Entitled-a critical history of the British aristocracy (Chris Byrant):

“Show the people that our Nobility is not noble, that its lands are stolen lands – stolen either by force or fraud: show people that the title-deeds are rapine, murder, massacre, cheating, or court harlotry; dissolve the halo of divinity that surrounds the hereditary title; let the people clearly understand that our present House of Lords is composed largely of descendants of successful pirates and rougues; do these things and you successfully shatter the Romance that keeps the nation numb and spellbound while privilege picks its pocket.” – Tom Johnston, Our Scots Noble Families, 1909

YEHAAAAAW! This diatribe commences Chris Byrant’s explicitly timely & bare-bonedly pertinent 354 page trove on toff tyranny. With plutocracy & class-racism sprawling its inhumanity under Tory obliteration, it’s a fitting moment to trace this extremist cults lineage, history & origins to the unique cabal of parasitic denigrants, historically referred to as the Land Owning Class or the Aristocracy.

You will need a series of sick-bags & an iron constitution to wade through the sewers of utter awfulness, comprising every ilk of criminality & hyper corruption imaginable, as well as a ferocious trampling of even the most rudimentary of moral basics. Theft, suppression, exploitation, slavery, murder, despotism and sanctimony & double-standards of herculean proportions to the absolute grave affliction & disadvantage of everybody outside their tight hereditary circles.

“When the British estates did not bring in enough profit, they turned their inquisitive eyes abroad, creating and investing in the bloody triangular trade of goods and slaves between Britain, west Africa and the Caribbean, the proceeds of which helped found many of Britain’s proudest houses. Todays aristocrats still figure prominently in every list of Britain’s richest people, possessing some of the largest estates and the most profitable real estate in the world, and employing the most expensive lawyers to create complex legal arrangements to enable them to avoid inheritance and other taxes while raking in millions of pounds in agricultural subsidies. The result of all these centuries of self-seeking endeavor has been a phenomenal accretion of land and money in the hands of a tiny number of families.”

David Cameron’s family have a long & ‘rich’ history of profiting from the slave trade, a proclivity that the ex-crime minister has continued (zero hours contracts, the gig economy, TTIP & a massive, concerted & sustained extermination of civil & socio infrastructure coupled with relentless pauperization & pro-destitution policy which has also brought almost  every facet of our civilization to either ‘breaking point’ or acute ‘crisis’.

“Well into the 20th century they, their families and their clients dominated both houses of parliament, drafting laws that defended their financial interests and opposing every step in the long and uneven march towards democracy and equality.”

Nonce and Circumstance.

There’s a hell of-a-lot to reap from this book. Away from the plutocratic plunderers & on a more historic perspective of Britain & it’s convoluted & feuding past, including its confused miscegenation by invaders & colonizers who would eventually contribute to the aristocratic ranks (well, the Queen is German & the King Greek to say the very least!). As is the case with so much wealth these days, it’s really not about origins but extreme privilege, monopoly & impunity, and the defense & allegiance to the ‘moneyed class’ & their ambitions, assets & interests. Selling off the countries assets, or leasing the rape-rights to foreign private enterprise without public consent or consultation, all whilst oozing offensively disingenuous garbage about ‘sovereignty’ & ‘taking back control’ continue to defy extremes. What else do you expect from these utter cunts? Are they actually capable of anything else after centuries of inbred excrementalism, congenital corruption, perversion prerogative, Etonian radicalization & ever concentrated heirloom fortunes at the expense of all others? I look forward to their permanent removal, which I have a feeling is very close at hand.

Penguin/Doubleday, 2017 (354 pages)