God Forbid – the sex scandal that brought down a dynasty (Billy Corben):

It’s all a show.”

They have a public image, but behind the scenes, they’re all freaks.”

God Forbid official trailer

wow. that standout statement comes from Giancarlo Granda, & he is talking about the countries Trump supporting evangelical celebrity con-artist elite, a crowd & a criminal class that he knows incredibly well, even on the most intimate of terms.

pussy grabber & cuck drunkard

Giancarlo was the “pool boy” who ended up having a seven-year affair with Becki Falwell, the wife – & mother of three – to Jerry Falwell Jr., then president of the notorious Liberty University in Virginia, the largest evangelical Christian university in the world.

Giancarlo Granda

The “affair” between Becki & the young man was not hidden from her husband Jerry. On the contrary, the Christian leader was present during their planned sexual encounters, & would watch & masturbate as well as video record whilst his wife – & mother of his three children – was boned by the younger man.


The Falwells

yep, Mr. “Moral Majority”, family values & Christian teachings Jerry Falwell would be “masturbating in the corner” whilst the pool boy plied the poon.

Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

Apparently, a man that practices this appallingly weird & weak sexual disorder is parlanced as a “cuckold”. It seems to be a strong habit amongst Trump’s fucked-up circle of degenerates, with his associates & allies Paul Manafort & Roger Stone both having been “exposed” for cuckish activities with their wives (the excrescent & “perverse” Roger Stone is known for far worse sexual behaviour & spent years of his youth glued to the repellent Roy Cohn).

What else did you expect?

Picked up in public at the age of twenty by a sunbathing Becki at a party plaza in Florida (strange place for evangelicals) where he was working as a pool attendant, the extremely affable & naive Carlo was “sucked” into the world of weirdness & unimaginable hypocrisy.

Becki Falwell

Fresh from a “swingers club” (very Christian) the night before, the predatory fraudster couple pounced on the pool boy & “the cuck in the corner” bizarro-relationship began.

battery farmed bullshit … with extra fap

It blossomed into a regular thing, with Jerry Falwell Jr. even sleeping on a separate couch next to the “couple” in the same room.

Where the fuck do they get these freaks?

Christian uni (figures).

Jerry also wanted to “hang out” with the toy boy, & would go on to even bring Carlo back to his ranch to spend time with his own children.

the all American cuckold

Jerry’s job was to “distract the kids” whilst Becki would disappear with Carlo for dad’s approved adultery amour around the house.

They even did it “in the kids rooms”.

As long as we recorded it, he was ok with it.


Remember that jerk-off Jerry was the president of “the largest Christian university in the world”, Liberty Uni. So Christ’s cuck was presiding over a campus that enforced strict abstinence on all students (except for the ones that Jerry & Becki were sexually molesting, & yes, they did!), that included no dancing, holding hands or drinking.

just imagine what Sarah Palin gets up to

& speaking of drinking, Falwell would roll around Campus, drunk & reeking of booze, with a water bottle that contained 50% water & 50% tequila, drinking on the job.

The “Moral Majority”!

Fuck these fraudsters.

how anyone can fall for this dross is fucking beyond me

The incestuous, serial rapist, sexual abuser of minors, former Jeffrey Epstein acolyte & Ghislaine Maxwell associate, career fraudster reality TV conman & “pussy grabber” – Donald Trump – needed the “Christian vote” in his bid for presidency.

Such a grotesque, inadmissible, ultra-ungodly & “dirty liberal” party-circuit, shit-end-of-the-stick celebrity bullshit-artist vulgarian like Trump was not at all a candidate for any Christian platform.

a cuck & a cock – wankers conning the flock

But his then “fixer” & Roy Cohn replacement – Michael Coen – who had yet to “flip” & spit out the kool aid with the failed former president – was positioned to coerce the endorsemen from Jerrry.

excess alcohol, corrupt complacency & idiotic arrogance eventually exposed the raging fraud & falsity

In short, this came about when another set of Miami hustler fraudsters, who were engrossed in a dodgy real estate deal with the naive Carlo, had smelt the money & gained compromising materials of the Moral Majority masturbation predicament.

Becki Falwell … with something in mind

They were trying to blackmail the Falwells.

In response, the Falwells sought assistance from Trump’s then fixer Coen, who managed to dispel the threat.

What Coen would also do, was “retain the kompromat tapes” on the Falwells.

This was then used to “compel” the Falwells to endorse Trump’s election bid, specifically within the Christian block, which “the cuck in the corner” had tremendous sway with via the Masturbatory Majority etc.

Trump’s former fixer & attorney Michael Coen. he fixed it for Trump, & the whole world now suffers as a result.

So God’s Wanker, caught out by Coen with his hands sticky & his wife getting slammed by a barely adult pool attendant in “the kids room” – ended up publicly endorsing Grab em’ by the Pussy, which in turn lead to a considerable domino capitulation from the corrupt Christian contingent that encouraged their flock to support the farce & the fucking.

As Giancarlo puts it, these people are “professionals at leading a double life”.

what is a married evangelical Christian power couple doing here?

We find out also that Jerry first hooked-up with Becki when she was just thirteen-years-old (he was eighteen at the time).

This story, disclosure, & confirmation of corruption is so important.

The complete, total, absolute & sweeping proof of the peerless folly to which these fuckers flog their lies, deception, sanctimony & dupe is unceremoniously laid bare.

The utter corruption of it all.

the masturbating drunkard cuck hoaxer

Trump’s going hard for the “god vote” now.

How this gaggle of rapist, sexually abusive, wanker weirdo wastrels can be given any credence whatsoever is a crime against consciousness.

It stretches the definition of fraud to impossible contortions.

The entire deception needs to be simply wiped out forever.

career conmen

Dissolve these fraudulent & poisonous institutions & ban these sordid, smutty, sanctimonious, predatory fraudster freaks from any form of public or political discourse or interference.

They are unfit & unacceptable.

Billy Corben, 2022, Hulu