Industrial Noise Revival – Eine Stunde Merzbauten CD

Industrial Noise Rivival

A humungous harsh plenoast through the soviet junk-yard & hypogeal caverns & cave-complexes. Industrial Noise Revival is actually veteran Stentorian Radek Kopel & his recently deceased accomplice Martin Beraxa, therefore “Napalmed”, the long running Czech Industrial-Harsh-Experimental-Noise goliath. There are three colossal tracks condensed into a single eighty minute convulsion. So a band called Industrial Noise Revival delivering three tracks actually is Napalmed providing one sustained voltage & venting. The two musicians tear through troves of equipment & sound-substances, but remain firmly in intense free-fall throughout. It’s basically a blank frame with multifarious noise wandering through it. In that respect, it can become fairly laborious. It seems much more like a demonstration of very cool sounds, phonics & ideas.

Napalmed’s style has generally always seemed pitched much more as pure experimental clamour without any direction, ambition or goal beside the natural results of the exertion. Over the many years this has sometimes induced exceptional results as well as plenty of high-quality & intriguing but somewhat absent & unfulfilling recordings. I definitely consider Radek amongst the best there is & he is constantly uncovering new resources for noise & sound, but I feel this ustad would be better adding his clearly excellent array of constantly evolving & vacillating sounds to another body &/or group interaction rather than the limited solitary billowing (ok, he is also joined by the very capable Martin B here as well but he also is performing pure spontaneous noise periphrast) that becomes the pit-fall for so many Noise bands. If your new to Napalmed/INR or Noise, this is shit-hot, “impersonal” (no lyrics or samples or imagery beyond obscure experimental neutrality) 100% black-hole plummeting with atmospherics & Industrial angles. the 80 minute length is an extremely uncompromising gesture, especially as stages & contrast do occur between long-stints in deep-space which might be favoured over the “all or nothing” insistence. As usual, tons of metal work, machinery & “psychical” objects & material are utilized in the sound generation, giving a very active & mechanical ambience with lashings of diversity. It’s at the obverse polarity of the single-source noise current with surfeit volumes of clustered improvisations & even “space” (of sorts) during the middle section. So over all, for me this is flawed but simultaneously extremely cool & accomplished. I may also be a bit compromised in my analyses as this is the twenty fifth or so Napalmed release I have accrued. Like Government Alpha & so many of the harsh titans, after a while, shit all starts to sound the same. I feel that Noise is desperately in need of revolutionary arbitration.

The artwork/packaging here is really drab, which is odd/a shame as Radek often does some of the most intricate, unique & ridiculously ornate design/packaging I have ever seen on anything. I don’t know what label it’s on as I have a promo with little information, but I think it’s self-released by Radek. A date of release/recording is also truant, but my supposition is that shit’s about three years old & was released in late 2014.

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