Frackman (documentary) DVD

Doubt you have heard of this (bravo if you have)? If I did not have my talons deep into all ilk of info, I would never of known about this excellent, urgent & coma-conducingly shocking documentary on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Australia myself (it’s appallingly distributed, fantastically marginalized & stifled as the petroleum industry wields extraordinary influence & does not want the truth revealed). Based around ‘accidental activist’ Dayne Pratzky (aka Frackman), the picture presents sweary, pick-up-truck driving, red meat devouring, verging on redneckery ‘out back’ Australians getting absolutely shafted, shat-on & utterly’ utterly fucked-over by a barley believable, outrageously criminal “natural gas” intensive extraction bonanza, facilitated by their own government. Much like the superb Gaslands series by fellow US activist & documentary maker Josh Fox, this is yet another dose of indisputable ground-zero reality on this exponentially terrible, toxic & absurdly corrupt & damaging industrial atrocity. The mainstream press, including even publications such as the Guardian (which has demonstrated a horrendous collusion, downplaying & totally misleading fracking propaganda whilst posing as the pious press paladin of impartial honesty) have utterly failed to accurately gauge & report on this profoundly poisonous industry in a display of chronic corporate capture & disinformation. Endless talk of “environmental concerns” are quickly blasted out the air-lock when even a little of the raw reality of these documentaries are exposed. This talk of ‘environmental concerns’ is a devious & completely disingenuous downplaying…. you might as well voice “health concerns” for being shot in the head, multiple times, as close range, with a high powered hunting rifle. ‘Facts’ (& fantastically damaging ones) are not ‘concerns’, but this is the extent of sophistry, abuser biased propaganda & out-and-out duplicity that is at play regarding fracking, creating a truly grotesque farce out of this extremely dangerous malpractice. As with so much of this shit, none of it stands scrutiny! Which is exactly why you have never heard of Frackman (& the like) & it’s so hard to obtain, despite being very well-produced (I had to order this DVD directly from Australia as it was otherwise unavailable). That’s no mistake. Equip yourself with the truth – raw, blatant, incontestable, abundantly clear, overwhelming, as this crucial documentary openly attests in a comprehensive manner that leaves no margin for miscue.

It also shows just how perilously deranged the oil industry is, an industry that is probably the biggest threat to mankind/telluria as of now, dwarfing collateral side-lines like “terrorism” & other distractions (many of which are attributable to this malignant industry/substance anyway). It also shows resoundingly how Western governments support & collude with this abuse in an act of supreme misrule, granting the rape rights to these monsters to descend on “their own people”. Defending the abuser, legitimizing the abuser, ratifying the abuser. One of the most disturbing & sensational pieces from Frackman actually comes from the ‘extras’ on the DVD. There is a four minute plus short entitled “Proper Process and Qld Gas Projects”. Dayne interviews Simone Marsh, a former mining & petroleum environmental regulator who was working for the Australian government. To cut it short – she quit & became a whistleblower, as what they were doing was illegal, disastrous & corrupt (the details in the piece are astonishingly bad). So extreme was the skullduggery & criminality that they resorted to what is described as “constitutional innovation” to avoid incrimination. J-E-S-U-S!!! Australia is a world class offender, even competing with anus of the universe U$A…Manus & Naru, the Carmichael mine (the world’s largest coal mine), the Great Barrier Reef mass bleaching/die-off, it’s unspeakable history & continued maltreatment of the first Australians/Aborigines (watch John Pilger’s “Utopia” doco) with ultra scum-fuck shit-bags like Gina Rinehart to represent the lowest classification of human failure possible – I guess this is just another flip on existing perversities? Let’s not forget, that it was bastard Amerikkka that pioneered fracking & aggressively launched its international expansion through the “Global Shale Gas Initiative” in 2010. Watch this doco in full so that you understand what is being inflicted without consent, consultation or comprehension. Any bastard that has anything to do with fracking is guilty! A straight-up felon & a threat to their fellow man. As ex-government environmental regulator Simone Marsh puts it – “ It’s just a crime from beginning to end”.

So the next time some shit in a suit starts talking about “jobs & growth” & dismissing any “environmental concerns” with the foulest of lies & pure industry-invented PR sewage, remember the words/plight of Dayne Pratsky, who knows the reality first-hand & laments on camera at the effects on his property/home as an – “industrialized disaster zone! Unlivable. Your lands unsellable. Un-Australian.”

Watching/getting Frackman. It’s not easy, despite high end production (they really don’t want you to see this film). It is, in theory, absolutely available commercially. But this is one of the great problems of distribution/blacklisting. Links below to those related/representational. Urge or enact screenings/listings/stock, write to publications etc, disseminate & share, & otherwise – get a copy direct from Aus & just digitize it & spread it with maximum saturation. It’s only lies, corruption & concealment that allows this to happen/continue. It will not survive proper exposure & scrutiny.    

 Directed by Richard Todd

Aquarius Productions 2015