmospheric, loaded with power & densely decorated with the associated outermost. Very’ very special stuff. I guess a bit of a wet-dream moment for those with a poltergeist proclivity or fascination with the djin/summoning/spirit medium terrain & phenomena. I feel it works very well from a purely Noise perspective also, though it’s difficult, if not impossible to divorce it from the specter/haunting angle as the latter is both so overt & jarring. A soundtrack unto itself (pretty fucking novel let’s be honest), that transforms what could have been a prologue/vignette (or separate medium altogether!) into a piece of active/accompanying audio-art to join the final piece. It would seem, quite spectacularly, that this particular lot, keep finding ways to push that boat … further & further – out!

Nice sleeve & package production with a fitting red shell-case to boot!


Label-Evil Falk